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Make RTI Act available in all Indian languages, says vice president

hope the results of this convention will also be seriously studied and lead to better implementation of the act,' he added. 'Far from being a nuisance to the process of governance, it is such diSSAtisfaction that propels government to improve its functioning, be sensitive and empathetic to the problems of citizens and ensures efficient allocation and spending of public resources,' he said. The two-day convention is being attended by represe

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Expand and re-orient NREGA by PS Appu

state of affairs. Every effort should be made to remove the shortcomings and ensure better implementation. Despite all its failings, the NREGA has proved to be a boon to the rural poor. It is now neceSSAry to expand and re-orient the NREGA. That is the theme of this article. The NREGA evolved into its present shape by building on past experience in designing and executing schemes for providing employment. The new programme is an improvement on it

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In praise of honesty by Jayati Ghosh

uo;s head but SEZ or the Indo-US nuclear deal have no head to put a gun to". This was not the only problem with violence that he identified: perhaps an even greater issue is that it is neceSSArily crude and blunt, whereas the intelligent exercise of power is subtle, as is capitalist rationality in general. To fight these requires equal or greater subtlety, as well as intelligence and different and more creative strategies of mobilisation an

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Man-made floods

ncy failure. Water inflows into dams were allowed to rise unabated till they became unmanageable and required to be released, regardless of the fact that the entire region was being pounded by an inceSSAnt monsoon downpour at the time. The blame for this rests on the managements of the water reservoirs, who mistimed the release of water. The lack of coordination between the project authorities of water barrages on the River Krishna that runs acr

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RTI a ‘tool of governance’ in the hands of common man

peful the success stories I’ve heard today are heart-warming -- of poor people helping themselves and those around them.” Sharing his views, Jagadnanda, State Information Commissioner, OriSSA Information Commission, said: “RTI is helping the common man become empowered. Through the RTI there have been major inroads in dealing with poverty -- there is no other comparable tool available. What we need now are youth RTI amba More »

Swamped by debt, fishermen flee moneylenders in Sunderbans by Romita Datta

Most fishermen cannot afford on their own to revive their fishing lakes, and moneylenders aren’t willing to lend. As most of these fishermen do not have clear ownership of the lakes or neceSSAry clearances from authorities for fishing, they are unable to borrow from banks. Fishermen typically borrowed Rs20,000-50,000 from local moneylenders to breed fish, and even after paying 7% of the catch as interest, they made Rs1-2 lakh a year d

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To a Land of More Returns by Dipankar Dasgupta

n seven standard hectares, or 24.05 acres of non-irrigated land. Excess land will vest in the government, which reserves the power to take possession of such... land by using such force as may be neceSSAry (Section 14SS). The fairness of the act notwithstanding, it engendered many agricultural landowners in the state, mostly owning plots whose sizes are way below the stipulated ceiling. As opposed to this, Section 14Y specifies that persons inte

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SEZs Vs Displacement: Join Peoples’ Audit in TN

e State. We hope that you will join us in this process and since this is a largely people’s initiative we are requesting participants to find support for travel to Chennai. We will make all neceSSAry arrangements for your food and stay within the area and travel from Chennai to different parts of Tamil Nadu. This effort has been jointly initiated by the Sirapu Porulaathara Mandala Edirappu Iyyakkam (Movement Against Special Economic Zones

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Indian Ocean Nations to test tsunami warning

uot; he told heads of State and Chief Executive Officers attending Telecom World 2009 in Geneva. "When an earthquake hits, a coordinated ICT system can monitor developments, send out emergency meSSAges and help people to cope." Organized by the UN International Telecommunication Union, Telecom World is a unique event for the ICT community which brings together the top names from across the industry and around the world. This year's for

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New Script for India on Climate Change by Jim Yardley

a to rising sea waters and potentially disruptive annual monsoons. “We don’t like to think about it, but we are vulnerable.” He added: “Our prime minister’s clear meSSAge to me was, ‘India has to be part of the solution. We may not have caused the problem, but we have to be part of the solution.’ ” At the United Nations, Mr. Ramesh focused on practical issues like expanding forest cover, exten

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