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The death of a small boy -Krishna Kumar

-The Hindu The Betul tragedy shows that the state does not consider emotional or intellectual maturity important in a person who teaches children Picture a small boy facing two adult men. They are furious over something they suspect he has done, so they start hitting him. They feel they have the authority to do so because they are teachers. The boy is absolutely helpless. It hardly matters for this picture whether he...

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Punishment should take into account impact of crime: SC -Utkarsh Anand

-The Indian Express In what could give a legal validation to severe punishments in cases with grave “social consequences”, the Supreme Court has ruled that “punishment should acknowledge the sanctity of Human life” and hence not just an act but its result must weigh heavy while ascertaining adequate penalty. Sending across a strong message to all trial courts to take note of the impact of a crime on the society and its...

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‘Cash transfer scheme a game changer for banks’

-The Hindu It will bring many customers into banking fold: Andhra Bank CMD Hyderabad: Andhra Bank Chairman and Managing Director B. A. Prabhakar on Sunday said the cash transfer scheme of the Central government was a game changer for banks as it would help bring a large number of retail customers into the banking fold. The scheme had the potential to bring about a second revolution in the industry after nationalisation of banks...

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RTE in areas of conflict

-The Times of India The Right to Education Act (RTE) mandates that every child has the fundamental right to free and compulsory elementary education in India. March 31, 2013, is the deadline set for full implementation of the Act. However, several challenges need to be overcome, especially to provide education for children in areas of conflict.  In the Indian context, three regions experience varying degrees of conflict - Maoist-affected areas, Jammu and...

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How to make cash transfers work-Guy Standing

Should they be targeted? Should they go to individuals or households? Are conditionalities necessary? Without a full consideration of these issues, cash transfers will remain an expensive gamble Having worked on cash transfers for over 25 years, and being an economist, I find recent criticisms of the idea shrill and ill-informed. Only a right-wing ideologue would call them a panacea or a cure-all. They would merely be a vast improvement on...

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