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Rahul Gandhi's minimum income for poor faces 3 challenges -- cost, targeting & delivery Saksham Khosla

out this feature is: how? That there is a paucity of income data in India is a wild understatement with administrators having a patchy record at identifying the poor, let alone the extent of their Poverty. The non-trivial administrative costs of such an endeavour are a challenge, as are its political economy implications – just imagine neighbours comparing their respective payouts and finding unexpected results. Please click here to read m

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Dr. Himanshu, associate professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University, interviewed by M Rajshekhar (

rried out usually at the same time after every five years but occasionally in-between. The NDA [National Democratic Alliance] government has been apprehensive about both of these – one used for Poverty measurement and the other for employment. Maybe they felt the numbers would not be positive. And so, from 2015 onwards, they had begun making noises criticising NSSO surveys. The survey should have been conducted in normal course in 2016-&rsquo

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Prof. Abhijit Sen, a former member of the erstwhile Planning Commission, interviewed by Asit Ranjan Mishra (

oyer has already provided for a pension, they can be excluded. Whereas in a quasi-UBI, you need to identify the 20-40% of the poor. The moment you try to do that, you are getting into that BPL (below Poverty line) mess. The amount of money you would need by not identifying the poor is going to be pretty small compared to what you would need by trying to identify the poor. * How do you see the current turmoil in India’s statistical system with

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Thomas Piketty & Angus Deaton help frame Rahul Gandhi's minimum income promise -DK Singh

ndra Modi government for allegedly making the rich richer and the poor poorer. The Economist called Piketty “the modern Marx”. Deaton has also done extensive work on income inequality, Poverty and health, especially in the Indian context, and has co-authored many works with Amartya Sen, another Nobel Laureate, and Jean Dreze, a former member of Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council during the UPA regime. Please click here to rea

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New data may show big cut in number of poor -Surojit Gupta

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: India may have reduced extreme Poverty far more effectively than most of us are aware of. The last official data is eight years old. In 2011, 268 million people were surviving on less than $1.90 a day, the World Bank measure for extreme Poverty. The next round of data on household consumption is likely to come out in June, and it may well show a drastic drop in the number

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Supreme Court refuses to stay amendments to SC/ ST Act -Krishnadas Rajagopal

the stringent provisions of the Dalit protection law. The government had brought in the amendments, saying the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes people continue to face the same social stigma, Poverty and humiliation that they have been subjected to for centuries. The March 20 judgment allowed anticipatory bail to those booked for committing atrocities against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes people. The original 1989 Act barred anticip

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Women from tribal villages 'lose' BPL status after getting Ujjwala LPG -Syed Khalique Ahmed

e by the local PDS shop. On inquiry, she was told that she had lost her family’s BPL status after taking the LPG connection, and therefore, she was not entitled to subsidised kerosene and other Poverty alleviation schemes’ benefits available to BPL families. The situation of Lilaben Konabhai Takarda, a resident of Rampur village at Vadali taluka of Sabarkantha district, is no different. As a BPL cardholder, she took an LPG connection wi

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Moving away from 1% -Soumitra Ghosh

s on the development front. Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Bhutan now have better health indicators than India, which has puzzled many. How could these countries make the great escape from the diseases of Poverty earlier than their much bigger neighbour? India’s health achievements are very modest even in comparison to large and populous countries such as China, Indonesia or Brazil. Clear trends Therefore, it is imperative to understand why Ind

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Aruna Roy, well-known social and political activist, interviewed by Jipson John and Jitheesh PM (

ly affluent community lead to mortgaging and then surrendering of land. The MKSS has also been involved with the crisis resulting from social-political injustice afflicted on people. The economics of Poverty affects the receipt and delivery of justice. Democratic India has tried to tackle this very knotty issue from the bottom up. Controls over community land, access to justice for women, and ensuring the delivery of all government services have been

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Rhetoric no salve for farm distress -PP Sangal

s of the recently-held elections in the three states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, a question is being asked whether farm loan waivers are the right strategy to combat farmers’ Poverty? It has now been realised, by all rightly thinking persons, that loan waivers are only an election stunt and not a solution to alleviate farmers’ Poverty on a permanent basis. There are two main r

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