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G Srinivasan, Director of National Insurance Academy (NIA), Pune, interviewed by Radheshyam Jadhav (The Hindu Business Line)

e people. The insurance sector should design a simple natural catastrophe product with affordable premium and simple claim payment methodology. The Government can pay the premium for people below the Poverty line. The funds lying with disaster agencies can be utilised for buying insurance cover rather than using them after an event. Parametric covers can ensure claim payments happen immediately. * The number of complaints regarding unfair business

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Rash U-turns, half-baked plans -Jean Dreze

-The Indian Express Social policy is in danger of getting lost in electoral histrionics. As the country inches towards parliamentary elections, a deep confusion pervades the realm of social policy. When the Narendra Modi government came to power five years ago, there were high expectations of a rollback in welfare schemes. The previous government, so went the story, had gone overboard with social spending, and Modi would set this right. In fact, the UPA government had only initiated a m

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The PM-KISAN challenge -Aparna Roy

a welfare measure such as PM-KISAN can only be realised through financial support that provides farmers with adequate purchasing power to meet their daily basic necessities. Given that India’s Poverty line is Rs.32 per person per day in rural areas and Rs.47 in urban areas, according to the Rangarajan Committee, the income support of Rs.17 a day for a household, which is the amount offered by PM-KISAN, is largely insufficient for even bare mini

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Sociologist Dipankar Gupta interviewed by Poornima Joshi (The Hindu Business Line)

on is always for a designated minority and for a limited time. The moment you make reservation for the majority, it changes the meaning altogether. It makes no sense to me. Reservation is not an anti-Poverty programme. They are making it that because they cannot eliminate Poverty. It is a sleight of hand.   The Hindu Business Line, 27 January, 2019, please click here to read more

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It's a great leap backward on the employment front in India's rural areas -Sayantan Bera

n 2017-18, compared to that in 2011-12 Shiv Prasad has a plan—one that he feels can change his destiny. The daily wager from Uttar Pradesh’s Bundelkhand region has experienced crushing Poverty, trying to provide for his 10-member family. Hunger has been a constant companion. A few months ago, he returned to his village in Banda district from Lucknow where he worked for more than three months, laying electric poles. All he got paid wa

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Thomas Piketty explains why he is helping Rahul Gandhi with minimum income guarantee -DK Singh

ics, told ThePrint that he, along with Professor Abhijit Banerjee, Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and director of Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, M.I.T, was advising the principal opposition party in India on the proposed MIG scheme. “Yes, we’ve been exchanging with the Congress together with Abhijit Banerjee (MIT) about how much it would cost and how to implement

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No budget for farmers -Ashok Gulati

nt will announce a minimum income for the poor. But how much of India’s population is poor? There is no robust figure from the government side in the last five years. Following the Tendulkar Poverty line, the previous government had come up with an estimate of about 22 per cent Poverty in the country in 2011. It was contested by many and later, the Rangarajan Committee had put it at 30 per cent. Th

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Actionable programme for 2019 polls amidst lynch mobs, caste violence, hate mongering

ted in the form of actionable programmes, which could shape the agenda for the forthcoming elections, the document points out, just when India seemed to have acquired the resources to address endemic Poverty and inequalities, the country was subjected to an accentuation of cronyism and monopolistic control over resources with a resultant weakening of peoples’ livelihoods. Text of the Preamble of the document: We are a group of concerned ci

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With an ocean of salt -Rajeev Gowda

-The Indian Express Interim budget does little to tackle unemployment, Poverty. And it is clear that the government’s figures cannot be trusted. Last month, I was part of an all-party delegation of MPs from Karnataka, led by a Union cabinet minister, who met the Union rural development minister. We requested him to release the MGNREGA funds overdue to Karnataka. We pleaded that the poorest of the poor, who turn to MGNREGA as a lifeline,

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