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Budget 2019: Pension Scheme for Unorganised Workers Is Yet Another Illusion -Sudhir Katiyar

ernment, much like the Shramev Jayate programme that was launched with much fanfare for this very category of workers. Under the scheme, all the unorganised sector workers were to be issued social security cards (UWIN, or Unorganised Workers Identification Number cards). “The workers will be assigned a unique identity so as to give them social security benefits including health insurance and old ag

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Jean Dreze, the Belgian-Indian economist, interviewed by Ujjawal Krishnam (National Herald)

the need for comprehensive support to the farm sector, for instance in the form of credit, insurance, connectivity, marketing, scientific knowledge, irrigation facilities, veterinary services, social security, human capital and more. In most of these fields, the market mechanism is not particularly effective, and some form of public action is required. The market mechanism, of course, is even less effective in ensuring any sort of equity or sustain

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Over 18 million jobs created in 15 months till Nov 2018: Central Statistics Office report

many as 1,84,38,748 new members joined the ESI scheme run by ESIC during the 15 months until November 2018, showed the Central Statistics Office (CSO) study based on payroll data of different social security schemes. The CSO study released on Friday showed that as many as 1,79,34,300 new members joined the social security schemes run by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) during Sept

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Dietary diversity, behaviour change in Indians key to better health and environment -Sahana Ghosh

At the same time, factoring in the right kind of animal farming practices such as those practised by traditional pastoralists and small scale farmers, is crucial. For India to balance nutritional security and environmental protection, improving the quality of vegetarian diets to incorporate greater diversity remains a challenge, a section of experts have said in the wake of the launch of a report on a proposed planetary health diet. The finding

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Chhattisgarh watershed project promises better income for small farmers

rehensive account of the people, land, water and forest resources in that area and makes planned interventions. According to Pradan, the watershed project in the state will lead to year-round food security for about 76 per cent of the families and an increase in earning in the range of Rs 15,000-25,000 per annum. For the project, a consortium of 13 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) will facilitate land and water treatment measures in 26 blocks

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Can India's draft labour code really bring social security to its informal workers? -Aarefa Johari Trade unionists fear a large part of the unorganised sector might be left out of the ambit of the government’s labour code on social security. Rekha Patil, a vegetable seller on a footpath in suburban Mumbai, is a small part of India’s vast informal economy. Her husband, a farmer in Palghar, about 110 km north of Mumbai, has an unreliable income. But Patil’s earnings of Rs 350 a day barely sustain her family. She p

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Aruna Roy, well-known social and political activist, interviewed by Jipson John and Jitheesh PM (

dian and foreign, to political parties in secret. The country’s celebrated diversity is under the threat of homogenisation. All differing points of view are termed anti-national, a threat to security, and those who raise a voice of protest become victims of unjustified action by the state. Lynching occurs with the tacit approval of the state and with government support to the criminals with silence and inaction. The rights-based laws are unde

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The pulse of Indian agriculture -Devesh Chaturvedi

en market mechanism and make pulses affordable for the economically and socially backward households. As a first step, action was initiated in collaboration with the States under the National Food security Mission to increase the production of pulses. Adoption of quality seeds and model agricultural practices through extension programmes were given priority. The overall objective was to reduce the gap between domestic demand and production as quick

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Universal Basic Income can be funded by reducing subsidies to the rich -Pranab Bardhan

e about one-third of the non-poor had it. In any case I look upon UBIS not as an administratively easier anti-poverty programme; to me it is more a part of a citizen’s right to minimum economic security, a right which many countries recognise, but so far India does not, even though it should easily fall under the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the “right to life” in the Constitution. I am often asked: Do you want the gove

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Basic income works and works well -Guy Standing

ould take the lead. It has the technological capacity, the financial resources and, above all, the need for a simple, transparent scheme to liberate the energies of the masses now mired in economic insecurity, deprivation and degradation. Pleas click here to read more.

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