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UN-backed media forum calls for concrete action on murders of journalists

and the right to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. “Your continued vigilance in this area – and the safeguarding of this Human right – is essential to the future and expansion of an information-based society,” he stated. Like its three predecessors – in Geneva (2003), Tunis (2005) and Kuala Lumpur (2007) – WEMF 4 was organized by the world's ei

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Hunger SOS to a billion

with most of it coming from national governments. While this year’s forecast $3.7 billion in donations would be the WFP’s second highest ever, it was still not enough to tackle the Humanitarian crises around the globe, she said. Sheeran said the WFP faced “a year of tough choices” as drought in the Horn of Africa, floods in the Philippines and conflict in northern Pakistan stretched its ability to cope with emergen

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The anarchical society by Deepak Lal

Both find it puzzling why a country with a firmly-established democracy and many world-class institutions and firms, and which is an emerging superpower growing rapidly, should in many dimensions of Human well-being have a worse record than many sub-Saharan African countries. “Measures of the administrative capacity of the state on basics like attendance, performance, and corruption reveal a potentially ‘failing state’ whose b

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Food Security, Sustainability and Copenhagen Summit newly released report titled: The State of Food Insecurity in the World Report 2009: Economic Crises-Impacts and Lessons Learnt. He said that food and nutritional security are essential for Human development. Food and economic crises affected the employment prospects, he said. The number of hungry people in the world has crossed the 1.02 billion mark. Increasing use of food crops like maize and corn for biofuel production has led to food pri

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Midday meal index vetoed by Charu Sudan Kasturi

An ambitious Human resource development ministry proposal aimed at ending persistent gaps between allocated and needed funds that plague the midday meal scheme has been rejected by a key finance panel. The Centre’s expenditure finance committee (EFC) has dumped the ministry proposal to tie costs of the meal scheme to fluctuating commodity prices through a special pricing index, The Telegraph has learnt. The EFC’s approva

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A case for passing HIV/AIDS Bill

on Thursday to highlight the general discrimination faced by these people, particularly in terms of access to public health care facilities, individual property rights and related issues that violate Human rights. It was also aimed at sensitising policy-makers and civil society about the discrimination faced by people with HIV/AIDS. “People living with HIV/AIDS face stigma and discrimination and that can be countered only by a legal protect

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Not free to starve

India’s most war-ravaged state, deadlier even than better-known Kashmir. The AFSPA is in force there, too, and similarly hated. It has also stirred concern abroad. In March the UN’s Human-rights chief, Navi Pillay, urged India to scrap it. But, despite recent promises to moderate the law, and some moves to limit its application, the government in Delhi shows no enthusiasm for this. With no formal peace process in Manipur, and a sordi

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Exiled by Divya Gupta

mewhere on an expressway in America are occasional roadside dhabas with Indian names and poor passers-by, clad in saris or dhotis. Dwarfed by towering toll booths and expansive road tracks signalling Human accomplishment, they seem to be walking slowly in the opposite direction – away from progress. Or perhaps it’s the illusion created as the cars zip past, leaving them behind in a haze of dust. Three hours on this road from Baroda a

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Human rights in Asean by Shankari Sundararaman

ded internal domestic affairs from being discussed among the states. As a result, the manner in which the organisation dealt with domestic politics issues remained ambiguous. Issues relating to Human rights were especially considered sensitive. In fact, under the guise of a regionally-distinct approach these were pushed aside as being different for various countries, and claims of an "Asean way" were effectively used to deal with any c

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E for electronic, W for waste by Jayati Ghosh

c metals and chemicals. If these are left untreated to lie around in landfills or dumps, they leach into the surrounding soil, water and the atmosphere, thereby generating obvious adverse effects for Human health and ecology. Many elements of the waste are hazardous, as the circuit boards, cathode ray tubes, connectors and other elements that are essential for most such goods almost always contain poisonous substances such as lead, tin, mercury, cadmi

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