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Battling price rise

ies of inflation in pulses and vegetables have appeared repeatedly in newspapers all over the country. The minimum support price for wheat has more than doubled in the past three years. The sugarcane Farmers invaded the roads of Delhi protesting against the Central government’s intervention to cap support prices paid to them. With so much evidence on food inflation, it was surprising that it hadn’t become a big issue with the Opposition. T

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How fair is 'fair' sugarcane price? by Bhupesh Bhandari

On October 21, the Central government came out with an ordinance that it will henceforth announce a fair and remunerative price for sugarcane, instead of the statutory minimum price. Millions of Farmers across the country grow sugarcane which they sell to sugar mills. To make sure that prices don’t tank when there is a good crop, the government had come out with the statutory minimum price. And now we have the fair and remunerative price. A

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Singur echo in land protest

Farmers of Chandauli district in Uttar Pradesh, who have been served a notice for acquisition of land for a freight corridor for Mamata Banerjee’s railway ministry, have decided to rope in all those who had backed the Singur agitation for a movement against the project. As a first, the Farmers have written to Medha Patkar, the spearhead of the Narmada Bachao Andolan, who is one of the key soci

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Elders pass sugarcane pricing Bill after government’s assurance by Gargi Parsai

riculture and Food Minister Sharad Pawar also agreed to revisit the enabling provision in the Sugarcane Control (Amendment) Order, 2009, that had allowed sugar mill owners to share their profits with Farmers. The government has done away with the provision (5A) as, according to the government, the FRP takes into account the “risk and profit” to Farmers. DMK member T. Siva also pressed the

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‘Mamata’s proposal to set up Railway project at Singur is welcome’ by Marcus Dam

e owners. Railway Board Chairman S.S. Khurana, in a recent letter to the Chief Secretary Ashok Mohan Chakrabarti, said that 400 acres of the land would be returned to the “unwilling” Farmers from whom it was acquired. Mr. Sen told the State Assembly that the government was keen to see industry coming up at the site where the Tata Motors were to have set up its small car project. The Railway Board was has already been informed of the s

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Ban lays out remaining hurdles in climate talks in Copenhagen

the Special Rapporteur on the right to food. Global warming, he said, disproportionately impacts some of the poorest countries, especially the most vulnerable in these nations, with small-scale Farmers and indigenous peoples dependent on land for their livelihoods. The expert called on States to “exploit the untapped potential of sustainable agriculture in order to combat hunger and climate change at the same time.” He al

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Stars don’t foretell any more by Aparna Pallavi

s unfit as food or seed. With starvation and loss of seed stock staring in the face, people can do little but joke about the calamity. As elsewhere, changing weather conditions wreaking havoc on Farmers is nothing new. What is, is the fact that for the last 20-odd years, residents of some 10 villages of Kolis in the western hills of the Ambegaon tehsil have been documenting the changes in climatic conditions and their impact. With the help of the

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Wind energy is attracting investors, and corruption by Doreen Carvajal

Europe is the vast revenue available through a variety of subsidies, including the European Union’s farm subsidy system, which distributes more than 50 billion euros, or $73 billion, a year to Farmers, corporate agribusiness and rural development projects. In Europe, more than 6 billion euros in structural and agricultural subsidies have been allocated for renewable energy over 13 years ending in 2013. This is an attractive sum for a rela

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Coping with rising foodgrain prices by VS Vyas

cooperative system, reliance has to be placed mainly on commercial banks. It has been found that though agricultural credit by commercial banks is increasing satisfactorily, the credit outgo to small Farmers seeking loans of less than Rs. 25,000 is decreasing. This has serious implications for production also, as the borrowing capacity of the small and marginal Farmers (who cultivate 40 per cent of the land

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SC throws out Nano land plea by Samanwaya Rautray

n said. The Narendra Modi government had allotted the 1,000 acres, about 30km from Ahmedabad, last year after Tata Motors withdrew from Bengal’s Singur following a Trinamul Congress-backed Farmers’ agitation. The first batch of Nanos has since rolled out from the Sanand factory. The land was taken from the pool of Anand Agricultural University. H.K. Thaker, the president of the Rashtriya Kisan Dal, had challenged the state

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