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Put agriculture high on agenda by William D Dar

says that the hunger crisis — affecting one sixth of all of humanity — poses a serious risk for world peace and security. Keeping pace with a growing world population is not easy for Farmers. As demand for food increases, they struggle to extract more crops from each acre of land. Farmers who practise rainfed agriculture in the semi-arid and dry tropics are especially vulnerable as rains he

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Need for land use policy

d be alive to such concerns. But, at the same time, as pointed out by this report, 80 per cent of the people engaged in agriculture own just 17 per cent of land and are, therefore, virtually landless Farmers who need to be employed in non-farm enterprises. Such non-farm employment can only come from rural industrial and infrastructure developments. This requires land. What India needs is a rational, equitable and transparent land use policy, and a fai

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Import of edible oil will continue: Pawar

as a gap of 5 million tonnes between the domestic production of edible oils and demand. “Imports will continue until domestic production is up. To offset the disadvantages faced by coconut Farmers, the Centre has increased the Minimum Support Price [MSP] of milling copra to Rs. 4,450 a quintal, up by Rs.790 compared to last year.” Allays fears He urged the Kerala government to introduce an efficient procurement mechanism a

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Rallying against hunger by Chandni Mehta

e aimed at a complete revamp of the Public Distribution System (PDS), starting with universal — instead of targeted — coverage. Over 5,000 grassroots activists, agricultural workers, Farmers, lawyers, doctors and others coming from 18 States walked to Parliament Street (New Delhi) on November 26, 2009, demanding a comprehensive “Food Entitlements Act” and immediate action in drought-affected areas. The rally underscor

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‘Agitation against Posco, Vedanta will go on’ by Prafulla Das

acquiring land for different companies under force or pressure. Mega industries were not generating employment and were adversely affecting agriculture and livelihood sources, she added. This pushed Farmers to suicide. Dismisses claim She also pooh-poohed the Orissa government’s claim that their rehabilitation and resettlement policy was one of the best in the country. “How can we believe Naveen Patnaik when many of the oustees

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Singur echo in land blow to Ambani

hase by the Uttar Pradesh government in 2004 under emergency provisions of the Land Acquisition Act of 1894. The court noted that the state government had failed to record the objections of the Farmers who had been opposing the forcible buyout. Although the Singur land dispute did not make it to court, the similarity is hard to miss. The land had been acquired for a 7,480MW project, which the Anil Ambani group has flagged as the world&rsqu

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The Ground Beneath Our Feet by Tripti Lahiri

housing was built not by the government or by developers, but by individual families. Those who had the money broke strict laws about the use of agricultural land and built homes on land bought from Farmers, creating “unauthorised colonies,” some of which are now being legalised. Poor families, meanwhile, built houses on public land. Then, in June 1975, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared Emergency. During the next two years &mdas

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A time for numbers

rdquo;; MPs from primarily agrarian parties or areas, were uncomfortable talking of the problem’s history, but became eloquent about the danger that erratic rain patterns or salinity present to Farmers; and still others expressed concern about reforestation efforts, and whether or not those would cause the displacement of forest-dwellers. At least one Congress MP expressed the hope that the prime minister would go to Copenhagen. India&rsqu

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Farmers don’t agree Bt Cotton is a threat to rural life” by Gargi Parsai

in place and effective.” “The construction of Bt Cotton as a ‘GMO’ (genetically modified organism) threatening rural life proves to have little resonance with most cotton Farmers who found a trait that proved broadly useful in terms of agronomics, economics and environment,” said Dr. Herring. While the former Chairman of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, S. Mahendra Dev, said Bt Cotton technology

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Lola Nayar Interviews Kanayo Nwanze

er exports. Then there have also been extreme climate situations like in Bangladesh, India and the Horn of Africa. The financial crisis has also made things much worse, particularly for smallholdings Farmers due to capital reversal, rise in borrowing rates, a collapsing global trade and commodity prices, a reduction in subsidies in some countries... In the recent years we have seen a steep rise in prices of food commodities particularly whenever

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