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Reform agriculture marketing systems to address farm distress -Sudipto Mundle

itical tension. Conversely, any sharp drop in crop prices can cause widespread distress among the millions of small farmers for whom the proceeds of their marketed produce is the main source of their Livelihood. Hence, the policy of maintaining relatively stable and reasonable prices has a long history going back to the Great Bengal Famine of 1943. The present food policy regime—consisting of the Food Corporation of India (FCI), which procures r

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New Save the Children report reveals insecurity of teenage girls from the outside world, but are our homes safe enough?

emen, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Congo, Sierra Leone and Central African Republic. • In terms of discrimination, which includes job discrimination; an inability to make a Livelihood; discriminatory land, property or inheritance rights; a lack of access to education and a lack of access to adequate nutrition, Afghanistan tops the list of 10 most dangerous countries for women, followed by Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Somal

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Civil society activists oppose amendments in the land acquisition legislation to acquire tribal and forest lands in Jharkhand

tacks on their mere right to life by the Raghuvar Das led BJP government. The government has been trying to acquire land of Adivasis and Moolvasis against their wishes that will directly affect their Livelihoods. On the other hand, there is also a direct attack on the people’s freedom to religion leading to killing of Muslims and Adivasis in the name of ‘cow protection’. At the same time, there is negligible focus on welfare programm

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Through A Wider Lens -Rajni Bakshi

pertains to Tata Power’s Mundra plant, financed partly by a $450-million loan from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which caused extensive damage to the local ecosystem and thus the Livelihoods of fisherfolk and farmers. Jam is the lead plaintiff in a case filed in the US, in which the project-affected people are suing the IFC for damages. In May, in an unprecedented move, the US Supreme Court admitted the case and will give a judgme

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Not all milk and honey -Ashok Gulati & Ritika Juneja

k is more than that of rice and wheat combined. So, it is India’s biggest agri-produce. It is a source of income to small and landless agri-households — 70 per cent of those earning their Livelihood from milk are women. But before we get to the plausible solutions to the problem of falling milk prices in India, let us try to understand what led to this situation. First, the increase in milk production since 2014-2015 has been unpreceden

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A long march of the dispossessed to Delhi -P Sainath

risis has gone beyond the agrarian. It’s a crisis of society. Maybe even a civilizational crisis, with perhaps the largest body of small farmers and labourers on earth fighting to save their Livelihoods. The agrarian crisis is no longer just a measure of loss of land. Nor only a measure of loss of human life, jobs or productivity. It is a measure of our own loss of humanity. Of the shrinking boundaries of our humaneness. That we have sat by a

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The great Indian farm paradox -Yogendra Yadav

is also goes against the Government of India’s official definition of a farmer. The National Policy for Farmers, 2007, defines farmer as: ‘A person actively engaged in the economic and/or Livelihood activity of growing crops and producing other primary agricultural commodities and will include all agricultural operational holders, cultivators, agricultural labourers, share croppers, tenants….” The policy goes on to clarify tha

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Smallholder farming systems in the Indian Himalayas: Key trends and innovations for resilience -Prakriti Mukerjee, Reetu Sogani, Nawraj Gurung, Ajay Rastogi & Krystyna Swiderska

cultural productivity. They have responded by innovating to increase resilience and yields, using traditional knowledge, biodiversity and external knowledge. This report explores key trends in Livelihoods, food security, crop diversity and biocultural heritage across ten communities; the biocultural innovations developed in response to climatic and socioeconomic changes; and the social factors that have supported biocultural innovation. Ple

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Government's inaction leading to continuation of starvation deaths in Jharkhand

child who died a week before her.  She did not have a ration card. Jharkhand government has conveniently absolved itself of any responsibility as she may have come from Gaya, Bihar in search of Livelihoods. The Food Minister even said that his department was not responsible for the starvation death of persons who did not have ration cards. Contrary to government’s claims, the immediate causes of the 12 recent starvation deaths include d

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The seeds of sustainability -Sujatha Byravan

erage by 2024. Towards this end, substantial resource mobilisation for about ?16,500 crore is in progress. Tenant farmers and day labourers are also being trained, to ensure that through the ZBNF, Livelihoods for the rural poor will be enhanced. T. Vijay Kumar, a retired civil servant in charge of implementing the programme, views farmer-to-farmer connections as vital to its success. According to him, the role of the Agriculture Department is to ju

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