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India lost 11 million jobs in 2018, rural areas worst hit: CMIE

n seen a year ago at the end of December 2017. A closer observation of the unemployment trends shows that while people in both rural and urban India have been hit, most of the jobs losses were repoRTEd from former region. "An estimated 9.1 million jobs were lost in rural India while the loss in urban India was 1.8 million jobs. Rural India accounts for two-thirds of India's population, but it accounted for 84 per cent of the job losses,"

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West Bengal tribals battling food scarcity: study -Suvojit Bagchi

after the death of seven tribals in a span of 15 days in November, is scarcity of food. The preliminary survey report claimed that “nearly one third [31%] of the surveyed households” repoRTEdly faced “food scarcity in varying degrees” in the past year. “…While some households faced acute hunger only in some months (August–October), in many cases, people had half-meals only twice a day. Also, in some cases

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Forest land the size of Kolkata diveRTEd for projects over past three years -Mayank Aggarwal

ojects like mining, thermal power plants, irrigation, road and railway projects across India. * Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha together account for over 62 percent of the total forest land diveRTEd during this period. * Diversion of forests for non-forestry projects has always been a contentious issue in India especially in light of poor monitoring of conditions on which environment ministry clears the diversion. The Indian government has d

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Leprosy Is Making A Comeback In India, But The Govt Wants to Deny It -Ramesh Menon

als and activists celebrated 13 years ago when India announced that leprosy had been eliminated as a public health concern. Alarm bells rang as the Central Leprosy Division of the health ministry repoRTEd that 135,485 new leprosy cases were detected in India in 2017. That meant every four minutes somebody was diagnosed with leprosy in India. This is nowhere close to elimination. India will eliminate leprosy by 2018, finance minister Arun Jaitley to

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Under Modi, 25% Decline in Public Sector Workers -Subodh Varma

two-day strike on 8-9 January 2018. The strike has been called by a joint platform of ten central trade unions and dozens of independent federations. One of the key demands of the 12-point demand chaRTEr is a stop to privatisation and sale of public sector, while another demand is for increasing employment opportunities. Please click here to read more.

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Why Can't Muslim Community Build and Run Modern Schools Like Others: Zameer Uddin Shah -Mohd. Imran Khan

to build one modern secular school in every district across India having a sizeable Muslim population. “Why can’t the Muslim community build and run modern schools like others. We have staRTEd an experiment, and it has been drawing attention and inspiring many”. The former AMU Vice Chancellor said “we (community) need a movement for education, as modern secular school education for the community is a must for its development

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At this dairy in UP, stray cattle are no longer stray, farmers fighting hordes -Sourav Roy Barman

-The Indian Express Villagers in western UP have staRTEd herding strays to schools in Agra, Aligarh and Mathura. FROM A distance, it seemed as if they were trying to break into Parag Dairy near the Hathras-Mathura highway, repeatedly banging on its locked metal gate. Except, it was a group of desperate villagers from nearby Hardpur, trying to get rid of a truckload of stray cattle Wednesday afternoon. They shouted and argued but staff at t

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For these farmers in Bihar's Jamui, hope is 27-years-old -Santosh Singh

e crop. Patna: Till nearly two years ago, Suhawan Singh Rathore from Bihar had the world before him. He had completed his Masters in Development at the Azim Premji University in Bengaluru, and staRTEd working as an innovation officer at a private firm in Bhubaneswar. But then, he had a change of heart. And now, he is back home in Naxal-hit Jamui, helping a collective of paddy farmers battle a cycle of debt and distress by planting additional, o

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Hope with concerns in 2019 -C Rangarajan

ed States. But strong signs of a trade war emerged, dimming hopes of faster international trade. Britain is passing through the pangs of separation from the European Union. Domestically, the first quaRTEr growth rate was high. But signs are not good for the balance of the year. The rupee underwent a severe shock as crude oil prices rose, and abated after a fall in oil prices. While prices fell, agrarian distress accentuated. India’s growth ra

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Prof. Abhijit Sen, a former member of the erstwhile Planning Commission, interviewed by M Rajshekhar (

a competitive race. What does this say about the political establishment? It shows a lazy political establishment. It also shows their distance. They are too distant from the people they are purpoRTEdly trying to help. The obvious thing would be to talk to farmers and ask what they want. But the real origin of this is business. Its big fear, in a world where jobs are declining, is governments will have to become more active. The only way they w

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