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PDS/ Ration/ Food Security

tilisation of PDS across states • The proportion of households reporting PDS purchase was highest in Tamil Nadu (rural: 90%, urban: 77%), followed by Andhra Pradesh (rural: 82%, urban: 42%), ASSAm (rural: 71%, urban: 41%) Chhattisgarh (rural: 66%, urban: 36%), and Karnataka (rural: 67%, urban: 27%). • The incidence of PDS purchase was very low in Punjab, Jharkhand, Bihar and Rajasthan, urban areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat (0-5% house

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irls has stagnated over the last decade from 55.3% in NFHS-3 to 53% in NFHS-4. In terms of percentage points, States which have witnessed maximum decrease in the levels of anemia are- Sikkim (24.6), ASSAm (23.3), Mizoram (15.6), J&K (11.7), Tripura (10.6) and Chhattisgarh by 24.6 (10.5). Alternatively, 8 States/ UTs (Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala) have seen an increase in the prevalence o

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Hunger Overview

and Odisha (4.0%). In these two States, about 3.8-3.9% rural households reported that they did not get adequate food every day in some months. •    1.2% of rural households in ASSAm, 1.1% in Bihar, and 1.0% in Chhattisgarh reported not getting adequate food every day in some months. •    As many as 0.8% of rural households in Bihar and 0.6% in West Bengal reported that they did not get enough food every da

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Right to Work (MG-NREGA)

2,91,776 Social Audits have been conducted during 2011-12 in 1,72,852 Panchayats out of 2,48,204 Gram Panchayats in the country. The Committee also found that so far 263 Ombudsman (for grievance redreSSAl) have been appointed in 22 States @ • The Standing Committee expressed its astonishment to note that despite constitution of District Planning Committees (DPCs) in most of the States, PRIs have not been able to formulate District Perspective

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There is a cure by Pragya Singh

ittorgarh Did It * Orders passed saying doctors in government hospitals must prescribe generic medicines only * Strict checks to ensure only generic drugs are prescribed unless absolutely neceSSAry; ad campaign too * Cooperative asked to procure generic medicines and supply them through a network of 16 stores * Tenders invited by the cooperative, most bids far lower than currently retailing. Pre-selected companies allowed to bid. D

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oncern for market and the users; (3) Use of new communication technologies like computerization for better public interface; (4) Use of research in developing responsive systems; (5) Concern for redreSSAl mechanisms; and (6) Dynamic news media. • In ICS 2010, 45 percent of the rural households opined that ‘corruption has increased’ in public services in the previous one year. Compared to ICS 2005, a decline of 25 percentage

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villages and 20 million to urban areas – a majority of them in search of work. These figures do not include temporary or seasonal migration.   • Poor states such as OriSSA, Bihar, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh that experienced rapid demographic growth in urban areas were also those that reported low productivity and high unemployment in agrarian sectors as well as heavy pressure on urban infrastructural facilities, sugge

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urths of all Indians live on Rs 20 a day, according to the National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector (NCEUS). Many economists argue that migration from villages to cities is a neceSSAry condition for growth. However, India's 'low cost advantage' in the global market ensures low earnings which fail to kick off the growth cycle of reasonable purchasing power creating more domestic demand and finally leading to more job creation.

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Government of India is preparing to allot alternative sites to the South Korean mining giant POSCO for its Rs 51000 crore steel plant in OriSSA because it fears a major tribal backlash against forced displacement from their lands and livelihoods. The plan is to ‘arrange’ alternative sites for the company without moving it out of the state. It is no secret that the hugely profitable mining industry thrives on corruption and opaque land

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Debt Trap

ells us that among the major Indian states, Andhra Pradesh has the highest share of indebted agricultural households in the country (92.9%), followed by Telangana (89.1%) and Tamil Nadu (82.5%). ASSAm (17.5%), Jharkhand (28.9%), and Chhattisgarh (37.2%) are some of the major Indian states with lowest share of indebted agricultural households $   • Out of 9334 accounts test checked in CAG audit across nine states, 1257 accou

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