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Farm crisis deepens in Karnataka, 156 talukas declared drought-hit -Sharan Poovanna

in the kharif season, officials had said that at least 20 more administrative units will be added to the list. Expectations of good rains after a relatively decent southwest monsoon had encouraged Farmers to sow as much as 2.603 million hectares, to achieve 81.09% of the target of 3.18 million hectares, for the rabi season. The drought is also likely to push the state government to implement the farm loan waiver, most of which remains unimplemen

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Why the farmer suicide debate is counter-productive to understanding India's agrarian crisis? -Roshan Kishore

A Bloomberg Opinion piece by Shamika Ravi, director of research at Brookings India and a member of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, borders on the latter. “India’s Farmers are doing far better than many realise”, the article says, citing the higher growth in rural sale of fast-moving consumer goods. Ravi also highlights that farmer suicides are a bigger problem in states with greater access to formal credit su

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For farm distress, India needs more effective solutions than loan waivers -Shamika Ravi

-Business Standard Those who want to help India's Farmers should be working much harder to figure out what they really need It’s election season in India and the money is flowing. Governments in many states have begun waiving tens of millions of dollars’ worth of loans to poor Farmers in an effort to buy their loyalty. The argument – widely accepted by politicians and journalists,

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Kerala's alternative to farm loan waivers has lessons for India -Nidheesh MK Thanks to the debt relief commission, 11,354 Kerala Farmers have benefited from a disbursement of over ?11 crore, and there are no farmer suicides in the state Ernakulam/ Bengaluru: Back in 2006, Kerala came face to face with an explosive situation. Ironically in a state dominated by Communist politicians, farming was dominated by export-oriented cash crops such as rubber and pepper, prices of which had plunged in the global mark

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Ahead of 2019 polls, Centre readies big farm relief plan -Surojit Gupta

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: The Centre is working on a plan to provide relief to Farmers and is weighing options on a direct benefit transfer scheme for the distressed sector modelled on the Telangana system. Several rounds of discussions have been held and the view emerging within the government favours a limited direct benefit transfer scheme to help small and marginal Farmers meet expenses for

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Govt to issue price, demand forecasts for crops -TV Jayan

-The Hindu Business Line First nation-wide, agri market intelligence system — to help Farmers get better price — will become operational from next kharif The government will give out price and demand forecasts for various major foodgrains and price-sensitive horticulture crops such as onions from the forthcoming kharif season helping Farmers take informed decision on growing different cr

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How reviving traditional farming helped Kerala tribal communities become healthy -Sandeep Vellaram

ears. “Earlier, the Muthuvans in the settlements had cultivated over 25 varieties of finger millets and various types of beans. When the government started supplying ration rice to them, the Farmers lost interest in traditional farming, and gradually they lost their rare varieties of millets. The change in their food culture led them to undernourishment,” Prabhu says. Cut to 2018, and the tribal people have emerged stronger by going

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In election year, farmer on centrestage -Harish Damodaran and Parthasarathi Biswas

-The Indian Express The new year could witness the first national elections being fought on Farmers’ issues. And it could test both the ruling BJP pushed to the defensive, particularly in the larger sugar-producing states, and the Congress under pressure to deliver loan waivers If 2017 saw the beginnings of agrarian unrest in large swathes of the country, 2018 brought it centrestage as the numero uno political issue. And almost everyone

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Farmers' issues likely to dominate 2019 polls: Yadav

-The Hindu ‘Whole country was listening when they united for a common cause recently’ Mysuru: Swaraj India president Yogendra Yadav has said that Farmers issues and agrarian crisis have entered centre stage of Indian politics for the first time in more than 30 years and is likely to be the dominant factor during the 2019 parliamentary elections. “We had parliamentary elections fought on Emergency, Bofors, Mandal, Mandir, 2

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Punjab Farmers find no solace in farm loan waiver -Sayantan Bera

s hair while speaking. “I am hoping my (younger) brother will find a job… but that may not be enough to pay back the arthiya (commission agents in wholesale markets who advance credit to Farmers).” Since April last year, eight state governments, including Punjab, have announced a staggering ?1.9 trillion in farm loan waivers. However, no relief has reached the Singh family so far. In June 2017, the newly elected Punjab government

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