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The imminent food crisis by AV Rajwade

23, The Indian Express carried two reports: One on how the Philippines’ mountain slopes were converted into rich Bt corn fields; and the other on how Orissa has banned Bt brinjal, citing small Farmers’ interests and biosafety concerns. Any comment is superfluous. Perhaps the rest of India needs to learn from Gujarat. A recent International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) paper highlights that agricultural value added since 2000 g

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India set to retain top spot in milk production

oduction was expected to be 688 million tonnes in 2008-09, a marginal 1.7 per cent increase over the previous year as against about four per cent increase achieved by India. Within the country, Farmers’ milk cooperatives showed a better performance. They procured about 9.2 million tonnes, an increase of 9.7 per cent over the previous year, handling over 14 per cent of the national marketable surplus. The cooperative sector covered about 21

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Genetic Engineering: Instrument of Western Agribusiness to Control India’s Food and Farming System by Bharat Dogra

ample, have not been consistently or sustainably higher than cotton produced using high yield varieties that were not genetically engineered, and GM varieties have contributed to financial losses for Farmers. The high costs of genetically engineered seeds put Farmers at financial risk. Heinemann concludes: Does India want to export control of its food? Then go with genetic engineering. If India wa

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Fixing food prices

a further rise can drive prices further up. That is precisely what is happening. At least one explanation of government spokespersons, that food price inflation is due to improved terms of trade for Farmers, is not borne out by any data as yet. The gap between farm-gate prices and retail prices is so wide that Farmers do not seem to be the most important beneficiaries of the recent spurt. Middlemen, wholes

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Cost-push element behind rise in food prices, says Pranab

. “It has to be understood that a cost-push element is responsible for the rise in food prices … it emerges from the Centre’s decision to give fair and remunerative prices to Farmers among others [procurement, transportation and stocking prices].” The situation rose from a “supply-side bottleneck,” he said. Mr. Mukherjee emphasised the need for making the public distribution system more effective for th

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Farmers offer Gram Sabha land to Govt. for opening varsity

At a time when Farmers across the country have been agitating against acquisition of their land for developmental works, a delegation from Delhi’s villages called on Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and presented to her a resolution offering 540 bighas of land in the Ghumanhera village in Najafgarh for opening of a State university. The delegation, led by Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee general secretary Naresh Kumar and president of 360 Kh

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Pawar rules out rice imports by Gargi Parsai

egic reserves.” FCI to U.P.’s rescue Mr. Pawar said the Food Corporation of India (FCI) would intervene in the market in Uttar Pradesh from where complaints were received about Farmers having to sell rice below the minimum support price set by the Centre. “We have to gear up the FCI machinery, for which we have requested the State government to allow us to purchase,” he said, adding that once FCI entered the ma

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Climate change will hit small Farmers most: Pawar by Gargi Parsai

Small and marginal Farmers would be the worst sufferers of climate change, Union Minister for Agriculture and Food Sharad Pawar said here on Wednesday. “In the wake of water scarcity, erratic rainfall and changing temperature regimes, in addition to prevalent diseases and threat of new race of wheat stem rust Ug99, small and marginal Farmers will be challenged. With the cost of cultivation alre

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A Full Round Meal by Sharat Pradhan

iced to meet the downswing in its price," he explains. The risk cover Verma derived out of switching from banana to tomato to potato to mentha to wheat has become increasingly popular with Farmers in a large part of not only Barabanki, but also in neighbouring districts like Lakhimpur Kheri, Sitapur and Sultanpur. Interestingly, even as Verma was tilling a huge area of 85 acres, his ownership continues to be limited to a paltry six acres. T

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Joan Mencher interviewed by Vikhar Ahmed Sayeed

niversity of New York. She is the chair of an embryonic not-for-profit organisation, The Second Chance Foundation, which works to support rural grass-roots organisations that work with poor and small Farmers in India and the United States on issues of sustainable agriculture. She has worked primarily in South India, but also in West Bengal briefly, on issues relating to ecology, caste, land reform, agriculture, women, and so on over the past half a ce

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