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Private hospitals have twice the number of C-section deliveries, says govt’s survey -Abantika Ghosh

th urban and rural areas. Data across 15 states and Union territories in the National Family Health Survey released recently show that a disproportionately high number of babies are delivered by CAESarean section in the private sector — mostly double that of the government sector. The figures range from 87.1 per cent of the deliveries in urban Tripura (against 36.4 per cent in government sector) to 25.3 per cent in urban Haryana (the figu

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Reform, only left to the judiciary? -Nitin Pai

and society, traditions and norms must change to accommodate them. Yet, we should be wary of a judiciary that encroaches on more domains, even for causes we consider as desirable and good. “CAESaropapism” is a term used to describe a state of complete subordination of religion to the secular state. India runs the risk of being in thrall of a variant of this, a condition that can be termed “judiciopapism”, where judges can co

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Reality behind Odisha’s dying infants -Vidya Krishnan

ors en-masse. The “cleansing”, as she termed it, was necessary to make way for dilligent doctors. “Things are pretty dire,” Ms. Ahuja said. “The shortage of anAESthesiologists in Odisha is so severe that the State is giving our general practitioners a crash course to allow cAESarean section operations. And yet, these 408 doctors had to be fired. All these doctors wer

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Incentivize pulses production to check spiralling prices

s. 135 -Gargi Parsai, The Hindu, 24 October, 2015, please click here to access How does India cope with rising pulse prices? By shifting to eggs -Sayantan Bera,, 23 October, 2015, pleAES click here to access Bad cure for a racing pulse -Ashok Gulati & Shweta Saini, The Indian Express, 23 October, 2015, please click here to access Price stabilisation fund for pulses can keep consumer budget in check, Hindustan Times, 22 Oct

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Fighting silence with dignified dissent -Shiv Visvanathan

ose what you fight for. Many feel she was a beneficiary of the Nehru era. She was but, unlike many of those belonging to the Nehruvian generation, she has achievements to her own name. She brought an AESthetics and courage to her own life which deserves its own reading. Ms. Sahgal’s protest is not an outburst. It is a reasoned act of dissent and, yes, a cry of grief uttered in pain for something she feels deeply about. She insisted that fello

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India's silence on sustainable development goals is alarming -KumKum Dasgupta

e searching for updates on the United Nations Third International Conference on Financing for Development, which took place in Addis Ababa recently, I came across an interesting piece of news: Music mAEStro AR Rahman and Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan would join a seven-day global campaign to popularise the sustainable development goals (SDGs), which are a new set of universal goals, targets and indicators that 193 UN member states will be expecte

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