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144% More Funds For Agriculture, But Not Enough To Quell Farm Unrest - Nilachala Acharya

that the amount provisioned for various agricultural schemes, such as the critical irrigation mission, is inadequate. The new income security schemeis short-sighted and inadequate, providing eligible Farmers just Rs 500 per month or Rs 3.5 per person per day (considering a household size of five)--not enough to buy a cup of tea, as has been pointed out. It also offers less effective coverage than the Odisha and Telangana income support schemes whose s

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Who will pay for sops? -Arun Kumar

With the general election around the corner, it had to act to regain the support of various segments of the population. The government’s policies in the last five years have caused distress to Farmers, youth, small businesses, the cottage industries sector and minorities. Small and marginal Farmers will get Rs 6,000 per year. Concessions on credit and crop insurance to More »

The solution is universal -Rajendran Narayanan & Debmalya Nandy

update land records “expeditiously”. The letter further states that changes in land records after February 1, 2019 shall not be considered for this scheme. A comparison Undoubtedly, Farmers’ distress needs urgent attention but let’s see if the PM-KISAN is a reasonable solution. Let us first compare some basic numbers with the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). For example, if two members of

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Numbers That Count: An Assessment of the Union Budgets of NDA II -CBGA

several areas the situation seems to have deteriorated further. While a number of initiatives have been taken to address some of the challenges (such as increased Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Farmers, even though not to the extent promised), these have not necessarily been backed by adequate allocation. A striking feature of this government has been that it has stuck to its path of fiscal consolidation rather diligently. This is evident in the

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RBI raises limit for collateral-free agri loans to Rs.1.6 lakh from Rs.1 lakh

-The Hindu Business Line In the wake of the government announcing direct income support of ?6,000 per year for small and marginal Farmers in the interim Budget on February 1, the Reserve Bank of India, on Thursday, raised the limit for collateral-free agriculture loans to Rs.1.6 lakh from Rs.1 lakh. The central bank said the increased limit will enhance coverage of small and marginal Farmers in the

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How useful will farmer support be? -Sanjiv Phansalkar It will not be easy to optimally deploy the basic income support announced by the government for small and marginal Farmers. The scheme has large exclusions in the landless and the women as well India has taken the first step in providing basic income support to small and marginal Farmers owning up to 2 hectares of land. This is to be a direct benefit transfer (DBT) of an annual Rs

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Madhya Pradesh farm crisis: Crop insurance scheme fails to cover losses (Mirror Now) Despite paying premiums of Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bhima Yojana, Farmers in Madhya Pradesh are facing a crisis as the payout under the crop insurance scheme are rare and Farmers fail to their cover losses. Bhopal: Despite paying premiums of the crop insurance scheme, Farmers in Madhya Pradesh are facing a crisis. The government

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UP stray cattle crisis: Police start closing cases against angry Farmers -Manish Sahu

any progress in similar cases filed in Agra, Shamli, Shahjahanpur and Hathras, either. Lucknow: So dire is the stray cattle crisis in Uttar Pradesh that in several districts, cases filed against Farmers for abandoning their cattle are hitting a roadblock of public resentment and anger. From Auraiya to Shamli, Shahjahanpur to Hathras, police are filing closure reports in cases filed against Farmers, wit

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No budget for Farmers -Ashok Gulati

-The Indian Express Direct income support for Farmers is too late, too little The hopes of Farmers for a meaningful package from the Modi government have evaporated after the announcements in the Union budget. The proposed Rs 6,000 annual direct income support to small and marginal Farmers is a drop in the ocean. States like Telangana and Odisha have don

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Square pegs, round holes -Amartya Lahiri

e were expectations of a major spending package focused on struggling sectors such as agriculture. The budget didn’t disappoint as the finance minister announced an income support programme for Farmers, raised the tax-free income ceiling, handed out sops to the real estate sector, and others. So how is all of this going to be financed? The budget has assumed that total tax revenues are going to grow by 13.5 per cent in 2019-20 on the back of

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