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Solar Pumps Are Still Pumps, Pose Risk to Groundwater -Rosamma Thomas

World Water Development Report showed that India is the world’s largest extractor of groundwater. Over 60% of all irrigation water is groundwater, and a bulk of domestic water used in urban and rural areas is also sourced from groundwater. With the union government now giving a huge push to the use of solar pumps for extracting groundwater for irrigation, the problem of depletion gets further compounded. The loss of groundwater could also set

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57.3% allopathic practitioners are not qualified: Health Ministry -Bindu Shajan Perappadan

“At present, 57.3% of personnel currently practising allopathic medicine do not have a medical qualification,” states the Union Health Ministry’s data, adding that this puts at risk rural patients who suffer because of an urban to rural doctor density ratio of 3.8:1, and India’s poor doctor-population ratio of 1:1456 as compared with the World Health Organisation standards of 1:1000.

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Jean Dreze contests Amit Shah with Gujarat data -Pheroze L Vincent

te and the percentages of girls aged 15-19 with eight years of schooling, underweight children, adult women with low body mass index and fully immunised children. He also cited 2011-12 figures for rural poverty and the wages of rural labourers. Kashmir scored better than Gujarat in all the indices. Dreze told The Telegraph: “The basic point is that Jammu and Kashmir had its own Constitution, mak

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Are 57% 'doctors' quacks? Govt says no, then yes -Rema Nagarajan

57.3% of personnel currently practising allopathic medicine do not have any medical qualification. According to the WHO report based on the 2001 Census, barely 20% of those who practised medicine in rural India had any medical qualification. It also estimated that 31% of those who claimed to be allopathic practitioners were educated only up to Class 12. Please click here to read more.

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Four dead as thousands rush across Assam for fresh NRC hearings -Abhishek Saha

as people boarded buses, hired SUVs and multi-purpose vehicles and pick-up trucks to reach towns like Jorhat, Charaideo, Sivasagar and Golaghat. Rezia Khatun (60) from Dakachang village in Kamrup (rural) district was declared brought dead at a hospital in Nagaon district after she complained of being unwell during her hearing in Kaliabor on Monday. She had to travel more than 250 km for the hearing and police said the cause of death is unknown. Ear

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Assam districts panic, notices at night for NRC hearings 300 km away -Abhishek Saha

the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Jorhat, over 300 km away, scheduled for Monday. The daily wage labourers were among the hundreds of people in at least two districts of Lower Assam, Kamrup (rural) and Barpeta, to have received “sudden” notices to appear for NRC hearings in far-off towns within the next few days, starting Monday. The notices started arriving Saturday night. With the short deadline adding to the panic, and the g

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Transforming livelihoods through farm ponds -Nirmalya Choudhury & Sachin Tiwale

vention that has been tried out in various States, and perhaps needs to be taken up on a bigger scale, is the construction of farm ponds. Farm ponds can be cost-effective structures that transform rural livelihoods. They can help enhance water control, contribute to agriculture intensification and boost farm incomes. However, this is possible only if they act as rainwater harvesting structures and not as intermediate storage points for an increased

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The roots of India's deepening rural water crisis -Sneha Alexander & Vishnu Padmanabhan

change, the monsoon is becoming less reliable. Exacerbating this is a set of policies which encourage water wastage, deepening the water crisis that threatens the livelihoods and lives of millions in rural India. This year, like recent years, could be another year of deficient rainfall, suggests the latest data from the India Meteorological Department (IMD). Over the last 10 years, average rainfall across the country has fallen short of the normal

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A reality check indicates that MSP set for 2019-20's kharif crops is not 1.5 times the 'C2' cost of production

t of production for most kharif crops during the last 6 agricultural years, News alert by Inclusive Media for Change dated 11 January, 2019, please click here to access    An answer to rural distress -Ashok Gulati & Shweta Saini, The Indian Express, 7 January, 2019, please click here to access  West Bengal: New schemes to provide Rs 2 lakh compensation for farmers' deaths, says Mamata Banerjee,, 31 December, 2018,

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