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The importance of being humane -Gopalkrishna Gandhi

smemberment was a method of torture practised with vigour in ancient India, crushing-by-elephant-foot another. The Arthashastra prescribes mental torture through swear-words with or without physical aSSAults. Death by a thousand cuts was ancient China’s speciality. The Tang Code (652 CE) describes judicial torture in detail. Ancient Japanese methods of torture numb the human imagination. Their modern avatar in Japan’s World War II of biolo

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RB Barman, former Chairperson of National Statistical Commission, interviewed by TK Rajalakshmi (

ented in a half-hearted manner. The proposed act to empower the NSC was drafted but not enacted by the United Progressive Alliance government. As a result, the NSC does not have the legal backing neceSSAry for it to derive the authority. Hence, the Indian statistical system suffers from many inadequacies. Look at the statistical system of the United Kingdom and the authority the U.K. Statistics Authority enjoys from its 2007 Act. In the U.K., statisti

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3-fold hike in margin money to Delhi's ration dealers

e Delhi government on Saturday approved a three-fold hike in the margin money from Rs 70 to Rs 200 per quintal to ration dealers in the national capital, said food and civil supplies minister Imran HuSSAin. "The ration dealers will now get Rs 2 per kg in place of existing 70 paise per kg," the government said in a statement. The announcement by the minister came following the cabinet, headed by chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, approved

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What Adivasis of Odisha Could Teach Urban Indians in the Age of #Metoo -Parul Abrol

f Adivasi woman. Sarangi adds, “I have worked with Adivasi communities in Odisha for the past 30 years and I have seen things change before my very eyes. The weekly haat at Chatikona village (BiSSAmcuttack block of Rayagada district) has become a tourist attraction of sorts. Young men from nearby towns take photographs of women bathing at the stream. This didn’t happen earlier. Adivasi women were not used to such gaze.” What is ha

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How police in Delhi, UP scripted a social media success story -Mahender Singh Manral

hooting a woman at a New Year’s party in the Capital last month, a Delhi Police sub-inspector posted details of his car and a mobile tower location on a group on the Telegram app. It was this meSSAge that helped a police officer from Uttar Pradesh track down Singh’s vehicle in Gorakhpur a few hours later, following which Singh and his driver were arrested. Since 2012, the ‘National Police Group’ on Telegram, which comprises

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Everyone is afraid of data -Sonalde Desai

r, and hence, we need a more comprehensive strategy for dealing with them. Second, the fear of having statistical reports misquoted is legitimate. We live in a world where appetite for news is inceSSAnt and the news cycle is very short. Statistics that don’t always lend themselves to rapid unpacking into sound bites and headlines are easily misinterpreted. When Census 2001 results on religion were released, in September 2004, a newspaper led

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Fake news could be injurious to health -Anoop Misra, Ambrish Mithal & Viswanathan Mohan

-The Telegraph Medical leaders and associations must take the lead in issuing effective and clear meSSAges countering fake information Along with the Hippocratic oath, the MBBS curriculum has a mantra: bar God, all must provide data. A good physician treats patients based on scientific principles derived from solid evidence. The physician’s personal experience may embellish or temper these principles, but should not be ‘contrary&rs

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Surveying India's unemployment numbers -Mahesh Vyas

dia Economy (CMIE), a private enterprise, has demonstrated over the past three years that fast frequency measures of unemployment can be made and that seeking an exception on SDDS compliance is unneceSSAry. Higher frequency survey The CMIE decided to fill India’s gap in generating fast frequency measures of household well-being in 2014. In its household survey, called the Consumer Pyramids Household Survey (CPHS), the sample size was 172,3

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Delhi government considering threefold-hike in margin money to fair price shop owners

nment is considering a nearly threefold-hike in the margin money for ration dealers from existing Rs 70 to Rs 200 per quintal, besides paying arrears to them. Food and civil supplies minister Imran HuSSAin on Saturday said the matter is under active consideration of the government. "A proposal in this regard will be placed before the cabinet at the earliest for trebling the margin money," HuSSA

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Numbers That Count: An Assessment of the Union Budgets of NDA II -CBGA

While a number of initiatives have been taken to address some of the challenges (such as increased Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers, even though not to the extent promised), these have not neceSSArily been backed by adequate allocation. A striking feature of this government has been that it has stuck to its path of fiscal consolidation rather diligently. This is evident in the declining expenditure to GDP ratio, which fell from 14.4 per cent in

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