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The Paper Rations

aigner for securing food rights to the poor, says replacing the PDS with cash transfers is like “throwing the baby out with the bathwater”. A member of the Supreme Court Commission on the Right to Food, Patnaik is also a member of the Expert Committee of the Planning Commission on Conditional Cash Transfers. He favours continuing with the PDS because it also supports farmers by buying their grains at a guaranteed minimum support price. &ld

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  Civil Society activists and assorted rural experts are anxious that soon-to-be-launched Right to Food Bill might slip from its ambitious goal of nutrition security for all to a trite tokenism. The main worry is that cumulative effect of all the clauses, sub-clauses and small print must not stop short of making food available everywhere at all times so that no citizen sleeps hungry. The worry is on many counts. The first and forem

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But our policies are taking us exactly in the opposite direction. For instance, offering cheap wheat and rice -- and not the drought-resistant millets -- to the BPL families under soon-to-be-launched Right to Food Act is pushing farmers to sow paddy at their own peril. There is no move to include the high-nutrition millets in mid day meal scheme either. The government is not even contemplating a ban on summer crop of paddy despite it resulting in a dr

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Food for all

y that the vast majority of the population is included, which makes their food distribution schemes near-universal    IT is not surprising that questions of food security and the Right to Food have become such urgent political issues in India today. The rapid growth of aggregate income over the past two decades has not addressed the basic issue of ensuring the food security of the population. Instead, nutrition indicators have sta

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Panel wants PDS to go, cash-for-food to start

Is the government trying to shirk its responsibility of providing a social security net even as it contemplates a Right to Food act? In a move that could undercut the very logic of UPA’s much-touted Right to Food Act, the Planning Commission has recommended that the government do away with the public distribution system (PDS) and begin cash-for-food schemes instead. Running counter to the

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Right to Food

n to receive subsidised grains from government every month can be accessed from here.  In order to access the [inside]Shortcomings of the National Food Security Ordinance[/inside] (source: Right to Food Campaign, dated 1 August, 2013), please click here. [inside]Summary of the National Food Security Bill 2013[/inside] (revised version, as tabled in Parliament, 22 March 2013) can be accessed from here.  The revised version of

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Human Rights

are in denial over this. The Indian Railways are the largest users of manual scavengers. Economic, social and cultural rights • A massive public distribution system has not assured the Right to Food because malnutrition is endemic. The National Advisory Council has recommended that legal entitlements to subsidized foodgrains be extended to at least 75% of the population. This is not acceptable to the Government, which sets arbitrary cei

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Access to Justice

esh".The naked march of these women electrified the masses and within no time the protests against the army reached new heights.     The murder of Lalit Mehta (Source: Right to Food India) • Lalit Kumar Mehta, member of Vikas Sahyog Kendra (Palamau District), was brutally killed on 14 May 2008 as he was returning from Daltonganj to Chhattarpur on a motorcycle • Lalit (aged 36), an active

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PDS/ Ration/ Food Security

Act. 10. The Act is integrated with the Essential Commodities Act, the Chhattisgarh PDS (Control) Order, and also anticipates the possible enactment of a national food security act. Source: Right to Food Campaign   Excluded households: Income tax payees; households in non-scheduled areas who own more than 4 hectares of irrigated land or 8 hectares of non-irrigated land; households in urban areas that own a pucca house with car

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Hunger Overview

g of wheat or rice at Rs 3 per kg. The law is clearly, and laudably, aimed at addressing hunger through policy intervention. In a way the right to life has always been meaningless in the absence of a Right to Food but then causing death through faulty state policies has never been a cognizable offence anywhere in the world. Maybe the time has come now to think on those lines.  **page** The key findings of the report entitled [insid

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