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The tools for counting -Sonalde Desai

inister at the time, was opposed to collecting caste data and blocked it by claiming that it was logistically impossible for the Census, but caste information could be collected via the planned Below Poverty Line (BPL) Census, later renamed the Socio-Economic and Caste Census (SECC). Hasty inclusion of the caste question in the SECC has resulted in largely unusable data. The government tasked former NITI Aayog chairman Arvind Panagariya to look into t

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In Chhattisgarh, a Piece of Paper Is Coming in the Way of a Vulnerable Tribe's Rights -Ambika Kapoor and Vipul Paikra

low levels of education, health and economic progress, have been recognised as one of the PVTGs in India by the government. They have a low socio-economic status and several among them live below the Poverty line. The mortality rate among Pahari Korwas is high and so is their population rate. According to official statistics, there are 9,509 Pahari Korwas in Surguja and a total of 37,472 in Chhattisgarh, which is not a significant increase from 196

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Odisha is breaking the patriarchy, one deed at a time -Ashwaq Masoodi

ortant aspect of the post-2015 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the UN. It is considered to have a potentially transformational role in the achievement of four of the 17 SDGs, including ending Poverty, ensuring food security, achieving gender equality, and empowering women. Land is a state subject in India, so success, whether in terms of statistics or ground reality, is determined by the steps state governments take. Odisha’s gender s

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Food activists slam govt on hunger deaths

cemeal and futuristic announcements by the state government nothing had moved on the ground. Most victims, he said, were from the Dalit and tribal population, who had a history of living in abject Poverty without proper access to social security benefits to various reasons. "When an underprivileged person survives on a half-empty stomach, prolonged starvation will automatically lead to medical complications and trigger death. Why can't the gov

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Government's inaction leading to continuation of starvation deaths in Jharkhand

ody be exhumed for post-mortem. He interpreted the son’s refusal for this as a proof that the victim did not die of starvation. Meena Musahar, a ragpicker, also died in destitution and acute Poverty. According to her neighbours, she was so malnourished that she could not feed her infant child who died a week before her.  She did not have a ration card. Jharkhand government has conveniently absolved itself of any responsibility as she may

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Health and Poverty

-The Hindu Business Line The Ayushman Bharat programme must aim to reverse Poverty caused by healthcare expenses The state of India’s healthcare system is somewhat dichotomous — the country is a global supplier of life-saving, affordable and good quality generic medicines, yet lakhs of families are driven into Poverty because they are forced to spend much of their earnings and savings on

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Is There a Monopoly on Vocational Training in India? -Anand Chandrasekhar Has Switzerland’s eagerness to export its vocational training and education model to India led to an unsatisfactory compromise that ultimately hurts the battle against Poverty: granting a private company exclusive rights to the curriculum developed with Swiss taxpayers’ money? This year, India and Switzerland will celebrate 70 years of a Friendship Treaty that was signed by the two countries in 1948. A decade ago, the 6

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India has not published data on farmer suicides for the last two years -Abhishek Dey

s on motives for farmer suicides from 2015, which include farming-related issues (accounting for 19.5% of the total suicides), bankruptcy or indebtedness (accounting for 38.7% of the total suicides), Poverty, family problems, illness and marriage-related issues. No data for 2016 and 2017 The National Crime Records Bureau data shows that in 2015, as many as 8,007 farmers and 4,595 agricultural labourers committed suicide. The previous year, 5,650

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In Bundelkhand Villages, Women Still Waiting for Ujjwala Yojana Benefits -Khabar Lahariya

he scheme, undertaken by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, was launched in 2016 with the express aim of providing clean fuel – LPG connections – to households that fall below the Poverty line in the country. Moreover, the connections were to be established only in the names of women – a radical idea and a much-lauded aspect of the proposed policy. The policy’s official website showcases the success of the scheme over t

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Farm incomes, rural wages and other things in between -Prosenjit Datta

sed specifically on doubling farming incomes from farming will not necessarily benefit many others. And it might not even help everyone who is now engaged in farming, and eking out a living below the Poverty line. (Ramesh Chand of NITI Aayog points out that farmers' income from farming can also go up if the number of cultivators reduce, which would mean people giving up farming to move to other professions.) Why is the definition important? Because

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