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A solution in search of a problem: on 10% reservations -Sonalde Desai

lakh per annum — has been mentioned. The National Sample Survey (NSS) of 2011-12 shows that the annual per capita expenditure for 99% of households falls under this threshold, even when we take Inflation into account. Similarly, as per the India Human Development Survey (IHDS), the annual household incomes of 98% of households are less than ?8 lakh. Even if we apply all the other criteria for exclusion (e.g. amount of land owned and size of home

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Slackening of demand indicators weakens India's growth impetus -Aanchal Magazine

e is likely to be curtailed by the obligation to meet fiscal deficit targets, a slackening of consumption demand presents a bleak outlook, especially with respect to the rural sector. Rural retail Inflation reflected the slowdown by slipping below the urban retail Inflation since July this year, after remaining higher than the urban Inflation over last several

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Deflation in WPI of 8 kharif crops observed during 2016-17 to 2018-19, while their MSPs grew at a positive rate

ove-mentioned statement holds true. For example, in the case of ragi, the average annual growth rate in MSP (kharif) between 2016-17 and 2018-19 was 22.39 percent. However, the average annual rate of Inflation in WPI of ragi was 10.57 percent during the 3-years span.     Note: The above-mentioned calculated figures related to 'average annual growth rate in MSP' in the chart-1 are based on the MSPs of Paddy Common, Jo

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In election year, farmer on centrestage -Harish Damodaran and Parthasarathi Biswas

hts — and sesamum, a premium oilseed that rarely trades below MSP. One indicator of the price pressures being faced by farmers is the official wholesale price index (WPI). The average annual Inflation based on it during January-November 2018 over January-November 2017 was minus 0.33% in “food articles” and 1.66% for “non-food” agricultural articles. Coming on top of the previous calendar year’s corresponding rate

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Why research scholars across universities are protesting -Manash Pratim Gohain

ow. “Barring the research scholars, salaries are increasing in all sectors – be it private or government, whereas the contribution of the researchers are no less for the society. With Inflation and unrevised fellowships for past four years, it has now become a struggle for survival,” he added. In the last 20 years the research fellowship has been revised four times. However, the last revision, a hike of 56% was in 2014 under the

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Statement of intentions

o the fiscal deficit as well as a policy to “minimise volatility in the nominal exchange rate” have been recommended. The new incumbent at Mint Road would perhaps be required to reconcile Inflation targeting with keeping interest rates low, while using reserves to check currency volatility. A push to disinvestment has been promised as well in order to release resources. A focus on capital expenditure is welcome, provided it is implemented;

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The political economy of the persistent agrarian crisis -Himanshu

has happened in food crops but also in non-food crops. The movement of terms of trade against agriculture in the last four years has only worsened in recent years. So much so that the aggregate food Inflation from the Wholesale Price Index (WPI) is negative for the last five months. It is important to note that the WPI data underestimates the severity of price decline since what matters to farmers are farm harvest prices that are even lower than whol

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Why credibility of India's fiscal math is under strain -Nikita Kwatra

bai: The Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has been lauded for its ability to rein in the headline fiscal deficit over the past few years, which has arguably helped tame Inflation. However, with reverses in key assembly elections earlier this month and Lok Sabha elections to be held in just a few months, the urge to splurge has never been as intense as it is today. As a Plain Facts column had pointed out a few months a

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Farm suicide as an indicator of agrarian crisis should be used with caution

ch is brought out by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI). It needs to be added here that in the wake of the enactment of National Food Security Act in 2013, the rate of Inflation of Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourer (CPI-AL, 1986-87=100) and Consumer Price Index for Rural Labourer (CPI-RL, 1986-87=100) may be lower vis-à-vis the Inflation rate of Consumer P

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Without Rise in Farm Income, Congress' Loan Waivers Won't End Rural Distress -Kabir Agarwal

noted that rural wage growth has shown a significant declining trend since 2014. The paper also pointed out that, at times, real rural wage growth was negative, which means that after accounting for Inflation, wages actually declined between two time periods. Loan-waivers are not designed to solve the low income problem. If governments are unable to ensure that rural incomes go up, rural indebtedness could soon be back at the same level where it s

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