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Niti Aayog bats for direct benefit transfer to farmers -Yogima Sharma

sm that addresses agrarian distress, prevents the misuse of subsidised urea and power and gives economic freedom to farmers. It will also stop massive leakages such as subsidised fertiliser being diveRTEd to other industries. “The government is of the view that this is the only way forward to supplement the farm income,” the official said. “Besides, giving money directly to farmers would give them freedom to choose the best crop a

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For almost 15 million migrant children, education remains a luxury -Navya PK Sushil was attending 10th standard at the school in his village, when his parents decided to move to a city. They had found seasonal work in a brick kiln there. Sushil’s only option was to move to the kiln site and work alongside his parents. He had given up hopes of completing high school education, when he realised that other child labourers at the kiln were going to a ‘classroom’ located within the site. This learning centre was set up by Aide et A

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One Egg per Student Proves 'Too Expensive' for Jharkhand Government -Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

one of the few noteworthy steps taken by Jharkhand government to improve child nutrition in the state. Jharkhand among few BJP states on India’s ‘egg-map’ The Wire earlier repoRTEd how Jharkhand and Tripura were among the few BJP-ruled states that distributed eggs in MDM scheme. Overall, there are 11 BJP-ruled states that do not serve eggs despite the National Institute of Nutrition making it compulsory under the mid-day meal s

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ASER 2018: In Math, education survey finds a growing gender divide -Sukrita Baruah

among older children is accentuated by the “Beyond Basics” survey, which is part of ASER. While 50.1 per cent boys in 14-16 age group could do basic division, the figure for girls was repoRTEd at 44.1 per cent. Those who could do division were then given some everyday tasks, which involved computation. Here, too, the survey found stark gender differences: while 33.8 per cent boys could calculate the price of a shirt on discount, only 25

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Learning to compete: on Skill India -Santosh Mehrotra & Ashutosh Pratap

lhi. Maharashtra led the medals tally, followed by Odisha and Delhi. Now, teams will be selected to represent India at the 45th World Skills Competition, scheduled in Russia this year. It was also heaRTEning that the Abilympics was included in India Skills 2018, for Persons with Disabilities. Course curriculum not clear However, there are two priorities requiring action before the next round of India Skills is held. There are five pillars of the

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Govt should read warning signs and put passage of Citizenship Amendment Bill on hold -Sanjoy Hazarika

quo;s own governments in these states and its allies, in their own words. Thus, the Mizo National Front (MNF) government in Mizoram, setting its eyes on the national level, said it would make conceRTEd efforts to defeat the amendment in the Rajya Sabha, where the Bill is to be tabled next month. This shows the depth and sharpness of the fault lines. The region has long seen opposition to what is perceived as ‘illegal settlement’, which

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Universal Basic Income can be funded by reducing subsidies to the rich -Pranab Bardhan

ntral Budget), and taxing the currently exempt wealth, inheritance, and long-term capital gains, and collecting more taxes from the currently under-assessed and under-taxed property values. Only a quaRTEr of the 10 per cent of GDP thus potentially mobilisable could go to UBIS; the rest can be spent on infrastructure, health and education. This allows roughly a grant of about Rs 16,000 to each household. If, to start with, it is given only to women, it

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The new food factories: Inside India's organics trade -Neetu Chandra Sharma

om a local farm in Faridabad, which claims to be organic and supplies produce across Delhi-NCR. Because of an emerging class of relatively affluent customers like Bhardwaj who have increasingly staRTEd to prefer grocery items that are deemed safe and healthy, organic food is a booming business. The market is niche and most Indians are still price conscious. But there is already a significant amount of money at play—with the organic foods mark

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Worst price slump in 18 years shows scale of farm crisis -Roshan Kishore

ponents was -0.1% in December. It was -2.1%, -4%, -0.2%, -1.4% and -3.3% in the preceding five months. The last time WPI for primary food articles showed negative annual growth for two consecutive quaRTErs was in 1990. The disinflation in farm prices has also led to a collapse in nominal farm incomes, which was last seen in 2000-01. Doubling farm incomes was one of biggest promises of the Narendra Modi government after it assumed office in 2014. It

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