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Soaring Joblessness Among Youth May Sink BJP in Polls - Subodh Varma

t 57 per cent of people surveyed said that it had become more difficult to find jobs in the area. This share of discontented people was more than that in earlier such surveys. Again, lack of jobs and Poverty were identified as the two biggest problems faced by people. In this situation, and with continuing jobs crisis, it is not surprising that people will blame the BJP government in the respective states – and also the Narendra Modi led cent

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The Indian state where development is more on a par with Pakistan than India -Ratnadeep Choudhary

tly as 2016, the World Bank said this of it: “Uttar Pradesh is home to the largest number of poor in India. Despite improvement in the recent decade, the state has experienced slower growth and Poverty reduction than the rest of the country. Consumption inequality, on the other hand, has increased slightly in urban areas.” While Pakistan and Uttar Pradesh have very similar total populations, the key difference is density — while U

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Poverty in all its faces -C Rangarajan & S Mahendra Dev

-The Indian Express Growth can alleviate Poverty but its definition needs to expand to make any tangible difference on the ground. Amidst the din caused by the story of rising billionaires, the message on India’s Poverty decline in the recent report of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative has been lost. UNDP and Oxford University rele

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No respite from Poverty for Muslims -Irfan Ahmad & Santosh Mehrotra

despite India being the fastest-growing large economy. An analysis of the data on economic and educational indicators for various religious groups reveals that Muslims are facing a vicious circle of Poverty. Lowest education levels The NSSO’s 68th round (2011-12) provides estimates of education levels and job market indicators across major religious communities in India. The educational attainment of Muslims is the least among all these c

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GDP and jobs not good at tango -Basant Kumar Mohanty

day that India’s 23-place jump to 77 among 190 countries “underscores the need to persist with challenging reforms that can provide more opportunities for people to lift themselves out of Poverty and spread prosperity more widely”. Kamal Karanth, co-fonder of human resource company Xpheno, said the development would encourage foreign companies to invest in India, which will create more jobs. But Santosh Mehrotra, chairperson of

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At current pace, Bangladesh to end extreme Poverty by 2021 -Dipanjan Roy Chaudhury

-The Economic Times Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, seeking reelection later this year, has vowed to eradicate extreme Poverty by 2021 when the country celebrates 50 years of independence, riding on her success in alleviating Poverty and pushing economic growth in a big way during the past decade. Her government has taken several steps to reduce Poverty

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Subsidies may be a hidden culprit in India's farm crisis -Zia Haq

-Hindustan Times Every Rs 10 lakh invested in farm research pulled 328 people out of Poverty; 26 people were helped by the same amount spent on subsidies. New Delhi: Are Indian farmers paying a price for sweeping agricultural input subsidies they enjoyed for decades and which they have taken for granted, from virtually free power to extremely low-priced fertilisers? Data from a landmark new research seem to suggest so. The research, by econ

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What has driven India's Poverty reduction? -Arjun Srinivas

-Hindustan Times 55 % Indians were classified as poor by the MPI methodology in 2005-06. India halved its Poverty rate in the next 10 years. In absolute terms, the number of poor fell from 630 million to 360 million during this period. New Delhi: Improved nutrition, better sanitation and increased asset ownership have halved India’s Poverty rate between 2005-06 and 2015-16, according to a stu

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Support for lives on the move -Arun Kumar & M Suresh Babu

-The Hindu A national policy for internal migration is needed to improve earnings and enable an exit from Poverty Though migration is expected to enhance consumption and lift families out of absolute Poverty at the origin, it is not free from distress — distress due to unemployment or underemployment in agriculture, natural calamities, and input/output market imperfections. Internal migration

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UNDP data on Poverty shows gains are in line with Modi's slogan, not a product of it -Sanjay G Reddy

-ThePrint.inThe idea that all public initiatives to improve well-being are failing or dispensable is evidently wrong.In recent years, a debate has raged in India on what is the level of Poverty in the country and whether it has changed, either to reflect the arrival of a new India or the persistence of an old one. Prime Minister Narendra Modis government stopped producing official estimates of Poverty when

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