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Curbs on surrogate births on table

-PTI Indian women cannot act as surrogate mothers for more than three births, including those of their own children, a draft bill to regulate the country's burgeoning wombs-for-rent industry has proposed. The Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) bill also proposes that surrogate mothers should have a mandatory two-year interval between deliveries, whether of surrogate babies or their own children. After the Health ministry receives comments on the draft from other key ministries, the bill...

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Dole to check TB treatment dropouts -Ananya Sengupta

-The Telegraph New Delhi: The Union government is for the first time mulling a policy to use cash and food incentives to encourage patients with tuberculosis to complete treatment and reduce the risk of spread of drug-resistant TB. The ministry of Health and family welfare, concerned at the large number of patients who discontinue free treatment provided by the government, is preparing a proposal to provide free ration and compensation for missed...

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Empty panic over iron pills-Shonali Ghosal The media went on a overdrive and misreported facts. Hundreds of children fell sick in the last two weeks in Haryana, Delhi and Maharashtra after consuming iron and folic acid supplements given to them under under state sponsored programmes to combat anemia. Though the authorities later clarified that mild side-effects like abdominal pain and nausea were expected - there are few takers for this explanation, especially in the backdrop of the...

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Let’s talk about the growth strategy, stupid -Jayati Ghosh The Sen-Bhagwati ‘debate' on economic policy is focussing on the wrong issues Several things are quite remarkable about the recent debate between Professor Amartya Sen and Professor Jagdish Bhagwati. The first surprise is that such a debate could become a major news item at all, making headlines and filling screen time on news channels, when it is about economic strategies that are normally discussed only in relatively small academic and policy...

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Understanding the poverty line-Mihir Shah

-The Hindu What it signifies, what it does not tell us and what it will definitely not be used for Great shrillness has marked the current furore over the Planning Commission's latest poverty estimates. No surprise, therefore, that understanding and wisdom have flowed in an inverse proportion. Surprising and sad, however, is the fact that some political leaders have at times spoken in a manner deeply hurtful to the aam aadmi and...

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