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The thing about air -Mala Kapur Shankardass

country bears 26 per cent of the global disease burden due to air pollution. According to estimates of the India State-Level Disease Burden Initiative — published last year in Lancet Planetary Health — over half the 12.4 lakh deaths in India attributed to air pollution in 2017 were of individuals under the age of 70. The average life expectancy in the country could be 1.7 years higher, if air pollution is contained at a level at which hum

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Wake up to children's exposure to pesticides -Reena Gupta

il they reach school-age. Government officials around the world need to listen to science, not chemical lobbyists.” According to Dr Whyatt of Columbia’s Center for Children Environment Health in US, “The problem is that when you have an exposure as ubiquitous as this then you get a distributional shifts in IQ, with fewer people in the brilliant range and more in the lower ranges of IQ.” Organophosphates (OP) are a group o

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Resources for Welfare Expenditure -Prabhat Patnaik

to ensure that it reaches a threshold cash income, is an extremely flawed scheme. Instead of enjoining upon the state the obligation to provide essential goods and services like food, education, and Health, to its citizens, it absolves the State of all such responsibility, once it has handed over a certain amount of money, an amount moreover which is not truly indexed to prices and whose transfer is usually accompanied by a withdrawal of existing sub

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No shortcuts to income guarantee -Harsh Mander

by ending just the tax holidays to private businesses (in terms of revenues forgone, to the tune of over Rs 5 trillion), they could fund far greater social spending, whether for income transfers, or Health, education and social protection. Please click here to read more.

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Kerala's farm labourers are paying for excessive pesticide use with their Health -- and lives -TA Ameerudheen Two labourers died of suspected pesticide poisoning in Kuttanad, the state’s rice bowl, in January. On the morning of January 17, KK Sanal Kumar strapped a motorised sprayer onto his back and left for a paddy field near his home in Peringara gram panchayat of Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district. The owners of the field, Unnikrishnan and Sanil, gave him several bottles of the highly hazardous pesticide Viraat to spray on their 40-day-old crop. The field forms a part of

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Policy bias against rainfed agriculture -Priscilla Jebaraj

e same period.” It’s not just the quantum, but also the nature of investment that needs to change, he added. Flagship government schemes, such as seed and fertiliser subsidies and soil Health cards, are designed for irrigated areas and simply extended to rainfed farmers without taking their needs into consideration, said Dr. Das. Please click here to read more.

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How the 16th Lok Sabha fared -MR Madhavan

tional institutions. The Juvenile Justice Act allowed children (between 16 and 18 years) accused of committing heinous crimes to be prosecuted as adults. New Acts were passed: for treatment of mental Health patients, and those with HIV/AIDS. Another Act was passed to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities. Please click here to read more.

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The pitfalls of a cash income support scheme -Prabhat Patnaik

es of households across the country are almost insurmountable, unlike the provision of universal ‘kind support’ in the form of, say, common neighbourhood government schools, or government Healthcare facilities under a national Health service. In addition, however, there are theoretical pitfalls of cash support. Please click here to read more.

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Cash and carry country -V Kumara Swamy

onaire and uncle to the absconding diamantaire, Nirav Modi, told the Enforcement Directorate when he was asked to appear in a Mumbai court not long ago. It is a pity, for had Choksi been in better Health, he would have been able to enjoy his new country, Antigua and Barbuda, to its fullest. He would have been able to visit a new beach every day of his very first year as citizen — Antigua and Barbuda has, after all, 365 beaches. According t

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Rash U-turns, half-baked plans -Jean Dreze

. In fact, the UPA government had only initiated a much-needed revamping of India’s underdeveloped social sector, with some important results (as we learnt later from the fourth National Family Health Survey and other sources). But corporate-sponsored think tanks, generally hostile to social spending, preferred to argue that it was time to rein in the welfare state. Until recently, the Modi government seemed to abide by that script. It showed

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