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Why Can't Muslim Community Build and Run Modern Schools Like Others: Zameer Uddin Shah -Mohd. Imran Khan

eforms to give a new look to madrasas. He said his attempt at modernisation at Nadwa did not succeed, adding that imparting Islamic and Qur’an education is proper but madrasa students also need Livelihood, like others. He pointed out that the condition of the Muslim community today was exactly what it was in 1857. “The community is victimised, marginalised, impoverished and at the bottom of development indicators. The British took spec

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The Human Cost of Delhi's Quick-Fix Pollution Control Measures -Akhil Kumar

ks to prepare for competition [government exams],” he says. Paswan, a father of five, works at a steel melting furnace in the area. He is one of the thousands of workers staring at a loss of Livelihood because of factories being ‘sealed’ as a measure to curb air pollution. Informal workers in such factories across Delhi earn anywhere between Rs. 7,000 – 10,000 every month, much below minimum wages and barely enough to man

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New CRZ norms may upset coastal ecology -KS Sudhi

ded that the fragile coastal belt may be further battered by the construction boom. The new regulation has ignored the principles of conservation of coastal ecosystem and protection and protection of Livelihood options of fishermen, they said. According to B. Madhusoodana Kurup, a former Vice Chancellor of Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies, the new notification has undermined the very foundations of the CRZ regime. Please click he

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Kerala's alternative to farm loan waivers has lessons for India -Nidheesh MK

anks solve NPA (non-performing asset) problems.” This is a model that could be emulated across the country, said Patnaik. “The whole point was to look at the farmer. Agriculture is the Livelihood of a peasant. If you do not make enough, you cannot take your child to the hospital.” The debt relief commission is beneficial to most farmers, even though it works at a snail’s pace, said P. V. Rajappan, a rice grower from Keral

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Invisible people: Aadhaar versus particularly vulnerable tribal groups -Jean Dreze

of 2011. All of them belong to the Parhaiya community. They came across as uprooted people, who have been deprived of their traditional resources and are now struggling to latch on to new sources of Livelihood. PVTG families in the area used to subsist mainly on forest-based activities such as hunting, gathering, selling minor forest products (roots, berries, wood, mahua, tendu, lac, herbs, among others) and manufacturing simple items from straw,

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Going Beyond Loan Waivers, Odisha Announces Farm Scheme Worth Rs 10,000 Crore With the Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation scheme, Naveen Patnaik has likely scored an electoral point over the BJP and Congress. New Delhi: Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik – who is seeking a record fifth term in office – introduced a farming assistance scheme worth more than Rs 10,000 crore on December 21. Believed by many to be a measure to counter the larger political rhetoric around farm

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Now, Odisha and Jharkhand governments announce sops for farmers

ster Raghubar Das declared the Rs 2,250-crore scheme to help 22.76 lakh medium and marginal farmers of the state double their income by 2022. The Odisha cabinet approved the Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation (KALIA) scheme for the development of farmers in the state, CM Patnaik said. "KALIA is historic and it will further accelerate agricultural prosperity in the state and reduce poverty," Patnaik told reporters

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Powering agriculture via solar feeders -Ashwin Gambhir & Shantanu Dixit

water pumping, powered by more than two crore electric and 75 lakh diesel pumps. Access to groundwater depends on reliable and affordable electricity supply. This is an important issue as it concerns Livelihoods of the rural poor and food security of the country. Agriculture is a major consumer of electricity, accounting for one-fourth or one-third of consumption in many States. Since the 1970s, agriculture in many States has been receiving electri

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Why credibility of India's fiscal math is under strain -Nikita Kwatra

nce, 61.4% of all capital expenditure outlined in the 2018-19 budget is slated to be financed through EBR, up from 54% in 2016-17. Similarly, 84% of the announced spending on agriculture and rural Livelihoods is slated to be financed outside the budget, the fine print shows. If we take into account such excesses, India’s fiscal consolidation begins to appear far less impressive than what the headline numbers suggest. Please click here t

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Poshan sakhis transform reproductive health in Odisha -Rakhi Ghosh

nce and exploitation. Poshan sakhis To improve the health and nutritional status of adolescent girls, pregnant women and lactating mothers through an integrated multi-sectorial approach, Odisha Livelihood Mission (OLM) piloted Swabhimaan program with the support of developmental organizations United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and Living Farms. “We trained community resource persons as poshan sakhis to

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