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As India Stares at Glaring Inequality, a One-Spot Jump in HDI is no Cause for Celebration -Sumedha Pal The vision of true Human development in India will become a reality only when patterns of exclusion and lack of social empowerment are driven out of the lives of the disadvantaged sections. India may have jumped one notch up in its ranking in the latest Human Development Index -- at 131 among 188 countries -- the growing inequalities in the country are a serious cause for concern. T

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Forest Rights Of Adivasis: Their Struggle For Land Continues -Sandeep Sahu

ash;had got Jama’s father three months in jail before the high court intervened. This time, his sister was also detained, but set free the next day. Jama was released only after the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) intervened. It also ordered the state to pay Rs 10,000 each in compensation to Jama and his sister. Please click here to read more.

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UN report details alarming level of reprisals against Human rights defenders in India, China

several countries named in a report by UN chief Antonio Guterres that details an "alarming" level of harsh reprisals and intimidation against those who cooperate with the United Nations on Human rights issues. The ninth annual report of the Secretary-General details the level of retaliation against Human rights defenders on a country-by-country basis, including allegations of killing, torture,

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Centre bans 328 combination drugs in setback for pharma companies

ory board. The health ministry on Wednesday said the board had found there was “no therapeutic justification for the ingredients contained in 328 FDCs and that these FDCs may involve risk to Human beings”. It said it was prohibiting the “manufacture for sale, sale or distribution for Human use” of the 328 FDCs with immediate effect. It did not name the drugs or give any brands.

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'Uneducated, unmarried women have less access to mobiles': study -Karishma Mehrotra

in Internet usage. The study, by Harvard’s Evidence for Policy Design (EpoD), combined quantitative data from two sources: Financial Inclusion Insights (45,540 respondents in 2016) and India Human Development Survey (26,607 ever-married women in households that own a mobile in 33 states in 2012) and combined it with interviews in five states to understand the dynamics for this study. The Harvard Kennedy School study is among the first to f

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Over 700 vacancies in varsities since March, but just 2.5% for SCs, 0 for STs -Shalini Nair

as a unit for implementing reservation, instead of taking the university/ college as a whole. The Union government has put the recruitment process on hold. Based on these findings, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) recently sent a proposal to amend the ‘UGC Guidelines for Implementation of Reservation Policy, 2006’ to the Union Cabinet. The Cabinet note pointed out that the very objective of reservation had been subverted

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Still too many children out of school -Muchkund Dubey, Ashok Pankaj & Susmita Mitra

f date or contradictory. According to the 2011 Census, the number of out-of-school children in the 5-17 age group was 8.4 crore. However, according to a survey commissioned in 2014 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the number of out-of-school children in the 6-13 age group was only 60.64 lakh. This is a gross underestimation. It is quite unlikely that the number of out-of-school children came down so drastically from 2011 to 2014, especia

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Madhav Gadgil, noted ecologist, interviewed by Nidheesh MK (

t and people will question. * In your speech on 31 August, you said: Kerala needs to turn over a new leaf and start safeguarding and rebuilding not only the lost man-made capital, but the natural, Human and social capital as well. Please elaborate. Building Human capital means building an informed society, for which no investment is needed except the government obeying its own Right To Information Act

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Shri Nitin Gandkari Addresses the National Water Symposium Organised by Shiv Nadar University

ange of academic programs at the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level. Shiv Nadar University’s multidisciplinary curriculum provides students a strong foundation in disciplines in the Humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, technology and engineering studies, communications and management, while enabling them to gain mastery of a subject of their choosing. Taught by world-class faculty, undergraduate education at the Universi

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Kerala floods: Man-made or nature's fury? -TV Jayan

g the Western Ghats, has proved to be a costly error The floods of catastrophic dimensions that ravaged Kerala recently have brought into sharp focus the all-round ecological destruction caused by Human interference in the State’s hilly terrains. The fact that there were 12 major landslides and hundreds of minor ones within a fortnight in the mountainous districts of the State underscores how fragile the land has become over the decades. I

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