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Are we ready for genetically modified vegetables? by Raashi Bhatia

International Forum on Globalization, says that genetically modified crops can spread in the environment and contaminate other crops and plants. Concerns over their effect on wildlife and human Health have been expressed all over the globe. Food policy analyst Devinder Sharma raises a few important questions — “First of all, do we even need Bt brinjal? Why take a risk? Where is the crisis in brinjal production that necessitates

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Postmodern principles should form the foundation of JNNURM by Sameer Sharma

and local urban authorities are often left to fend for themselves without the required support and resources. Moreover, despite noteworthy economic and technological progress, poverty, hunger, Health hazards and exclusion from the benefits of globalisation have remained; therefore, development efforts are required to be directed at population cohorts and areas that are left behind, requiring local action as close as possible to the affected pop

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Easy as Water and Soap: Clean Hands Save Lives

ities this October 15 to remind children about the importance of washing hands with soap as a critical habit to keep disease away. “On October 15 the world comes together to recognize the Health impact of proper handwashing behaviors,” says Nat Paynter, Global Coordinator of the Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing with Soap. “This is especially relevant given the H1N1 flu outbreak over the last year.  We look forwar

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‘Diarrhoea: Why children are still dying and what can be done’

A new report released by UNICEF and the World Health Organization today lays out a seven-point plan to reduce the incidence of diarrhoea worldwide. Diarrhoea is the second leading killer of children. Nearly one in five children under the age of five dies as a result of dehydration, weakened immunity or malnutrition associated with diarrhoea. But it is a preventable and easily treatable disease. “It is a tragedy that diarrhoea

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Economic crisis exposes fragile global food system, new UN report says

The world has the economic and technical know-how to eradicate hunger, but the political will is missing, he stressed. “Investing in agriculture in developing countries is key as a Healthy agricultural sector is essential not only to overcome hunger and poverty, but also to ensure overall economic growth and peace and stability in the world.” For her part, Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of WFP, said that speedy acti

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Doing some good vs. doing right by Liesl Gerntholtz

Despite the government’s efforts to reduce maternal deaths by encouraging deliveries at Health centres, the system continues to fail poor women. I gave birth in the developing world, in South Africa, to be precise. South Africa was in the spotlight recently when a government-commissioned report showed a 20 per cent increase in the number of deaths from pregnancy-related causes between 2005 and 2007 over the previous three-year period. Th

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‘Pusa Basmati 1121 rice not genetically modified’ by Gargi Parsai

e IARI said a release issued here on Wednesday. The IARI said it was incorrect and misleading to say the Pusa 1121 grains were genetically modified and contaminated with heavy metals causing ill Health as reported. “… based on the analysis of the market samples of Pusa Basmati 1121 rice done on the highest precision levels of parts per billion (ppb) scale at the IARI, New Delhi, the rice is absolutely safe for consumption, and i

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Appeal to stop Bt brinjal before it is too late!

contaminated food per se – whether this is advocated by the corporations that operate in our markets, or our own government – as such food poses grave and irreversible risks to both human Health and the environment.   As an elected representative of the people and a public official with a reputation for accessibility to the electorate, I call on you to protect public Health and resp

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Say ‘no’ to Bt Brinjal: civil society groups by Gargi Parsai

ic Engineering Approval Committee (GEAC) on Wednesday. The committee was set up by the GEAC to look into the findings of independent experts who raised concerns at the safety of Bt Brinjal from Health and environmental perspectives. “Conflicting interests” At least three of its members had “conflicting interests,” the civil society groups alleged on Tuesday. For, two members were involved in an earlier resear

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RTI a ‘tool of governance’ in the hands of common man

vernment services better. The consultation highlighted the use of RTI as a “tool of governance” in the hands of the people to ensure that basic services and entitlements relating to Health, education and livelihoods are reached, leading to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and the National Development Goals. The convention came out with suggestions like request for the hearings of the appellate authorities to be tak

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