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India's Missing Agricultural Data -Siraj Hussain

great job to generate and publish data collected from states. ‘Agriculture Statistics at a Glance’ is the most trusted source of data on agriculture. From 2016, the department has also staRTEd publishing ‘Horticulture Statistics at a Glance’. Please click here to read more.

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Growth in Agri GVA deflator shows a declining trend in comparison to growth in other sectoral GVA deflators

mates     Source: Data of Sectoral GVAs, overall GVA and GDP for years 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19 sourced from Press Note on Second Advance Estimates of National Income 2018-19 and QuaRTErly Estimates of Gross Domestic Product for the Third QuaRTEr Q3 of 2018-19, released on 28th February, 2019, Central Statistics Office, MoSPI, please click here to access Data of Sectoral GVAs,

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Deepening slowdown: on the Indian economy

sconcertingly point to a deepening slowdown. GDP growth is projected to have eased to 6.6% in the October-December period. With the CSO now forecasting the full-year expansion at 7%, fiscal fourth-quaRTEr growth is implicitly pegged at an even slower 6.5%. At that level, growth would have slowed to a seven-quaRTEr low, giving the incumbent NDA government its slowest pace of annual growth. The data clearly r

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Why Adversarial Court Action Won't Solve Disputes Over Forest Governance -Kanchi Kohli and Manju Menon

y, the bureaucratic interpretation of the FRA has reduced its scope to the settlement of rights involving filling forms, submitting applications and receiving titles. Successive governments have suppoRTEd this understanding and the court’s proceedings have also gradually limited itself to this aspect. In its design, the FRA recognises pre-existing rights and creates the possibility for decentralised community-based forest governance. Please

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Cancer ravages rural Punjab due to chemicals in pesticides; govt assistance fails to improve situation -Arjun Sharma

s not an isolated case; Punjab’s Malwa region, of which Sangrur is a district, has hundreds fighting cancer. The disease has spread its tentacles predominantly in the Malwa region of Punjab repoRTEdly due to consistent use of pesticides and other chemicals in agriculture; these toxic materials have got mixed with the region’s water table and use of that water for agricultural activities as well as drinking has spread the chemicals in resid

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'How do fans produce wind?': New Kerala helpline is encouraging children to ask questions -TA Ameerudheen

urroundings as it reflected in the questions they asked. Archana, an employee at the institute, said the children have surprised her with their excellent questions. “The helpline has just staRTEd, but we have already got top class questions,” she said. “I am happy to be associated with this project.” The research scholars and scientists said it is their duty to spread science awareness in society. “Besides, there is

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Women and the workplace -Radha Kumar

to women’s participation at all levels of the workforce, including political representation. The 2017-18 explosion of the #MeToo movement across social media uncovered countless cases of unrepoRTEd sexual harassment and assault, first in the U.S. and then in India. In both countries, it led to the resignations or firing of dozens of prominent men, mostly politicians, actors and journalists. It also prompted a range of public and private org

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'Seed Mother' who never went to school has lessons for scientists -Radheshyam Jadhav

foodgrains containing ‘poison’ had made the child unhealthy. She asked her son to stop buying vegetables and foodgrains grown using hybrid seeds, chemicals and fertilisers. And then staRTEd a journey to conserve and save indigenous seeds, which she says need just air and water for cultivation. Rahibai, who was illiterate, established a seed bank in her small mud house for the conservation and revival of crop diversity and wild food r

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Urban Poor Have Set Agenda for 2019 Elections -Tikender Singh Panwar

ds to influence the 2019 general elections by advocating their demands to be (a) incorporated in the election manifestoes of the political parties and (b) during the elections getting their demand chaRTEr endorsed and signed by respective candidates when they visit their (poor people) habitations. Enthused by the election campaign in the recently held Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections, where the candidates were asked to endorse ‘zero eviction

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