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A Happy Class -Uma Vishnu

cts, six were from Rajasthan, with Nagaur (70.53%), Dholpur (70.11%) and Dausa (68.49%) the Top 3. Besides, in the Performance Grading Index for school education (2017-18) prepared by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and released earlier this year, Rajasthan ranked the highest in ‘learning outcomes and quality’, scoring 168 out of 180 points. The trigger for much of this churn is classrooms such as Mittal’s. Behind Mi

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Death by digital exclusion? : on faulty public distribution system in Jharkhand -Shiv Sahay Singh

f kg of rice. His ration card was cancelled in 2016 for reasons that are still not clear. As a result, the tribal had not received any foodgrain under the public distribution system (PDS) since then. Human rights activists claim that Soren, from Mahuadanr village in Dumka district of Jharkhand, died of starvation on November 11, 2018. The government denies this. Jian Kisku and his wife Rasodi Hembram live in similar conditions next door. The couple

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Lifting 271 mn out of poverty in 10 yrs, India fastest, Jharkhand No. 1 area: UN -Shalini Nair

incidence and intensity of poverty. The global MPI tracks 101 countries on deprivations across ten indicators in health, education, and standard of living. Developed in 2010 by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), it looks beyond income poverty and tracks poverty in terms of the deprivation faced by people in their daily lives. The report stated: “Among selected countr

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The malaise of malnutrition -Thomas Abraham

lnutrition, which is being passed on from generation to generation. Mothers who are hungry and malnourished produce children who are stunted, underweight and unlikely to develop to achieve their full Human potential. The effects of malnourishment in a small child are not merely physical. A developing brain that is deprived of nutrients does not reach its full mental potential. A study in the Lancet notes, “Undernutrition can affect cognitive

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How WhatsApp messages from Bhutan are saving lives in Assam -Shailendra Yashwant

s is where social relations between transboundary communities are critical for any early warning systems to deliver. Clear and timely communication, proper functional network and preparedness reduces Human casualties. Even a short lead time will save lives.” Kripaljyoti Mazumder, state project officer at the Assam State Disaster Management Authority said, “Bhutan is in a high rainfall zone but in the last 15 years to 20 years, there hav

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How Effective Have NDA's SC/ST Budgets Been? An Analysis of the Last Five Years -N Paul Divakar, Adikanda Singh, Juno Varghese and Beena Pallical

sed their marginalisation. The caste system and practice of untouchability not only created an ecosystem of accepted inequality, but also played a vital role in pushing them to the bottom rung on the Human development index. When we talk of SC/ST budgeting, therefore, it is important to understand the development gap and the sub-plans that were created to bridge this divide. According to the 2017 multidimensional poverty index report, the povert

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The many hues of inequality in India -T Haque & D Narasimha Reddy

n that consumption expenditure as a proxy for income would be a gross underestimation of income, especially of the higher income groups. The only other source of household income data is the India Human Development Survey (IHDS) available since 2005. Though IHDS data does not cover the entire country, the sample size is considered large enough to provide indicative measures of distribution of income. For the estimation of household wealth, the o

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Homelessness highlights the inequality behind GDP growth numbers -Debarati Bhattacharya

-The Hindu Business Line To tackle homelessness, the government should provide better incentives to developers to provide affordable housing Food, clothing and shelter are three basic Human needs. Out of the three, shelter remains beyond the reach of 1.77 million people in India, accounting for 0.15 per cent of the nation’s population (Census 2011). Rights groups, however, say that the actual figure is at least three times higher. Conseq

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Industry needs 'national innovation system' -Santosh Mehrotra

omic reforms. No country ever became a manufacturing force without (a) a design capability; and (b) an institutional system that incentivises and sustains innovations. India needs a system to develop Human and technical capabilities at both the enterprise as well as at the national level. Within a broader industrial policy, a critical dimension will remain building a design capacity in enterprises. To quote Joseph Stiglitz, you can only ‘lear

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