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Hard to stomach by Biraj Patnaik

ing a super-luxury condo in a gated community in Gurgaon. This is compounded by the graver injustice on those state governments who participate in the decentralised procurement scheme to help provide Farmers with a minimum support price and bail out the Government of India by procuring food stocks for the central pool. Uttar Pradesh (with an un-reimbursed balance of close to Rs 1,600 crore) has already shown its unwillingness to participate in th

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What about the Farmers?

While the government's recent clarification on the policy on foreign investment in wholesale trade is welcome, it needs to be complemented with a policy to empower our Farmers to interact with modern, organised retail productively. Organised retail can catalyse a second green revolution in India when Farmers become empowered to negotiate prices for their produce with retailers. The industry minist

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Farmers' Woes by SL Rao

seeds. Other crops might have been more efficient. Neighbouring Southeast Asian countries produced groundnut, coconut and palm oil more efficiently and sold them cheaper — at a profit for their Farmers. They could have met any shortfalls in India’s production. The concept of minimum support prices was extended to even commercial crops. Cotton was a good example, with State procurement agencies piling up large stocks and making huge lo

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Thought for food

torage. The government’s agricultural pricing policies, which have rendered minimum support prices (MSPs) the de-facto procurement prices, have also come in for sharp criticism for discouraging Farmers from diversifying into high-value crops even while failing to keep food-price inflation down. What should cause concern is that the challenge of food security continues to stare us in the face despite the generous funding of the agriculture and ir

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Unequal burden by Jayati Ghosh

r: compared to around half of male workers, around three-fourths of recognised female workers (and 85 per cent of those in rural India) find their basic employment in agriculture. But typically women Farmers are denied land titles, and this in turn operates to reduce their access to institutional credit, irrigation water and other infrastructure, extension services, input provision and marketing support. Similarly, outside of agriculture, women

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Big food push urged to avoid global hunger by Richard Black

quot; There was no single, simple measure, she said, that could bring about the yield increases needed in poorer countries, and make sure that the increases were sustainable. Ensuring all Farmers had access to good information about farming methods would be a good start, she noted, but would require different mechanisms in different countries. Access to facilities also needed to be improved, said Professor Conway. "Everywh

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Pathway to food security for all by MS Swaminathan

il's “Zero Hunger” programme takes a holistic view of food security. The measures include steps to enhance the productivity of small holdings and the consumption capacity of the poor. Our Farmers will produce more if we are able to purchase more. Emphasis on agricultural production, particularly small-farm productivity, will as a single step make the largest contribution to poverty eradication and hunger elimination. While universal PDS sh

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Problems of plenty for West Bengal’s potato Farmers by Romita Datta

Potato Farmers Madhusudan Mondal and Lakshman Adak, in their mid-50s, live 15km apart in West Bengal’s Hooghly district. Both have produced a bumper crop this year, but that has meant different things for Mondal and Adak. Mondal earned around Rs3.5 lakh selling 150 tonnes of potatoes to PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd, having signed a contract with the maker of carbonated beverages and Frito-Lay chips to sell his produce to it at a pred

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Rate of deforestation has slowed: U.N. report

Ambitious planting programmes in Asia and the United States have helped slow the global rate of deforestation but Farmers are still cutting trees to clear land at an alarmingly high rate, a U.N. survey released on Thursday shows. Forests absorb and store greenhouse gases so deforestation can exacerbate mean the effects of climate change, said Mette Loyche Wilkie, coordinator of the assessment by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization. Edu

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India’s Woes Reflected in Bid to Restart Old Plant by Vikas Bajaj

Many of India’s utilities, for instance, are financially frail because policy makers look the other way as power is stolen, or because politicians dole out subsidized power to win the votes of Farmers. Power plants typically operate below their capacity because the government bureaucracy allocates coal and natural gas, the fuel of power plants, to favored companies. Furthermore, cronyism often dictates who receives permission to build plants be

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