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Rash U-turns, half-baked plans -Jean Dreze

. In fact, the UPA government had only initiated a much-needed revamping of India’s underdeveloped social sector, with some important results (as we learnt later from the fourth National Family Health Survey and other sources). But corporate-sponsored think tanks, generally hostile to social spending, preferred to argue that it was time to rein in the welfare state. Until recently, the Modi government seemed to abide by that script. It showed

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Ayushman stress not on primary Health, Amartya Sen notes -Snehamoy Chakraborty

cal infrastructure, Sen says Santiniketan (West Bengal): Economist Amartya Sen on Friday criticised the Centre’s Ayushman Bharat Yojana, saying it does not fulfil the requirements of primary Healthcare and that the money could have been used better by improving medical infrastructure. “If we look at the Healthcare system, we will see that there is tremendous neglect towards primary More »

Every drop matters -Kevin James & Shreya Shrivastava

-The Hindu The regulatory framework must be reformed to ensure access to safe and sufficient blood A ready supply of safe blood in sufficient quantities is a vital component of modern Health care. In 2015-16, India was 1.1 million units short of its blood requirements. Here too, there were considerable regional disparities, with 81 districts in the country not having a blood bank at all. In 2016, a hospital in Chhattisgarh turned away a woman

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88 clinical trial volunteers died in 4 years due to direct side effects: Health ministry data -Sadaguru Pandit

imate, said experts. Mumbai: At least 1,100 people who took part in clinical trials over the past four years have died, and 88 of these deaths were caused by direct side effects of the trials, the Health ministry told the Rajya Sabha last week. But, with little transparency on how such deaths are investigated, and new rules relaxing how clinical trials are conducted in India, this data could be a poor estimate, said experts. Clinical trials a

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New research sounds alert on iron overdose risk for women -GS Mudur

uirement for Indian women is 15mg and not 21mg as currently assumed and cautioned that fortification coupled with supplementation may expose women in 24 states or Union territories to excess iron. Health researchers said their revised estimate of 15 mg per day comes from transparent calculations that take into account iron loss and absorption by the body and the likely dietary intake varying across states. Under the revised iron requirement numb

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Health study flags insurance holes -GS Mudur

-The Telegraph Hospitalisation cover does not protect families from catastrophic expenses A three-state study has found that India’s government-funded or private Health insurance schemes that pay for hospitalisation have not adequately protected households from catastrophic Health expenditures and rekindled the debate on how to achieve universal Health More »

There's a hole in the data -Kiran Bhatty & Dipa Sinha

ent data of the National Sample Survey. While the Census of India and the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) have a good reputation, when it comes to data related to the social sector — Health, education, nutrition — the situation, even with these sources (along with other large data sets), has been deficient on numerous counts. One, the information collected is not available in real time or even annually. The NSSO collects data

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Fake news could be injurious to Health -Anoop Misra, Ambrish Mithal & Viswanathan Mohan

-The Telegraph Medical leaders and associations must take the lead in issuing effective and clear messages countering fake information Along with the Hippocratic oath, the MBBS curriculum has a mantra: bar God, all must provide data. A good physician treats patients based on scientific principles derived from solid evidence. The physician’s personal experience may embellish or temper these principles, but should not be ‘contrary’ to them. In India, the mantra of scie

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As new cases rise, leprosy in spotlight -Bindu Shajan Perappadan

cases from 86,147 (in 2013-14) to 90,709 (2017-18), reported a decade and a half after India was declared leprosy-free in 2005, has turned the spotlight on the hotspots for the disease. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has set the goal of zero children with leprosy and deformities by 2020, and less than one patient per million for other newly diagnosed patients. Today, though, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Benga

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Delhi government launches bike ambulance services

-IANS NEW DELHI: To ensure timely Health assistance in traffic-congested areas and small lanes, the Delhi government on Thursday launched bike ambulance services. The bikes, to be known as the First Responder Vehicles, will have a portable oxygen cylinder, first aid kit and dressing materials, air-splints, GPS and communication device, among others. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the fleet of 16 bikes at Delhi Secretariat alo

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