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Nyay scheme will 'remonetise' what Modi 'demonetised': Rahul Gandhi

tee a minimum income to the bottom 20 per cent families. The second is to remonetise the economy that has been demonetised by Modiji,” Gandhi told PTI. Claiming that the Congress’ anti-Poverty programme has left the ruling BJP in total disarray, Gandhi took potshots at PM Modi for announcing the demonetisation of high value currency notes in a surprise move in November 2016. He further said the scheme will not be implemented “rash

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Cong's minimum income scheme based on Amartya Sen's Poverty index -Kumar Anshuman

: “If BJP can waive off loans to the tune of Rs 3,16,000 crore of 10-15 industralists, our scheme is very much doable.” NEW DELHI: Congress Nyay scheme is based on Amartya Sen Index of Poverty. As per the index, among the poor there are several categories of very poor, poor and others. So the party is planning to provide for the gap. “Say, for example, there is a family with an income of Rs 4,000 or Rs 8,000 per month. The fami

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Wealth tax on top rich could fund Congress's plan for poor: paper -Seema Chishti

if the institute helped the Congress formulate the plan, Chancel said: “Not directly. We discussed the scheme and shared our results with Abhijit Banerjee (Professor at MIT and Director of the Poverty Action Lab) who has been discussing it with the Congress but we haven’t been in direct contact with them.” Please click here to read more.

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Will Congress's NYAY Really Mean Justice for the Poor? -Anjana Thampi and Ishan Anand Any policy that seriously intends to reduce Poverty and deprivation should increase social sector spending and look to universalise basic services. On Monday, Congress president Rahul Gandhi promised a minimum income guarantee scheme or Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) if voted to power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The proposal involves a transfer of Rs 72,000 per year to 20% of the poorest families in India. He claimed that this

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There is a way to deliver a minimum income guarantee -- but Congress hasn't found it -Jayati Ghosh

lague much of India’s population, and particularly the most destitute. But, as presented, it is completely unworkable — and if the Congress is really serious about the goal of eliminating Poverty, it will have to think of a different way of reaching it. Consider the broad outlines of the scheme that was announced. The proposed minimum income has been set at Rs 12,000 per month. This is a remarkably high level, given that minimum wages i

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Income plan: Economists consulted, says Rahul; uphill task, feel experts

Monday announced that under 'Nyay' - an acronym for Nyuntam Aay Yojana - Rs 72,000 will be given to the poorest families every year if his party returns to power, while calling it a final assault on Poverty. "We were engaged in this work for six months. Take the list of all big economists of the world, we consulted them ... Raghuram Rajan ... one by one," Rahul said today. Meanwhile, experts said that while the scheme reflects a comm

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Minimum income guarantee Congress' surgical strike on Poverty: Rahul Gandhi

;; the party asks Modi to spell out stand Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday described the minimum income guarantee scheme, a promise he made to electors on Monday, as a surgical strike on Poverty. Separately, the Congress asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP to spell out whether or not they supported the plan. “They did Demonetisation and Gabbar Singh Tax. We will give NYAY and a real GST. NYAY = Surgical Strike on More »

Minimum Rs 6000 a month to 20% of India's poorest: Congress pollitics -Manoj CG

ss Working Committee which approved the draft manifesto, Rahul said the Nyunatam Aay Yojana (Nyay) scheme was a “ground breaking idea’ and would mark the beginning of the final assault on Poverty. CONGRESS PRESIDENT Rahul Gandhi Monday said if his party was voted to power, its government would roll out a minimum income scheme guaranteeing Rs 72,000 a year to the bottom most or poorest 20 per cent of households. The scheme will likely e

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