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Core Inflation flourishes in Rural India amid growing agrarian crisis -Aparna Iyer Inflation for services and a few discretionary items has been higher in rural areas compared to urban centres When income is stagnant, a logical outcome could be curtailing expenditure. But rural India seems to be fine with paying higher prices for services that range from education to matinee shows. The chart above shows Inflation for services and a few discretionary items has been

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Govt panel recommends radical overhaul of farming ecosystem -Sayantan Bera

of draft recommendations on different aspects, from marketing and post-harvest management to the role of science and risk management, and clarified that the goal is not to double nominal but real or Inflation-adjusted farm incomes between 2015-16 and 2022-23. “It is time to recognize agriculture in India as an enterprise” which calls for “optimal scale of operations”, the committee said in its final report. To bypass challe

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Agrarian distress: Income support to farmers better option than loan waivers -Soumya Kanti Ghosh

up agri trade and marketing, but it should work much better than loan waivers. When the new MSP regime was implemented in July, one of the common fears in the market was that the hikes would stoke Inflation fears. Four months down the line, not only does this fear seems to have subsided, but serious concerns are now being raised over the continued decline in food prices. Food Inflation in rural areas at

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Constituency Of Farmers -Ajay Vir Jakhar

Therefore, the farmer agitations amount to little more than sound and fury. The urban electorate’s support for farmer agitations is deceptive — it’s an illusion that will last till Inflation is low. Political parties and their leaders have promised simple solutions to complex problems. The majority of farmer groups are aligned to political groups whose agendas draw on populist manifestos, which cannot be implemented. Most times,

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Surjit Bhalla says he has resigned from PM's Economic Advisory Council

ma Goyal and former bureaucrat Ratan Watal. Bhalla, a Contributing Editor with The Indian Express, has been critical of the Reserve Bank of India keeping interest rates elevated and overestimating Inflation expectations. In his column on December 1 on the recently released back series data on Gross Domestic Product, Bhalla, wrote: “I, along with others, also found it inappropriate for NITI Aayog to be directly involved in the presentation

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Why number of hungry is rising -Harish Damodaran

ood prices, global hunger numbers kept dipping. Trends in India The apparent lack of connection between undernourishment and food prices may, to an extent, be seen even in India. Annual food Inflation (average three-year ending) based on the consumer price index (CPI) for industrial workers ranged from 1.6% to 3.4% during 2001 to 2005, a period when the country’s estimated undernourished population increased from 191.2 million to 256.5

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The demand for a special Parliament session on the agrarian crisis makes sense

ernment announced a pan-India farm loan waiver just before the 2009 elections. MSPs also grew at a higher rate under the UPA government. However, the pro-farmer policies were not without a cost. Food Inflation went up drastically under the second UPA government. The clamour for a farm loan waiver has intensified in less than a decade after the UPA I did it. Higher MSPs that lead to food Inflation and rep

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Why farms of every type and size have to be climate smart

This climate impact on agriculture is a cause for worry: the sector accounts for a large share in gross domestic product (16%) and employment (49%). Poor agricultural performance can lead to high Inflation, rural distress, and political restiveness, as recent rural agitations and farmer suicides have shown. An annual review by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), a wing of the agriculture ministry, has said that crops, plantatio

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More firms battling squeeze in profit margins, finds IIM-A survey

ubled time as more companies have indicated a ‘much less than normal’ profit margin, according to a survey by the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A). The latest Business Inflation Expectations Survey (BIES) for the month of September 2018, revealed that 45 per cent of the firms have indicated ‘much less than normal’ profit margins for the month of September 2018. The same was recorded at 42 per cent for the mo

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Jean Dreze -- development economist -- interviewed by Jipson John and Jitheesh PM (

money. Whatever little economics the speech contained was mainly gibberishfor instance the claim that the magnitude of cash in circulation is directly linked to the level of corruption, or that Inflation becomes worse through the deployment of cash earned in corrupt ways.The fallacy involved in thinking of black money as a kind of pool of tainted cash, some of it stashed under the beds of government officers, according to Narendra Modi, has b

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