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Most AES Victims in Bihar Are Dalits, EBCs and Muslims -Mohd. Imran Khan According to Health officials in Muzaffarpur, AES cases are mostly coming from Mushahar, Ravidas and Paswan communities due to “their poor living conditions”. Muzaffarpur: Chedi Manjhi, Ravinder Manjhi, Raj Kishor Ram, Haran Paswan, Anup Manjhi, all are Dalits. They have one more thing in common—all of them are fathers of children who have died due to AES in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur in the last fortnight. Ch

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Stopping Muzaffarpur Child Deaths Will Require a Gender-Sensitive Social Analysis -Purnima Menon Due to its social determinants of malnutrition, Muzaffarpur offers a case study of a “perfect storm” of risk factors. Muzaffarpur is emblematic of a hot spot for undernutrition in India. With one in two children stunted, Muzaffarpur lags India’s average by ten percentage points. One in two women is anaemic and one in three is underweight. Although most infants are breastfed and exclusive breastfeeding is high, other aspects of infant diets are abysmal and ch

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Fix Healthcare now, or future shock is certain -Patralekha Chatterjee

-Deccan Chronicle Encephalopathy is a disease in which the functioning of the brain is affected. Whose children go to bed hungry? In a country with glaring social and economic disparities, hunger is a deeply political issue which many would like to dodge. But that is at the heart of the big story about the recent child deaths in Muzaffarpur, Bihar’s litchi growing belt. At the time of writing, more than 100 children are dead of acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) and over 400 othe

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NHRC questions frailty of Health infrastructure

-The Hindu Deplores public Health infrastructure in the country The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) on Thursday issued notices to the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry (MoHFW), and all States and Union Territories, over what it termed was the “deplorable public Health infrastructure in the country”, an NHRC statement said. Th

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Is India overestimating its economic growth? -TCA Sharad Raghavan

bate. It is a debate where people like Professor Nagaraj, who are critics, have written papers and the CSO [Central Statistics Office] has formally replied to them. It is a technical debate and it is Healthy. The real issue is that most of them really say nothing about how the growth rate will be affected. The question that is being asked is whether the level of GDP was overestimated or not. So, when Professor Nagaraj says that there was an overest

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No Muzaffarpur medical centre has a rating better than zero -Rema Nagarajan

the state and Union governments are now scrambling to deal with the outbreak of acute encephalitis syndrome (AES) disease in Bihar's Muzaffarpur, official data shows the shocking state of the public Health infrastructure in the district. The Health ministry's Health management information system (HMIS) shows that all of the 103 primary More »

Encephalitis spreads to other districts of Bihar, toll at 114 -Ajay Kumar Pandey

e spread, struggled to handle the spate of new admissions with its limited infrastructure. Sources at the hospital said the stream of high-profile visitors, including the chief minister and the Union Health minister, was adding to the chaos. The scarcity of beds and doctors continued even as the Bihar State Health Society issued a list of 15 doctors, technicians and nurses deputed by the Union More »

Bihar: Who is Responsible for the Death of 100 Children? -Umesh Kumar Ray Most ASHA workers complain that there isn't enough ORS to give affected children in villages. Muzaffarpur (Bihar): Promila Devi, a resident of Ganesh Sirsiya village in Bihar’s Motihari, had organised a puja at her home last Tuesday. At around 11 pm, she gave her four-year-old daughter Priyanshu a meal of roti and bhujiya before putting her to sleep. The day had been hectic, so Promila woke up late the next morning. But when she tried to wake Priyanshu up, Promila re

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Assam's communal exercise -Colin Gonsalves

olation of international law. According to the National Human Rights Commission, they face deplorable conditions. They are terrified as they anticipate employment termination and denial of government Health and education services. On the other hand, the indigenous and tribal people of Assam are fed-up with what they consider to be their growing marginalisation: Unchecked in-migration has continued despite the Assam Accord of 1985, an enactment inte

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Draft law seeks 10-year jail, fine of Rs 5 lakh for attacks on doctors -Abantika Ghosh

ke of the NRS Medical College and Hospital incident in Kolkata. New Delhi: Last Saturday, when he wrote to Chief Ministers asking them to frame laws for protection of medical professionals, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan attached to it a draft law framed by the Indian Medical Association (IMA). The draft Protection of Medical Service Persons and Medical Service Institutions (Prevention of Violence and Damage or Loss of Property) Act, 20

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