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Govt wants to dump excess food grain in Africa -Jitendra

on starts next month, according to a government official. “There is a plan under consideration to use foodgrains as diplomatic tools for African countries like Ghana, which is a net food impoRTEr,” the official of the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public distribution, told Down To Earth on the condition of anonymity. “Ghana is a model country for the rest of West Africa in terms of governance and trade. If Ghana

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Decision to import onions reflects the government's anti-producer bias -Kabir Agarwal

ut those concerns might be overstated as India-Pakistan trade remains suspended. In August, Pakistan suspended all trade with India. Earlier, in February India had hiked customs duty on all goods impoRTEd from Pakistan to 200%. So, for onions to be impoRTEd from Pakistan it would require the government of India to do two things: 1. Ease the import duty 2. Request the government of Pakistan to allow

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Order banning 5 pesticides issued -Shishir Arya

sion, especially Akola and Yavatmal districts for 60 days. Bonde had signed the order over a week ago, but the order had not reached the department’s offices down the line. The issue was repoRTEd by TOI on September 19, and also pointed out to the minister. The move comes after over 400 cases of poisoning due to accidental inhalation of pesticide fumes came to fore. The five pesticides banned had been used by victims in 2017, when 60 pe

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It's a fact. We don't want farmers to get rich -Zia Haq

d also allowed duty-free imports. MEP is a price floor set by the government under the Foreign Trade Act, 1992. It is designed to make a commodity expensive for foreign buyers. Such MEPs force expoRTErs of a particular item to quote higher than globally prevailing prices to prospective buyers. This means impoRTErs elsewhere looking to buy Indian produce would not be willing to buy for such a high price (

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Can we prevent rural suicides? Yes, it is possible, says a recent WHO-FAO publication

ated data. Such data could be gathered through vital registration of suicide, hospital-based registries of suicide attempts and nationally-representative surveys collecting information about self-repoRTEd suicide attempts. Most LMICs lack good quality data on suicide mortality, says a press release by WHO dated 9th September, 2019. In India, suicide data is published by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) in its annual publication ‘Acci

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An independent fiscal watchdog for Parliament -Varun Srivatsan

-The Hindu A Parliament Budget Office can help drive smaRTEr, more focused debate in the media and with the electorate When most people arrive at the ballot box, they vote with their gut. But getting there requires absorbing and shaping months and years of conversations, long-held opinions and ideally, hard facts and evidence. What is then important for our electorate and the representatives we vote for is that they have an independent, non

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Why are resident Indians remitting more money abroad than ever before?

ce under LRS during the five years of UPA-II (April 2009 – March 2014). Under the LRS initiative, all resident Indian individuals, including minors, are freely allowed to transfer up to a quaRTEr million dollars ($250,000) per financial year for any permissible current or capital account transactions. The current account transactions can include spending money on “maintenance of close relatives” or for travel, education and med

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Under farm scheme, Odisha spent Rs 170 crore on over 3 Lakh ineligible beneficiaries

elhi: The Odisha government has found that it provided the benefit of its Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) scheme to 3.41 lakh ineligible beneficiaries, The Hindu repoRTEd on Wednesday. This has led to the state exchequer spending Rs 170 crore more than it needed to on the scheme. Prior to the assembly and Lok Sabha elections in 2019, the Odisha government announced the KALIA scheme in which agricultural households

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Telling Numbers: International migrant count slopes downward in India

of the total population of India. On Wednesday, the UN Population Division released the dataset International Migrant Stock 2019. While the size of the Indian diaspora in other countries was repoRTEd in The Indian Express on Thursday, the exhaustive dataset also showed striking trends in international migration into India. The number has been consistently going down in the last three decades; from 75.9 lakh in 1990, the international migrant popu

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