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P Sainath, founder of People's Archive of Rural India (PARI) and Ramon Magsaysay Award recipient, interviewed by Parth MN ( One of the most telling Human stories to result from the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting nationwide lockdown is that of stranded migrant workers. But theirs isn't a new story; it's taken a pandemic for urban India to take note of an issue that has remained an unseen aspect of the country's economy for much of its contemporary history. P Sainath, founder of People's Archive of Rural India (PARI) and...

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The Precarious Journey: Internal Migrants and the Pandemic in India -Sumeetha M Their choice is simple: Either die of the pandemic or die of hunger Migration - or mobility of the Human race is not a new concept. Mostly migrants are economic migrants, searching for means to live or visualizing migration as a means to increase their income. When we analyse Human migration theories, it is implicit that the future gains from income, is what that prompts migrants to stay back in the...

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A grain stockist with a role still relevant -Sudha Narayanan

-The Hindu In the middle of the pandemic, the FCI holds the key to warding off a looming crisis of hunger and starvation For several years now, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) has drawn attention for all the wrong reasons. Set up under the Food Corporations Act 1964, in its first decade, the FCI was at the forefront of India’s quest of self-sufficiency in rice and wheat following the Green Revolution,...

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In our pursuit of economic growth, we ignored voices of India’s informal sector for too long -Radhicka Kapoor

-The Indian Express As we grapple with a health, economic and Humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, the immediate need is to provide emergency relief to cushion the effects of the dual shocks of the virus and lockdown on informal workers. COVID-19 is causing havoc across the world, destroying both lives and livelihoods. Developing countries such as India are particularly vulnerable as their vast informal workforce, which has no labour, social or health...

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Instead of showering flowers give us good meals, says quarantined staff of AIIMS Rishikesh -Vineet Upadhyay

-The New Indian Express They stated that it is doubtful whether health workers will ever trust the state of Uttarakhand and will render their services if the state continues to treat them in this manner. DEHRADUN: In serious discrepancy, 15 health workers including doctors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh are being provided poor food in quarantine facility. At least three staff of the AIIMS were tested positive for the COVID-19...

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