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Governing India's many spaces -Pulapre Balakrishnan

boration in the global discourse on public policy, having been devised by Amartya Sen and Mahbub ul Haq for the United Nations Development Programme. The HDI is a combination of indicators of income, Health and education in a country. Its conceptual basis has been critiqued. First, it has been pointed out that the index combines incommensurate categories, as income, Health and education are not substitutes.

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Healthy diet matters -Shenggen Fan

in addition to addressing multiple burdens of malnutrition, there is an increasing need to seek an environmentally sustainable food system in light of climate change. The new EAT-Lancet report on Healthy diets from sustainable food systems provides strategies for countries and stakeholders to navigate food systems at critical crossroads. Food systems play a key role in nurturing human Health and supp

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Sociologist Dipankar Gupta interviewed by Poornima Joshi (The Hindu Business Line)

cs of political mobilisation and the politics of reservation. Excerpts from an interview to Poornima Joshi: * The Indian state’s failure to provide the basics — universal education and Healthcare — has never become the rallying point for political mobilisation. Why is that? The more cleavages of class, caste, language, race a society has, the more difficult it is to practise democracy. Democracy works best in a society that is

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Missing the gender-infrastructure link -Simrit Kaur, Sanchita Joshi & Vaibhav Puri

fraction of that of Bihar. In such respects, governance matters as well. Gender inequality is determined by an interplay of complex economic, demographic and socio-cultural factors such as income, Health, education and religion. Several studies, including the World Bank’s Engendering Development (2001) and World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development (2012) and the Asian Development Bank’s Sectoral Perspectives on Gender

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Education and Employment Drew Blanks in the Interim Budget -Kiran Bhatty

ngly, it contained the expected sops to farmers (income support), to the middle class and home owners (increase in income tax and rental income thresholds) and to workers (social security in terms of Health and pensions), as the big-ticket announcements. The reining in of the fiscal deficit (3.3% to 3.4%) and the increase in tax collections – induced by both GST and demonetisation – were trumpeted as achievements and signaled perhaps th

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Actionable programme for 2019 polls amidst lynch mobs, caste violence, hate mongering

Preamble of the document: We are a group of concerned citizens – drawn from the world of scholarship, writing, law, administration and activism – with some experience in fields such as Health, education, environment, social inclusion, transparency and accountability. Some of us have worked in the media and some have held positions in the judiciary, government and institutions of accountability. We have varied political opinions and affi

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Reclaiming the Republic: Civil society group sets agenda for poll

sonal liberties, enactment of a Media Freedom Bill, higher crop prices and loan waivers for farmers, universal pensions, expansion of the rural jobs scheme, and the rehaul of the public education and Health systems among others. The group does not support universal basic income or cash transfer schemes. Urgent reforms The group has invited political parties to discuss the document on Friday. The Congress, Rashtriya Janata Dal, and Nationalist Co

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MGNREGA workers in Jharkhand demand increase in wages and number of days of guaranteed work

groups be paid on a daily basis instead of quantum of work. Stressing on their socio-economic rights, he also demanded for comprehensive social security including maternity benefits, life insurance, Health benefits, provident fund, gratuity and right to quality education for their children. Addressing workers in Manika, James Herenj, Convenor of Jharkhand NREGA Watch said that NREGA can change the fortunes of a poor state like Jharkhand. But worke

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Budget 2019: Behind Chest Thumping, Cuts in Welfare and Silence on Jobs -Subodh Varma

ever, is an unmitigated attack on a range of welfare schemes, especially those directed at dalits, adivasis, minorities, and a general slashing of funds for state supported provision of education and Healthcare. Instead, funds were made readily available for the discredited Ayushman Bharat type of insurance schemes, although even those are far from what was claimed. Hot Air for Farmers & Unorganised Sector Workers The big-ticket announcement

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