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Free trade deals to push up cost of medicines by Savita Varma

ovisions of the FTA with ASEAN, the government went ahead with it. "These arrangements not only erode flexibilities allowed by the Doha declaration, which established superiority of public Health, but also impose a number of additional obligations which can restrict access to medicines," said the spokesperson. "It is time to test the Right to Information (RTI) Act in the context of these agreements, which requires sharing of infor

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Give Peace a Chance in Chhattisgarh

incidents of a trigger happy CRPF jawan killing a woman and baby in the Cherpal camp, or of SPOs beating three persons to death in the Matwada camp, perhaps illustrate why. And yet–all schools, Health centres, ration shops, (of course polling booths), which have been totally withdrawn from the 644 villages, (and even gram sabhas for determination of forest rights!) continue to be run from those camps. The administration openly declares tha

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Father of green revolution no more with us

sticides as well as assured irrigation has made it inaccessible to the poorer farmers from rainfed areas. The technology has led to industrial mono-cropping of a few crops causing damage to both soil Health and biodiversity. Rise in food production could not help in ending pervasive hunger and malnutrition from the face of the earth, unlike what Borlaug wished for.         The following links and resourc

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Release of World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change

elping reduce carbon footprints without sacrificing growth. In addition, many changes to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases also deliver significant benefits in environmental sustainability, public Health, energy security, and financial savings.  Avoided deforestation, for instance, preserves watersheds and protects biodiversity, while forests can effectively serve as a carbon sink. Solving the climate problem requires a transformation of

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Special courts to try cases of atrocities against SC/ST

decentralise and simplify the procedure for grant of disability certificates before the year end. All governments will also endeavour to make their public buildings (especially of education and Health institutions and of others with large public dealing) and websites accessible to persons with disabilities in the shortest possible time.

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Release of 2009 Global Corruption Barometer

nd North Africa, the most bribe-prone institutions are reported to be those handling procedures related to buying, selling, inheriting or renting land. In EU+ countries these land services along with Healthcare are most vulnerable to petty bribery. While incidences of petty bribery in North America appear to be very low, those that do occur are reportedly most frequent in interactions with the judiciary. • Results indicate that respond

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Number of deaths of children under five continues to drop, reports UNICEF

ork, Sep 10 2009 10:10AM: The number of children dying before their fifth birthday has decreased steadily over the past few years and fell to under 9 million in 2008, thanks in part to greater use of Health interventions such as vaccinations and insecticide-treated bednets to prevent malaria, the United Nations Children’s Fund said today. Newly released data compiled by demographers and Health More »

YSR: Searching For History's Verdict

, all sounding very similar themes. Principally, YSR is credited with being a successful politician with grassroots appeal, and for implementing a number of welfare schemes, especially in the area of Healthcare access, which appear to be functioning reasonably well. His political success as a grassroots Congress leader is especially remarkable, given the AP tradition of senior Congress leaders who, almost without exception, made an infantile sub

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Richer states, poor performance, in reducing malnutrition

enced into the well-being of women and children. For instance, the fourth highest prevalence rate of underweighted children is in Gujarat (47.4%), according to a close scrutiny of the National Family Health Survey-III among children below 3 years. The state also has the third highest prevalence of the rate of stunted growth among children of the same age group. Haryana (35.9%) too has confronted a relatively higher prevalence of stunted growth among i

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Sad demise of YSR a blow to rural development

two-rupees-a-kilo rice scheme which later entered the Congress manifesto everywhere and eventually became the model for distribution of food grains under the proposed Right to Food scheme. His rural Health scheme for the BPL families, Arogyam, which allows them treatment at a choice of hospitals, is widely seen as a success.   It was through his rural thrust, that YSR outsmarted his popular and techno-savvy arch-rival Chandrababu Naidu in Andh

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