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How government & private doctors united to help rural poor in Maharashtra -Anuradha Mascarenhas

she underwent a surgery conducted free of cost at Pune’s Sassoon Hospital. * It has been a year since 18-year-old Sakshi Shejwal, a Class 12 student at a Nashik college and the daughter of a security guard, underwent a spinal surgery, estimated at Rs 14 lakh. These stories are the result of a silent but dedicated effort in Maharashtra to connect people from economically weaker sections to quality healthcare and surgeries that are usually o

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Begging and Criminality -Prabhat Patnaik

quo;deindustrialization”, the millions that became destitute could get no relief of any kind. This was not only the root of modern mass poverty in our society, i.e. of poverty associated with insecurity and unrelated either to natural calamities or to the prevailing levels of labour productivity in society, but also the progenitor of large-scale begging even by able-bodied persons. Post-independence capitalist development under the dirigiste

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Amarjeet Sinha, Rural development secretary, interviewed by Sayantan Bera and Elizabeth Roche (

month. Secondly, there is a fairly scientific methodology for fixing wages in MGNREGS and which is using the consumer price index for agricultural labour. Now with the expansion of the National Food security Act (NFSA) across the country, rice at Rs.3 a kg and wheat at Rs.2 a kg—actually when the labour bureau does a survey of households, the basket of goods and services which determines the consumer price index for agricultural labour, 74% wei

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Modi's Gas for the Poor Scheme Marred by Data Inflation, Poor Implementation -Ravi Nair

ons in their CSR page that since 2009, the company has been using 2% of its net profit year for CSR and 20% of this 2% for free LPG  for BPL families. It details: “Under the scheme, the security deposit for 1 cylinder and 1 pressure regulator is provided from the fund created for this purpose by contributions from the CSR budget. During 2015-16, 22.8 lakh new connections were released by IndianOil and cumulatively, 32.4 lakh BPL families

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If India Produces More Foodgrains Than It Needs, Why Are People Still Starving? -Aditi Goyal

pondingly, food, is the most substantive of all rights. “After a prolonged decline, world hunger appears to be on the rise again”, claims  a report titled ‘The State of Food security and Nutrition in the World (2017)’ by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN. Nowhere is this more true than in India, which is home to 190.7 million undernourished people, the most in any country. While this may seem like a fantas

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Govt announces Rs 10,000 crore connectivity plan for NE states -Pankaj Doval

The investments relate to enhancing the telecom infrastructure in the state, apart from setting up BPOs, boosting electronics manufacturing, giving a push to digital payments, start-ups, and cyber security, IT and law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said. "This is the first time that the central government has conducted an in-depth analysis of the strength and weaknesses of the various states in the north-eastern region before finalising a com

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DCW to conduct social audit of all shelter homes for girls, women in Delhi

nd girls. The move has come after minor girls were rescued from alleged sexual abuse at two shelter homes in Muzaffarpur in Bihar and Deoria in Uttar Pradesh. The two cases have put the safety and security of girls, women and children at shelter homes at the centre of the public discourse. "Muzaffarpur and Deoria incidents have shocked the entire nation. It is the need of the hour to comprehensively audit the functioning of each and every s

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Who Is Accountable for Starvation Deaths?

-Economic and Political Weekly Denial of social security facilities is to blame in cases of alleged starvation deaths. The distressing news of three young girls dying of starvation in the heart of New Delhi last week raises a number of questions; not only on the failure of the state to protect its citizens from hunger 70 years after independence but also on the development model that India seems to be following. Mansi, Shikha and Parul, aged e

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Hollowed out

ns of tonnes of foodgrains go to waste in India each year and around 55 per cent of the food procured by the food corporation is lost to leakages. This is not to mention the centralized model of food security in India wherein the PDS prioritizes rice and wheat over local produce; this has all but wiped out indigenous food chains. Add to that the decimation of forests and the denial of community rights over forest products. The mandate to link the Aadh

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