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NHRC turns 25 -- and that's pretty much all it has achieved -Apurva Vishwanath

belled ‘toothless tiger’ — is swamped with cases but has little resources to address them. This, despite an ‘A’ rating from UN body. New Delhi: On paper, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), which turned 25 last week, is a success story. In February, the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI), a UN body based in Geneva, re-accredited India&

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After #MeToo: Legal System Needs Change -Subodh Varma

deeply entrenched patriarchal ideas and systems from which individual rebellion is virtually impossible. They are dependant, fearsome and alone in their suffering. It would be deeply unfair and inHuman to demand that they individually step forward in the manner of #MeToo. What is needed is a social response that rises up and protests against such injustice collectively. And, such protest has to have both men and women as partners in it. One of

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Scientist And Tapasvi -Ravi Chopra

2th day of his fast-unto-death seeking effective action from the Government of India for the conservation and protection of the Ganga. GD, as many affectionately addressed him, was a good and rare Human being. Dressed in ordinary khadi, before he took sanyas in 2011, his appearance belied his logical mind, formidable knowledge and high accomplishments. He began his career in the 1950s as a design engineer with UP’s irrigation department, rose

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India's development record is poor. It's best to accept it and make amends

ave inter-generational impacts, and can also go a long way in removing widespread inequality. Last week, three separate global reports related to development were released: the World Bank’s Human Capital Index; the Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide’s 2018 Global Hunger Index; and Oxfam International’s 2018 Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index. India performs poorly in all three reports. On the More »

Why the Modi Govt Shouldn't be so Quick To Dismiss World Bank's Human Capital Index -Diego Maiorano

fact is that decades of underspending in education and health may result in India wasting its demographic dividend. On October 11, the World Bank launched the latest of its country rankings: the Human Capital Index (HCI). The objective of the index is to show how low education and health outcomes – or Human capital – impact productivity, growth and prosperity. The ranking of 157 countrie

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World Bank's 1st Human Capital Index: India lower than Bangladesh, Nepal; Finance Ministry rejects report

-The Indian Express In a statement, the Finance Ministry said the HCI score for India does not reflect the key initiatives that are being taken for developing Human capital in the country. The World Bank on Thursday released its first report on Human Capital Index (HCI), which placed India at the 115th position, lower than Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh. Singapore topped the poll after

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India loses natural resources to economic growth: report -Kiran Pandey

apital is important and should be one of the determiners for sustainable development, says the report. The natural capital are those elements of the nature that provide valuable goods and services to Humans, such as the stock of forests, food,  clean air, water, land, minerals, etc. The natural capital accounting (NCA) method has been used, in this report, to account for income and costs associated with natural resource used, based on a framew

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Groundwater near landfills toxic: Study -Shimona Kanwar

in the landfills, the concentration was at intermediate levels. Moreover, the results obtained from groundwater samples showed that 40% of the samples in premonsoon were unsatisfactory and unfit for Human consumption. On the other hand, 52% of water samples in post-monsoon were unfit for drinking due to discharge of animal faeces, domestic waste and rainwater. The water had high values of faecal coliform (bacteria in More »

These superwomen from Himachal Pradesh show why empowered women make for an empowered country -Raksha Kumar

well. All the fruits used for the jams are bought from local farmers; only certain citrus fruits are bought from outside. Sirmaur, boosted as it is by floriculture and fruit production, has better Human development indices, a better sex ratio, and higher income levels. It contrasts with districts like Chamba, in northern Himachal, which falls in the ‘most backward districts’ list. Districts like Sirmaur are responsible for the high r

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The Bitter Plight of Bengal's Tea Garden Workers -Tanmoy Bhaduri

ry’s second largest employer, but also an industry that undermines labour rights and deprives workers and their families of the most basic needs. There’s widespread poverty, malnutrition, Human trafficking and starvation death: obvious factors underscoring the desire for a better life. The availability of basic facilities like healthcare and education is also poor. It was during the mid-1990s when small growers began to flood the tea ma

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