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Banking sector is stressed, govt in no position to bail it out: Abhijit Banerjee

-PTI * The author of 'Good Economics for Hard Times' added that the slowdown in the economy will also adversely impact Poverty alleviation in the country * Abhijit Banerjee said the demand slowdown in the automobile sector also shows that people are lacking confidence in the economy JAIPUR: Nobel laureate and economist Abhijit Banerjee here on Sunday said the banking sector in the country is "stressed" and the government is in no position...

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Is MGNREGS the answer to the rural slowdown? -Sneha Alexander & Nikita Kwatra MGNREGS could alleviate rural distress but, in its current form, its overall impact on the rural economy is limited in scope With rural distress deepening across India and private consumption growing anaemically, calls for ramping up the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS), are growing louder ahead of the upcoming budget. Proponents of MGNREGS believe that it may be the only ammunition in the government’s arsenal to fight rural...

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Budgeting for jobs, skilling and economic revival -Ram Singh

-The Hindu The Budget needs to provide direction to India’s tottering economy and a boost to aggregate demand and investment The forthcoming Union Budget will determine whether India’s economic engine gets the steam needed for a rebound, or the current economic situation becomes even worse. Not just the future of the economy, the future of the country’s youth depends on the Budget. The unemployment rate at 6.1% (Financial Year 2017-2018) is the highest...

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How caste impacts migration and its benefits -Priyansha Singh & Chitra Rawat

-India Spend Mumbai: Poverty and lack of opportunity in their hometowns drove 93 million Indians from disadvantaged castes and tribes in 2011 to migrate to other areas within their states in the hope of securing education or employment. However. they continue to face social segregation, labour market discrimination and barriers to accessing the most basic services, finds an analysis of Census data and research studies by India Migration Now, a Mumbai-based...

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How India remains poor: Has Poverty become 'hereditary' -Richard Mahapatra

-Down to Earth Millions of Indian households transfer Poverty to the next generation, making Poverty eradication nearly impossible Something that has haunted me through my 22 years of reporting the rural India is how some people in certain regions always remain poor. I have visited them multiple times for various assignments, but have always found them talking about Poverty. Like me, they too always wonder: “Why do we remain poor?” I have mostly reported...

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