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Cooking with gas, not wood -Sangita Vyas & Aashish Gupta

ed the gas stove only to make tea. Dal, sabzi, roti and rice were made by Mr. Dubey’s daughters-in-law on the chulha (earthern/ brick stove). Mr. Dubey believed that food cooked on a chulha was Healthier and tastier. In contrast, rotis cooked on gas cause indigestion, he said. He thought that cooking with solid fuels was Healthy for the person cooking too: fumes purified the eyes because they caused t

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Stress, apathetic attitude taking toll on policing: Study -Vijdan Mohammad Kawoosa

n another job with the same salaries and perks, the survey found. Three in four personnel said the workload made it difficult for them to do their job well and was affecting their physical and mental Health. An average police officer works for 14 hours a day, six hours more than what the Model Police Act recommends. A quarter of the respondents said they worked for more than 16 hours a day. Other than working overtime, every second police personnel re

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The seduction of data sovereignty in India -Nayantara Ranganathan

agnitude of value they have amassed from the promise of this data. Their growing power creates not just concerns of privacy, but extends to encroaching public infrastructure functions like transport, Health care and finance, often bulldozing local interests. Pit this against the challenges of unemployment, and the worldwide rush by regulators to make amends to the asymmetry of power between companies and people, and data sovereignty looks like a seduc

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Now, sanitary pads for Rs 1 at Jan Aushadhis -Sushmi Dey

cent of them said they do not go to school during their period because they lack clean and affordable protection, according to figures collated by Rutgers, an organisation for sexual and reproductive Health and rights. According to the fourth round of National Family Health Survey (NFHS) 2015-16, sanitary napkin usage in rural India is only 48.2 per cent. Making sanitary napkins affordable is also on

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Kerala, TN, Himachal tops India's child well-being index, says report -Bindu Shajan Perappadan

is a crucial report that can be mined both by the Government and civil organisations to achieve the goal of child well-being and we will use this report effectively. This report provides insights on Health, nutrition, education, sanitation and child protection. Our government is fully committed towards securing the rights and well-being of children and, for this, we are making investments in this regard.” The dimensions of the index include

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89% of people excluded from Assam NRC suffering from mental torture, finds survey

because of the fear of being marked as a foreigner and its consequences, a survey by the National Campaign Against Torture (NCAT) has revealed. The NCAT had conducted a field survey on the mental Health of the NRC-excluded in Baksa, Goalpara and Kamrup districts from July 16 to 20. The report, “Assam’s NRC: Four Million Tales of Mental Torture, Trauma and Humiliation” was released on Friday. Of the 91 respondents interviewed,

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A Lancet Through India's Consciousness -Shah Alam Khan The IMA should realise that in a democratic setup, intellectual generosity comes not through jingoism but through persistent criticism, appraisal and reevaluation of government policies on Health. The editorial on the current situation in Kashmir, published in the reputed British medical journal the Lancet, has stirred up a hornet’s nest. The journal has been criticised by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) and by the Indian

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The business of politics, the necessity of values -Mukulika Banerjee

conduct. In turn, the foremost democratic value is respect for institutions. Thus, both institutions and values are essential for any country to be democratic. Elections are a key indicator of the Health of a democracy and are a complicated mechanism involving ratios of population size to the number of representatives, calendars, machines and processes. They are designed to safeguard against majoritarianism — this is why a referendum is not a

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Lancet does what Indian media won't -GS Mudur

rosperity” justification for the changes in Jammu and Kashmir and said the people there first need healing, not subjugation and alienation. The journal has also raised concerns about the mental Health, safety and freedoms of the people of the Valley. The journal adds medical heft to a list of reputable foreign publications that have stepped up at a time large sections of the Indian media have been accused of unquestioningly peddling the gover

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