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Uttar Pradesh's Farmers split over cane, cattle and crashing prices -Priscilla Jebaraj

-The Hindu Agrarian crisis has not dimmed Prime Minister Modi’s appeal The sugarcane Farmers gathered around a tree-shaded charpoy at Bhainswala village, a few kilometres from Shamli town in western Uttar Pradesh, share a common litany of woes — late payments, high input costs, the stray cattle menace — for which most blame the policies of the BJP government. But when the discussion veers around to the Lok Sabha election,

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How water is shaping the hustings in Maharashtra -Radheshyam Jadhav

localities. Twenty-six of Maharashtra’s 36 districts (72 per cent) are reeling from water scarcity and crop failures over 85.76 lakh hectares. The drought has directly impacted over 82 lakh Farmers in the State. The situation is worsening in the Marathwada region, where over 30 lakh people are completely dependent on tanker water with just 4 per cent capacity available available in dams in the region. Per government data, 1,796 tankers ar

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A bitter harvest: Farmers reap what politicians sow -Jayaraj Sivan

s. However, the widespread agrarian distress has been in the making for decades as successive governments have had little understanding of the sector’s problems. Now that elections are here, Farmers, who are an influential group in most of the constituencies, are again the focus of political campaigners. “Both the Congress and the BJP have ditched Tamil Nadu Farmers time and again. They have

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Systemic transformation in agriculture must put the farmer at the centre -Arunabha Ghosh

nd pesticides. Her income (including from the shop) is nearly five times what she earned from conventional farming. Agriculture in India needs to become more sustainable even as small and marginal Farmers struggle to build resilience against many threats. First, they remain price-takers and economically vulnerable, beholden to traders who set prices, and with limited opportunities to sell at a time of their choice (due to poor storage). Further, de

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'All parties treat Farmers like beggars': Punjab's agriculture workers have no hope from elections -Manu Moudgil Recent farm loan waivers and income support schemes have had little impact amid growing agrarian distress. In January, Farmers across the state of Punjab took to the roads in protest. In 12 districts of the state, they were protesting against banks that filed cases against loan defaulting Farmers. Also part of their demands from the government was compensation of Rs 10 lakh each for famil

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Women Farmers are further marginalised, finds research -Ritwika Mitra

-The New Indian Express In market-driven agriculture, the crisis deepens with the existing asymmetries between men and women Farmers. NEW DELHI: Green Revolution marginalises women Farmers pushing them to the fringes, according to a paper by Centre for Social Justice and the Revitalizing Rainfed Agricultural Network. This is primarily because the Green Revolution tends to be dismissive of women&

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Why the Kaveri Delta Is Shrinking, and Farm Productivity With It -KA Shaji

The subject of decades-long use and abuse by both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the river is in its deathbed,” lamented Swamimalai R. Vimalnathan, general secretary of the Thanjavur District Kaveri Farmers’ Protection Association. “In the future, we will not have the once perennial river to fight over. The water resources are receding and our once celebrated delta region is shrinking.” Along with the imminent death of the river,

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Battle for Maharashtra: Bread and butter at the heart of the political discourse in Vidarbha -CL Manoj

-The Economic Times Vidarbha has over 20% of the state’s population and is the land of perennial agrarian crisis and Farmers’ suicides. Ten Lok Sabha seats are up for grabs in Vidarbha. In 2014, the BJP-Shiv Sena combine delivered a body blow to this Congress base (with NCP fighting separately then) by sweeping all the 10 seats. The BJP won 44 of the 62 assembly segments of the region without an alliance with Shiv Sena. With the Co

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Lok Sabha elections: Congress releases poll manifesto with focus on jobs, Farmers, Nyay

ok Sabha polls, making a slew of promises, including giving Rs 72,000 each to five crore poor families under the 'Nyay' scheme, filling up 22 lakh government vacancies, bringing a separate budget for Farmers and fixing a single moderate GST rate. The 55-page document titled 'Hum Nibhayenge' (We will deliver) focused on addressing the issues of joblessness, farm distress, safety of women and boosting the rural economy, with stress on building a narr

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A festival of rash promises -Ashok Gulati

-The Indian Express Both BJP’s PM Kisan and Congress’s Nyay acknowledge that small and marginal Farmers and bottom 20 per cent of population have not benefited from current policies. But both schemes raise further questions. It is time to celebrate the biggest spectacle of democracy on this planet. About 900 million people are eligible to exercise their right to choose their representatives to the Lok Sabha. This festival of democ

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