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The long road to growth -TR Shankar Raman

ility in risk-prone areas can save elephants and birds from electrocution. Measures to retain overhead tree canopy continuity and roadside native vegetation help conservation while also enhancing the AESthetics along roads. If linear infrastructure can be scientifically informed, ecologically sensitive, and well designed, it can promote economic development and safeguard the habitat as well. (TR Shankar Raman is a scientist with the Nature C

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Doctors take ethics pledge

ystem that hurt patients. Gadre, while running a private clinic in Lasalgaon in western Maharashtra, had seen women prescribed hysterectomies without justification, women coaxed into opting for CAESarean sections when normal deliveries may have been possible, patients prescribed drugs they did not need. Gadre knew general practitioners who had stopped referring their patients to him because he refused to give them any commissions, diagnostic

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Through the smog, darkly -Awadhendra Sharan

after, in 1862, a more elaborate Act was passed, this time addressing the smoke nuisance in Calcutta directly. A similar Act followed a year later in Bombay. Around the turn of the last century, AESthetic dimensions of the smoke issue came to the fore - in the promise, for instance, that the use of hydroelectric power by the mills of Bombay would make it one of the most beautiful cities of the Empire by getting rid of coal-induced smoke. Guidelin

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Band-aid solutions for health problems -Shamika Ravi & Rahul Ahluwalia

ght. These results are robust even after accounting for spending on public health, education, and urbanisation. In a study looking at the United Nations's Millennium Development Goals, Wagstaff and ClAESon in 2004 conducted an analysis which showed that across-the-board additions to government health spending have no significant effect on underweight children, maternal mortality, or tuberculosis mortality in poorly governed countries. They defined poo

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Improving Healthcare Services at Reduced Prices -Meeta Rajivlochan

Self-regulation by the market just does not work where healthcare is concerned. The externalities in healthcare are too many. This is why there are so many reported cases of nursing homes conducting cAESarean sections even where normal deliveries were entirely possible; this is why hysterectomies are conducted on unsuspecting women. That women have lesser control over their bodies is only one of the issues here. The main reason for the contradiction i

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Steps Taken by Govt. to Accelerate Pace of Reduction for MMR to Achieve MDG Goals

Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (JSSK) has been launched on 1st June, 2011, which entitles all pregnant women delivering in public health institutions to absolutely free and no expense delivery including CAESarean section. The initiative stipulates free drugs, diagnostics, blood and diet, besides free transport from home to institution, between facilities in case of a referral and drop back home. Similar entitlements have been put in place for all sick i

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India’s 11% of neonatal deaths happen in Bihar -Banjot Kaur Bhatia

spitals, primary health centres and additional primary health centres in the state. The state is facing a huge shortage of manpower too. Lady health workers deployed at periphery, staff nurse, anAESthetics, gynaecologists, paediatricians and medical officers are short by more than 50%. There are qualitative issues too, as has been indicated in a recent joint study of National Neonatology Forum (NNF) and Unicef, Bihar, done in Gaya and Purnia

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A slew of reasons for neonatal deaths -PV Srividya

r one or two girls is of no significance. Kumudha's is one of the two cases of neonatal deaths from Pattagapatty village in Eachampatti. The second case was that of Sathya, 22, who underwent a CAESarean section at a private hospital for her third baby. The baby girl died later of sepsis at the government hospital. Until three years ago, when deliveries were allowed at sub-centres, the Eachampatti sub-centre had seen more than 1,000 deliver

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Right to life overrides right to do business, Supreme Court rules -Dhananjay Mahapatra

disposal of sugar stock could potentially turn sugar mills sick as it would proceed under the coercive Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (SarfAESi) Act to sell the mills' assets to recover its dues. It also said no bank would come forward to grant any advance/loan to these sugar mills in case it was held that first charge on sugar stock would be in favour of cane growers and not banks, as

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How Women Pay the Price for Population Control -Ruhi Kandhari

m. No protection against STDs, including HIV/AIDs Tubectomy: Uncommon complications include infection or bleeding at the incision, internal infection or bleeding, injury to internal organs and anAESthesia risk. No protection against STDs Male Condom: Latex condoms may cause itching for a few people who are allergic to latex. Also, some people may be allergic to the lubricant on some brands of condoms. Small possibility that condom might slip

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