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Farmhands turn political workers in crucial season -Rajulapudi Srinivas

-The Hindu Daily wagers are taking part in rallies for Rs. 1,000 a day and a meal VIJAYAWADA (Andhra Pradesh): Farmers are running short of hands during the crucial rabi sowing season, with thousands of daily wagers opting to work in election campaigns instead. Politicians are paying the agricultural labourers ?1,000 per day for being part of an election rally, apart from a meal and snacks. The job entails being a part of the rally from start to finish, while waving the party flag and ra

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Uttar Pradesh's farmers split over cane, cattle and crashing prices -Priscilla Jebaraj

he discussion veers around to the Lok Sabha election, pandemonium breaks out among the villagers who will vote in the first phase on April 11. Some argue that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only National leader who can protect the country. Another group yells that the Pulwama attack on a CRPF convoy last month was only being used by Mr. Modi to fuel his election rhetoric. “Show us evidence. Where is the proof?” screams a farmer, shaki

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To shield patents, firms seek information on generic drug launches -Sushmi Dey

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: In what is being seen as an attempt to delay launch of low priced generic medicines, multiNational drug makers have asked the government to create a registry providing information about all drug applications pending manufacturing and marketing approval. The proposal, if accepted by the government, will help ‘big pharma’ pre-emptively challenge generic drug makers in court for allegedly infringing upon

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Revalidate signal to labour bureau on Mudra job creation data -Basant Kumar Mohanty

to Rs 10 lakh but many beneficiaries are said to have taken Rs 50,000 apiece. The Modi government advertises the scheme as a means to raise employment opportunities. Modi, who has been focusing on National security on the campaign trail, had cited Mudra in an interview with Republic TV last week and suggested that at least 4 crore people had taken money for the first time and “they must have started some employment, they must have employed so

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How water is shaping the hustings in Maharashtra -Radheshyam Jadhav

Hindu Business Line With people too busy collecting it, attendance at poll meetings is thin It’s the schedule of water tankers, and not the time and availability of political bigwigs and National leaders, that is determining the timing of election meetings and rallies in Maharashtra’s drought-affected regions. With the drought intensifying and paucity of water rising, over 3,117 water tankers, as against just 391 in March 2018, a

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What's forest governance without local hand -Sharachchandra Lele

were hardly followed. The forest dwellers continued to be marginalised, even after independence. The symbiotic relationship between forests and forest-dwelling communities was first recognised in the National Forest Policy, 1988, which led to the Joint Forest Management Programme that recognised the importance of involving local communities in the protection, regeneration and development of forests. However, all these measures proved to be incomplete

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Are Tribal Votes Slipping from BJP in Madhya Pradesh? -Kashif Kakvi

won 16 while in 2013, the party had 34. Bhopal / Burhanpur: Demanding to uphold the Forest Rights Act 2006 (FRA) and withdrawal of the proposed amendment in Indian Forests Act 1927 by the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, thousands of tribals carried out an ‘Adivasi Adhikar Chetavni rally’ in Madhya Pradesh’s Burhanpur district on Monday, April 1. The rally, which was organised under the banner of Jagrit A

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Systemic transformation in agriculture must put the farmer at the centre -Arunabha Ghosh

-Hindustan Times Farming must become sustainable since agriculturists are struggling to build resilience against many threats I spent interNational women’s day in Mangalagiri, in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, with Usha Rani. As a single mother for 17 years, she has raised two children (now in second-year college and in high school). Three years ago, she switched to natural farming. On less than half an acre, she practises multicropp

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Congress' election manifesto is the right document at the wrong time: Yogendra Yadav

ittle of the determination and the vision needed at this moment. Everyone in the opposition is busy with their calculus of interest, just when they needed to look at the big picture. As the principal National opposition, the Congress carries the greater burden of expectations. To be fair, the Congress did focus on the real issues in a bid to bring this election back to the basics. The five priorities listed by Rahul Gandhi are arguably the five big

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Callous disdain for the wasted lives of the poor

funding the MGNREGA is that the NDA denies that there is a jobs crisis Given the fact that a significant amount of jobs has been lost by casual rural workers in the recent past, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act gains added significance. It is supposed to provide 100 days of wage employment in a financial year to every adult in a household who is willing to do unskilled manual work. Hence, the MGNREGA provides a legal entit

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