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Brazil and India Join the Top Ranks of Governments Supporting Research by Donald G McNeil Jr.

a study issued last week, which found that middle-income nations are taking on more of the burden of ills afflicting their poorest citizens. The study, by the George Institute for International Health, based in Australia, found that nearly $3 billion was spent last year on new drugs or products for such diseases. Brazil and India took the lead on leprosy and dengue fever and, with South Africa, supported much of the research for meningitis and p

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Ban calls on leaders to attend Millennium Development Goals summit next September

achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which seek to slash a host of social ills, ranging from extreme poverty and hunger to maternal and infant mortality to lack of access to education and Health care, all by 2015. “Coming amid mixed progress toward the Goals and new crises that threaten the global effort to halve extreme poverty, the summit will be a crucially important opportunity to redouble our efforts to meet the Goals,”

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Decade of debt-fuelled boom and bust by Larry Elliott

n finance spokesman] George Osborne, understandably enough, is loving it. Mr. Brown made mincemeat of a succession of shadow chancellors, taunting them with the contrast between the strong growth and Healthy public finances under Labour and the humiliation visited upon John Major’s government on Black Wednesday. There were none of the sterling crises that had marked every previous Labour administration. Nor could the Conservatives make the

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No guarantees for work in Melghat by Meena Menon

post office and the workers. Villagers in Kohana are demanding work. Sumani Dhikhar says, “we are too old to travel out now. All the men have left already.” The impact of migration on the Health of women and children is acute and that is one of the reasons for the severe malnutrition among children that is endemic to Melghat. Mira Solao, the anganwadi worker in Kohana says 20 children below the age of six have left with their parents and t

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Legalise Prostitution? by Madhu Purnima Kishwar

Gates to Hollywood stars as well as some western governments and major donor agencies have all joined the campaign to legalise prostitution because they feel that is the only way condom use, regular Health checkups including HIV tests can be promoted among sex workers and their customers. Earlier, sleazy lawyers helped sex workers get bail when arrested. Today, with the availability of massive international grants for this work, some of the bes

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Ghost Lullabies by Chandrani Banerjee

ations. The case is now being actively pursued by the new WCD minister, Krishna Tirath. Mandated to provide children safe shelters, ensure nutritional food, run pre-school activities and provide Healthcare, the three organisations instead spent their energies weaving an elaborate web of deceipt. They maintained fake audits and balancesheets, copies of which are with Outlook, duly signed by chartered accountants to buttress the lie that all these

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Primary Schooling by Amartya Sen

on supporting and training young women journalists reporting from rural Bangladesh), whereas here in India, the work of the Trust has been mainly focused on advancing primary education and elementary Health care, along with a few other selected activities (such as providing disaster relief). Even though Pratichi Trust (India) has a programme of establishing new schools (the Pratichi School in Orissa is already functioning actively and well), our

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Learning from successes and failures by Amartya Sen

en: it has worked particularly on supporting and training young women journalists reporting from rural Bangladesh. In India, the work has mainly focussed on advancing primary education and elementary Health care, along with a few other activities such as providing disaster relief. Though Pratichi Trust (India) has a programme of establishing new schools (the Pratichi School in Orissa is functioning actively and well), our main work in the field o

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Rural India poorer than estimated: Tendulkar Panel

74, which is the money required to access 2100 calories in urban areas, and 2400 calories in rural areas. Rather the new poverty line has been defined on a wider access to commodity and services like Health, sanitation and education. The new all-India average rural poverty line is set at a monthly expenditure of Rs 446.68; the national urban poverty line at Rs 578.8 a month. Poverty line is now a per capita expenditure of Rs 12 per day. In short,

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Voluntary service by Bhaskar Ghose

hich usually means advocacy, or “activism” as it is more commonly called, and the actu al carrying out of development projects – providing housing, rural roads, sanitation, schools, Health facilities and other services. The World Bank recognises this and divides the NGOs into two categories: those involved in advocacy and those involved in operations. We are aware of the advocacy groups, the social activists, because at least so

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