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No, we can't compare Global Hunger Index rankings between two reports

aar-based authentication came into force, allege right to food activists, News alert by Inclusive Media for Change dated 1st October, 2018, please click here to access  Despite having a food security legislation, spending on food subsidy is low, News alert by Inclusive Media for Change dated 31st January, 2018, please click here to access  India's hunger ranking affected by wasting among children, depicts new report, News alert by In

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These superwomen from Himachal Pradesh show why empowered women make for an empowered country -Raksha Kumar

aged her to take a job when she got her degree, and compensated by taking on some of her household burden. “If my sister-in-law did not manage the work at home, I could not be out here with the security of a government job,” she says, as she prepares the children at the anganwadi to pose for a picture. She is grateful that her sons are being brought up by her sister-in-law. According to Kumari, this is how Bhuira differs from cities. &l

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Farm policy will be in sync with global rules: India to WTO -Kirtika Suneja

upport declined to $18.3 billion in 2015-16 from $20.8 billion in 2014-15, as per the country’s latest submission to the WTO in May. Of this, the amount spent on public stockholding for food security purposes (allocation for distribution and buffer stock) was $15.6 billion in 2015-16, down from $17.1 billion in the previous year. Please click here to read more.

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How state can support farmers in a smarter way -Ashok Gulati and Prerna Terway

poverty and propelling agri-growth at a much faster pace than has been the case so far. This is a clear cut message of the book. Most countries around the world support agriculture to ensure food security and/or enhance farmers’ income. India is no exception. The main policy instruments to support farmers in India include subsidised fertiliser, power, agri-credit and crop insurance on the input side, and minimum support prices for major crop

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Hunger deaths have skyrocketed after aadhaar-based authentication came into force, allege Right to Food activists

Right to Food Campaign ( – a decentralised network of civil society activists and experts who are working together voluntarily for ensuring food and nutrition security – which shows that 56 persons died between May, 2015 and March, 2018 on account of hunger and starvation despite India having passed the National Food security Act (NFSA) in 2013. The RTF campaig

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Jharkhand lacks universal pension coverage, allege civil society activitists

-Press release by Right to Food Campaign dated 28th September, 2018 17 lakh elderly, widows and differently-abled persons in Jharkhand who qualify for social security pensions, do not receive their entitlement. One important reason is that pension coverage in Jharkhand is not universal. Even those who do receive pensions face chronic selection errors and administrative glitches. In 2016-17, 3 lakh pensioners were deleted as “fake”, th

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Right to Food activists demand immediate action by the govt. to contain hunger deaths in Jharkhand

eing linked to Aadhaar. In the last one year, at least 15 people have died due to hunger. Of these, 6 were Adivasis, 4 Dalits, and 5 of backward castes. All these deaths happened due to the denial of security pensions or rations from the PDS. Of these, 5 families did not even have a ration card and 5 families faced sustained issues with Aadhaar-based biometric authentication (ABBA), leading to denial of rations. In addition, 6 people were denied th

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Culture has helped millets survive -Deepanwita Gita Niyogi

s from India's food plates. “The primary driver is the market, which optimises food profit, through an increasing specialisation in a few market-friendly crops. This is opposed to food security, which relies on a greater diversity of resources that don’t all fail at the same time. Currently, market-friendly cereals are wheat, rice and maize, which fuel over 50 per cent of the global food chain,” Jones says. Please c

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No escaping the debt trap!

nks high on farmer suicides. The debt per household in Telangana ranges between Rs 80,000-Rs1,20,000, with an average outstanding debt of Rs 91,407. While debt by itself is a problem of economic insecurity for these farmers, the source of debt will decide the intensity. For instance, debts pending with private lenders and loan sharks carry far more threats compared to ones taken from banks or micro-finance institutions. Please click here to read

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Host Of Private Companies, Organisations Shut Out Of Aadhaar, But Identity Law Stands -Tish Sanghera & Chaitanya Mallapur

Private entities cannot demand Aadhaar data to authenticate identity. Individuals must be allowed to file complaints against the use of their data. Information can be accessed for matters of national security only when a judicial officer such as a sitting High Court judge has sanctioned it.   These were the highlights in a series of landmark rulings by India’s Supreme Court as it ruled against the use of an Aadhaar number for opening ban

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