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Enough with the lofty rhetoric. It’s time to let the money do the talk -Himanshu Slogans, vision statements and acronyms are unlikely to be of any help to those in distress As the details of the mega fiscal package of ₹20 trillion announced by the prime minister are slowly being revealed by the finance minister (FM), it is increasingly becoming clear that it has less to do with the immediate crisis of lives and livelihood and more to do with the long-term ageNDA of reforms and...

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Contact Tracing, Location Data Markets and the Perils of Being Tracked -Anurag Mehra Why do some COVID apps prefer to shun location tracking altogether and some don't? The mobile phone seems to be an important weapon in the fight against COVID-19. Phone apps that track location &NDAsh; basically, latitude, longitude at a specific time &NDAsh; and send this information to health authorities live are being deployed to ensure that phone owners remain within quarantine zones. A different use simply records the location trail over a...

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Central Government’s Push Behind Suspension of Labour Rights in States? -Ayaskant Das It is noteworthy that rights of workers have been suspended despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorting employers during the initial phase of the lockdown period not to cut down jobs. New Delhi: Over the past week, various states, including those ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as well as those ruled by non-BJP political parties, are being held squarely responsible for drastic suspension of labour laws in the midst of...

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Covid-19 lockdown adds to woes of climate-hit Indian fishers -Sharada Balasubramanian and Jency Samuel Fisheries markets collapsed in the first days of the lockdown, impoverishing hundreds of thousands of small fishers, and recovery is nowhere in sight When Pradip Chatterjee, president of Dakshinbanga Matsyajibi Forum (South Bengal Fishers’ Forum &NDAsh; DMF), starts talking about the problems that plague small scale fishers in West Bengal, there is no stopping him. He finds a multitude of issues that confront them, from climate change to Covid-19. DMF is...

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‘Sarkar is Only for the Rich, the Poor Are Meant to Die’ -Ajaz Ashraf Meet Siya Ram, president of Dalit Ekta Camp, a JJ cluster in Delhi’s Vasant Kunj colony, an upwardly-mobile residential neighbourhood. The Modi government’s decision to impose a national lockdown, on since 24 March, to check the spread of the Novel Coronavirus has caused tremendous hardship to the poor. Its most lamentable symbol has been the sight of lakhs of migrants fleeing cities to villages, walking or cycling down the highway or...

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