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WHO seeks to curb menace of drug resistance -Sushmi Dey

-Down to Earth NEW DELHI: World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified antibiotics into different groups based on their therapeutic efficacy and to curb the increasing risk of superbug infections. It has asked member-countries, including India, to adopt the classification in their Health systems to cut the spread of antimicrobial resistance. Antibiotics are the most sold drugs segment in India with s

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Of Encephalitis, Litchis and Blood Sugar: Bihar's AES Outbreak Explained Over a 100 children have died in Bihar due to AES – or acute encephalitis syndrome – a deceptively straightforward umbrella term for infections that cause swellings on the brain. An outbreak of infections classified as acute encephalitis syndrome (AES). * What is AES? AES is an umbrella term of infections that cause swellings on the brain. Its symptoms typically include headache, vomiting, confusion and seizures, and complications include memory loss, coma a

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Bihar hospital doctors lack training, finds AIIMS team -Sana Shakil and Rajesh K Thakur

afflicted by AES are admitted in the SKMCH as it is the largest hospital that caters to at least eight districts in the vicinity. The report was submitted to the Centre’s Director General of Health Services on June 14 with a copy to the Bihar government. It said the hospital’s CT scanners were not used to diagnose the children, neither were the six available ventilators put to use as no trained intensivist (intensive care technician-doc

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Not smart cities, India needs climate-smart cities to protect its urban poor from heat waves -Sahana Ghosh & Mayank Aggarwal

factors when the heatwave is over, poor people will be exposed to extremely high night-time temperatures for many more weeks or even months,” said Siderius, adding that this creates an ongoing Health risk. Instead of just tracking urban heat islands or air temperature, researchers assessed the exposure to heat in outdoor microclimatic conditions in terms of thermal indices. They advocated that heat action plans be based on thermal indices so

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Are Mohalla Clinics Making the Aam Aadmi Healthy in Delhi? -Taniya Sah, Neha Bailwal and Rituparna Kaushik

of simple ailments to people’s doorstep and reduce the footfall in tertiary care hospitals. Mohalla Clinics have been promulgated as an unprecedented step towards mitigating the stark divide in Healthcare delivery across regions and class through the means of free consultation, free medicines, and free diagnostics and pathological tests. This “Zero Cost Model” has been touted to ensure better access to primary More »

Dr. Arun Shah, a Muzaffarpur-based paediatrician, interviewed by Banjot Kaur (Down to Earth)

causal factor is malnutrition and not litchi. The luscious fruit is only a triggering factor for malnourished children as the toxin MCPG can lead to hypoglycaemia (fall in sugar levels). So, if a Healthy child eats litchi, s/he will not suffer from AES. The governments, both central and state, must accept that malnutrition is the cause. They should not try to run away from their responsibility to deal with malnutrition by putting the onus on poor

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Bihar's Poorest Prefer Public Health To Jobs, Road, Cash Transfers -Arunabh Saha Mumbai: As 128 children died of encephalitis in Bihar over 19 days to June 21, 2019, a new study reports that the state’s rural population prefers government investment in public Healthcare over roads, jobs and cash transfers. In a survey conducted by the Brookings Institution, an American research group, in an administrative block of Bihar, 3,800 respondents--comprising the poor, less-educated and disadvantaged caste groups--w

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Bihar AES deaths: A hundred deaths, and no answers -Jacob Koshy

-The Hindu Cases of acute encephalitis syndrome have seen a spike in Muzaffarpur this year, already claiming more than a hundred lives. Jacob Koshy reports on the appalling state of Health care in Bihar, even as the debate on what is causing the deaths rages on For three days, Bihari Mahato and Shyam Babu Saha’s families have shared a hospital bed. The two daily-wage labourers, who have had to give up work for three days, haven’t e

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Muzzaffarpur: Anganwadi and Asha workers, who should have conducted awareness drive and monitored food intake of children, were on poll duty - Aanchal Bansal

he food intake of children. That did not happen this year because they were all on election duty,” Shah said. Shah was one of the main contributors to a report published in the Lancet Global Health journal in 2017, based on a study carried out by the National Centre for Disease Control in India and the US’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that pointed to the link between litchi consumption and malnutrition in AES cases for th

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Five years later, Harsh Vardhan makes same promise -GS Mudur

-The Telegraph The Union Health minister had posted decision on Facebook during a similar outbreak five years ago Two decisions announced by Union Health minister Harsh Vardhan this week to help encephalitis-hit Muzaffarpur are identical to promises he had posted on Facebook during a similar outbreak five years ago. The Health ministry said on Monday t

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