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India must shift focus from food to nutrition security: IFPRI chief -TV Jayan

uffering from the double burden of malnutrition, as well as over nutrition. New Delhi: If India has to contain high levels of hunger and poverty in the country, it should shift its focus from food security to nutrition security, as done by Thailand and Bangladesh, said Shenggen Fan, Director General of the Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). “India has two good

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Constituency Of Farmers -Ajay Vir Jakhar

manifestos, which cannot be implemented. Most times, these documents make conflicting promises like subsidised inputs, C2+50 per cent MSP, organic farming, assured procurement, cash transfers, income security, loan waiver, continued PDS, universal basic income and universal healthcare and education. Farmers latch on to the parties that make these promises in the hope of improving their lives. However, the failure to implement populist commitments like

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She is the answer -Bina Agarwal

-The Indian Express Gender equality is key to food security. But policymakers don’t seem to recognise that Countries globally, including India, have agreed to fulfil the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), launched by the UNDP in 2016 as “a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity”. Among the 17 goals and 169 targets to be achieved by 2030, SDG 5 on

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Prakash Singh, former IPS officer, interviewed by The Times of India

-The Times of India Blog Prakash Singh, former IPS officer who also headed the Border security Force, dealt with naxalism in its early stages. He continues to research the movement. In a conversation with Sugandha Indulkar, he shares his idea of urban naxalism. * What is urban naxalism? Urban naxalism, in simplest terms, implies naxalism as practised in urban areas by different shades of intellectuals – lawyers, journalists, writers,

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CIC: Get unorganised sector workers' data -Ambika Pandit

ged in the unorganised sector; how are the proposed amendments of the maternity benefits act likely to cover women working in the sector and status of implementation of the unorganised workers social security act, 2008. Since no information was received she approached CIC. The CIC has in its November 16 order noted that this is a critical issue and takes note of the appellant’s assertion that a response like “no informaton is available&

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Crisis of Inequality Gripping India

rvation…” He pointed out that the families have no option left but to break stones at the industrial sites, “it is almost as if we have gone back to the stone ages, with the social security proving to be futile.” Exposing the dark underbelly of the national capital and tracing the lives of home-based workers Nandini Dey said, “Can you imagine people still earning 25 paise? Or a meagre Rs 40 a day?” She added, &l

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Indigenous food must be brought back to plates, say ecologists -Meenakshi Sushma

ro;/g carotnoid. When we naturally have such nutritionally enriched edible plants, what do we need golden rice for?” says Debal Deb, an ecologist who did the study called ‘Forest for food security; relationship with forest ecological status and management systems’. He said this on the last day of the Conference on Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Food Systems, organised by Living farms, Odisha and Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung (RLS), German

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Without maternity benefits -Aditi Priya

-The Hindu The government’s maternity benefit programme must be implemented better and comply with the Food security Act Yashoda Devi was five months pregnant with her third child when we met her in Jharkhand in June. She was in extreme pain. The doctor had told her that she was very weak and had advised her to improve her nutritional intake. But Ms. Devi did not have money to follow the doctor’s advice. Not serving its purpose

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Demonetisation: New currency notes issued in 2016 have become 'unusable' in 2 years

-National Herald It has now come to light that new currency notes with higher ‘security’ features introduced after demonetisation are quickly becoming ‘unusable’ within just two years of circulation It does seem like the PM Narendra Modi-led government simply cannot get anything right. It has now come to light that new currency notes with higher ‘security’ feature

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