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Muslims Representation in Police Low, Number of Prisoners Relatively High -Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) has revealed. The study also noted that there was a high perception among Muslims that they were implicated in terrorism-related cases, just as scheduled tribes or Adivasis believe that they are implicated as Maoists, and Dalits or Scheduled Castes believe that they are implicated in petty crimes. The report, which was released on Wednesday, noted that it was “worrying” that Muslim

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A pattern of impunity: on the SC/ST Act -G Sampath

emergency. Dalit and Adivasi rights organisations observed May 1 as ‘National Resistance Day’. The immediate trigger was the Supreme Court order of March 20 on the Scheduled Castes and scheduled tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 (hereafter SC/ST Act). Protest meetings held across the country had three demands for the government: neutralise the Supreme Court order through an ordinance that would reinstate both the SC/ST Act and

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Dalits fight for shield of law

ot; on Tuesday to demand restoration of key provisions of a protective law that has allegedly been diluted by a Supreme Court judgment. Over a dozen organisations representing Scheduled Castes and scheduled tribes held the protest in 70 cities across the country to demand a reversal of the judgment that stopped immediate arrest of offenders under the SC-ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, a law meant for their protection. On April 2, the socially

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Supreme court's SC/ST Act ruling: Dalits, tribals organisations plan big rally on May 1 -Shalini Nair

g peaceful demonstrations on May Day. “…this day is celebrated globally for realisation of the rights of working class. In India, most of the working class belong to Scheduled Castes and scheduled tribes community,” read a statement issued by the Coalition. The day will now be observed as “National Resistance Day against the Supreme Court Judgment on SCs and STs (PoA) Act 1989”. Leaders and members of organisations th

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SC to hear review pleas on SC/ST verdict on May 3

-PTI The Supreme Court will hear the Centre's plea seeking a review of its judgment on the Scheduled Castes and the scheduled tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act on May 3. Attorney General K.K. Venugopal mentioned the matter for early hearing before a bench comprising Justices A.K. Goel and Deepak Gupta and said he had already filed his written submission in the matter. “The last line of your last order says that list the matter af

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227 villages in three districts of Rajasthan declared Schedule Areas -Ishan Kukreti

-Down to Earth This new development will benefit the scheduled tribes residing in Banswara, Dungarpur, Pratapgarh The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister on Wednesday (April 25) approved the declaration of 227 villages in three districts of Rajasthan as Schedule Areas. The declaration of Scheduled Areas under Fifth Schedule to the Constitution of India was done by rescinding the Constitution Order 114 of February 12, 1981 and promu

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Rajinder Sachar (1923-2018) helped puncture the myth of Muslim appeasement in India -Ajaz Ashraf

ured the myth of Muslim appeasement. No longer could anyone accuse the Indian state of favouring Muslims: the report showed that they lagged behind other communities, barring the Scheduled Castes and scheduled tribes, on just about every socio-economic index. On some indices, such as education and government employment, the Scheduled Castes and scheduled tribes were actually ahead of Muslims by a margin. Mu

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The Bakarwals: Behind Kathua rape and murder, a persecuted tribe that's both Muslim and Hindu -Adrija Roychowdhury

also the census. Since 1975 a number of welfare schemes came into existence for them. A major breakthrough for the Gujjars came on April 19, 1991 when after years of protest, they were listed in the scheduled tribes, thereby making available to them the rights conferred upon other tribes of India. But the welfare schemes for the Gujjars were never fully implemented and they continued to face discrimination, particularly from the urban Kashmiri pop

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Attack on India's forests and forest communities: Draft National Forest Policy 2018 -Soumitra Ghosh

m”, it goes on to observe. Not that the policy led to major legislative changes immediately. On the contrary, though it recognized the central role of forest communities such as forest-dwelling scheduled tribes as well as other forest dwellers in forest conservation, besides recognizing their access and use of forests, the policy goals came into direct conflict with the existing legal regime that continued to deny any role for forest communities

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Kerala seeks SC/ST review

its and tribal people. It said that Parliament had enacted the law in 1989 after noting that "despite various measures to improve the socio-economic conditions of the Scheduled Castes and the scheduled tribes, they remain vulnerable". Please click here to read more.

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