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RTI lock off travel details

his arrival and departure from the Bureau of Immigration, a unit of the Intelligence Bureau, which is exempted from making any disclosures under the transparency law barring allegations pertaining to Corruption and human rights violations. "I request your good say to direct and order the BOI to provide my arrival and departure details on my passport. I am only asking for my own particulars in my passport, which aren't readable," he pleade

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Feeding Hungry Children

der the Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) through self-help groups (SHGs). For long, the ICDS had big private contractors supplying THRs in a number of states. This system has been rife with Corruption and leakages. Recognising this, in 2004, the Supreme Court passed an order banning private contractors from being suppliers for the ICDS and encouraging the governments to employ local village organisations, mahila mandals or SHGs instead. Desp

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Jean Dreze, development economist and social activist, interviewed by Rupashree Nanda (CNN-News18)

now, the entire programme is bound to fade away sooner or later. * What are the bottlenecks in the implementation of NREGA? Delay of wage payment, stagnation of real wages, lack of political will, Corruption? The biggest problem right now is that the wage payment system is in disarray. Delays in NREGA wage payments are bad enough, but now, under the Aadhaar-based payment system, workers also face a severe problem of failed payments. According to

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What demonetisation did to tax collections -Aarati Krishnan

vernor Raghuram Rajan took potshots at it in a recent speech. While one can endlessly debate, with very little data, on whether the ban on high-value currency notes dealt a body blow to terrorism, Corruption and counterfeiting, one area in which its impact can be quantified with data is tax compliance. In the last sixteen months, there has been a lot of premature analysis on India’s tax compliance metrics based on sporadic data points cite

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Economic Graffiti: Why morality matters to economics -Kaushik Basu

-The Indian Express To deal with Corruption, it is not enough to just get fiscal policies right. It is in our collective long-term interest to nurture individual values. I went to an optometrist last week, who gave me one of those cards to read where the font starts out large and then gets progressively small, to test your reading capacity. In this case what was interesting was the content of the card. It was a primer on how to make money. It

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Anti-forest, anti-forest dweller -Chitrangada Choudhury

ake plantations on private and common property resources. This flies in the face of numerous government and non-governmental reports showing the poor ecological and social consequences as well as the Corruption which result from this approach. The rules provide no meaningful safeguards against the forest bureaucracy implementing compensatory plantations on dense forests, and where FRA claims have been issued, are pending or have to be filed. The ru

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Central Vigilance Commission wants to keep an eye on private banks -Vikas Dhoot

t instances of malfeasance. Vigilance officers in all State-owned public sector banks are required to report irregularities and possible wrongdoing to the CVC, India’s apex body for checking Corruption in the government. Private sector banks are out of the CVC’s purview, but are subjected to statutory audits from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Deviating from norms Private banks have been rapped in recent months by the banking re

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Aadhaar data safe, govt. affirms in Supreme Court -Krishnadas Rajagopal

apprehensions raised by petitioners as to why persons, who prefer anonymity and consider their identity as a treasure, should also be compelled to part with their personal data to access services. Corruption robs poor Mr. Venugopal explained that Aadhaar provides “a right to physically exist without lying on the pavement without food.” Mr. Venugopal quoted former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi saying how only ?17 of ?100 spent on anti-p

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'Digital India' Actually Made MGNREGA Less Transparent -Nikhil Shenoy The MGNREGA website used to be something of a gold standard on information dissemination. But not anymore. Sanjay Sahni is an anti-Corruption activist from Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Formally educated only till Class 5, he used to work as an electrician in Delhi until 2012. He came across the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) website by chance, and after several hours of navigating through the complicated we

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We mean business, mostly -Pradeep Narayanan & Dheeraj

of the recent financial fraud involving owners Vikram and Rahul Kothari. The recently unearthed Nirav Modi scam, with no LoU [Letter of Understanding] lost, is another case in point. What began as Corruption with the involvement of a few bank employees has snowballed into aroughly ?12,000-crore racket. In the race toward greater profit, the biggest casualty is transparency, not just in financial matters, but also commitment to inclusive growth.

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