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Data shows below-normal water storage in India's 72 of 100 major reservoirs

states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, according to Central Water Commission data With the four-month rainy season nearly halfway through, 72 of the 100 major water reservoirs in the country have repoRTEd water storage which is 80 per cent or below of normal, the Central Water Commission data shows. According to the data, until July 25, the basin storage position is deficient in major rivers like the Ganga, Krishna and Mahanadi. The scenario is

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Save-RTI plea to President Ram Nath Kovind

-The Telegraph Call to Kovind to back law he helped draft New Delhi: Former central information commissioner Shailesh Gandhi has staRTEd an online petition to persuade President Ram Nath Kovind to stand by the transparency law he helped draft as a member of a parliamentary standing committee in 2004. While the petition, staRTEd on Friday, is finding traction, more such letters are being planned t

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What is zero budget natural farming? -Priscilla Jebaraj

years, the system is supposed to become self-sustaining. Only one cow is needed for 30 acres of land, according to Mr. Palekar, with the caveat that it must be a local Indian breed — not an impoRTEd Jersey or Holstein. Please click here to read more.

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For Mawasi tribe in MP's Satna, limited access to forests results in livelihood loss and a generation forsaking tribal knowledge -Manish Chandra Mishra

e lakh in Madhya Pradesh. According to statistics released by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, the state has 21,437 Mawasi households. The Majhgawan Block in Satna district, where this story is repoRTEd from, has about 12 Mawasi villages, including Madhu's village Barha Mawan. Her penury is shared by almost the entire tribe as food is scarce, employment opportunities have diminished, and educational and health facilities are inaccessible. Please

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New offshore records reveal several Indian firms tapped Mauritius route to save on taxes -Ritu Sarin, P Vaidyanathan Iyer, Jay Mazoomdaar and Sandeep Singh

ry collaborative investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and The Indian Express is data from Conyers Dill & Pearman, an offshore specialist firm which staRTEd operations way back in 1928 from Bahamas and in 2009 from Mauritius to cater to investments being routed to Africa and Asia. The Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) was signed between India and Mauritius in 1982. Under this, any entity coul

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There's a 'Bizarre', Incomplete Logic to Amended RTI Act -Wajahat Habibullah

hich was passed in Parliament in 2005. The current NDA government, in its third term in office, is trying to encroach upon the very right that citizens have got as part of a process that it had staRTEd. It is encroaching on this right by bringing an amendment to the RTI Act that determines the salaries, allowances and tenures fixed for Information Commissioners at the Centre and in the states. The amendments to the Act proved to be a rare occasi

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50 People Died Cleaning Sewers in the First Six Months of 2019

sh, Haryana, Delhi, Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu out of 36 states and Union territories. In addition, many of the eight states that were included in the data had underrepoRTEd numbers, making the de-facto tally of the number of deaths even higher. As the Indian Express report points out, several times the deaths of sewer workers are not confirmed by the state and as a consequence are not recorded by the NCSK. The NCS

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CAG demonstrates how govt relies on off-budget resources to fund deficit - Dinesh Narayanan

accounted for in the budget reflect the correct picture. To make its point, the auditor re-calculated the fiscal deficit of 2017-18 to show that it actually works out to 5.85%. The government had repoRTEd a fiscal deficit of 3.46% that year. India’s deficit numbers have come under sharp scrutiny as the government has been increasingly depending on off-budget borrowings to fund capital expenditure and even revenue expenditure such as food and

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