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Right to Food: Too Little Too Late?

re reported. The protocol prepared by Supreme Court Commissioners for assuring rehabilitation of such families should be adopted by the Government. . 6. Put in place an effective grievance redreSSAl system. h) The grievance redreSSAl system must include fines and penalties for wrong doers and compensation for the wronged. i) It must include both criminal and civil action, and Gra

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Managing Disasters and Displacement by SG Vombatkere

nts to recognise the need for rapid and effective response to provide relief and succour to affected populations. Thus the Disaster Management Act, 2005 (hereinafter referred to as the Act), is a neceSSAry, long-awaited legislation. “Disaster” is defined in Section 2 (d) of the Act, as “a catastrophe, mishap, calamity or grave occurrence in any area, arising from natural or man made causes, or by accident or negligence which res

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Sexual abuse law faces delay by Charu Sudan Kasturi

“where such conduct amounts to a specific offence under the Indian Penal Code or under any other law”. The IPC punishes “outraging the modesty” of women through both physical aSSAult (Section 354) and “gestures” and “acts” (Section 509). But it does not specify what gestures and acts comprise a crime and, most crucially does not take into account the specific nature of workplace relationships.

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President for ending scavenging within time frame

of the population lived in the rural areas and that 15 lakh children die of diarrhoea annually, Ms. Patil said that the cleanliness campaign had to start with children first. She said that it was neceSSAry to set up toilets at all schools and anganwadis. If these children learn clean habits and moral values, the President underlined, it would be a valuable asset not only for their career but also the nation. Similarly providing toilets at

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It ain't broken

t and consultative process will be adopted before any action is taken, and the amendments will not be persevered with if activist groups are able to convince the government that they are either unneceSSAry or counterproductive. These assurances notwithstanding, it is unfortunate that the government should again be contemplating changing a law that stands as one of the first UPA government’s main achievements. Those in favour of a change ci

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Rural poverty and India's Maoist revolt by Mark Tully

miliating climb-down. In two other attacks, 21 policemen were killed. Then came the hijacking of one of India's prestigious express trains running from the capital of the east coast state of OriSSA to Delhi. Maoists and supporters of a group known as The People's Committee Against Police Atrocities, most of them armed just with bows and arrows, halted the train and overcame its staff. When the police eventually arrived, the hijackers

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Middleclass Demand For Child Domestic Workers by Jyoti Sonia Dhan

od insecurity, which force children to work. The alarming issue is the demand of domestic workers among the middle class. The contemporary trend of women working outside the homes, there is neceSSAry of ‘hired paid help’. But, this alone do not justify as it was observed that, families where women do not go outside the homes had also child domestic worker. The families prefer children as they have to pay less than adult for the same

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Hunger SOS to a billion

rdquo; Sheeran said. It is the first time the WFP, which is mainly funded by national governments, has launched such an appeal. “We are cutting rations, but we would rather send a meSSAge to the citizens of the world to help us fill this food cup,” said Sheeran, holding a red food cup taken from a WFP programme in Rwanda. “Because it’s just not an acceptable choice to not stand with those hungry right now.”

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The anarchical society by Deepak Lal

heir welfare, and still rightly fear the social disorder from a state breakdown. The primacy of civil society in India over the state is its great strength. It is the failure of those expecting a neceSSAry synergy between state and society to understand the sui generis Hindu social and political system, which leads to their puzzlement about its success, and means to deal with the seeming warts in its performance. For, in this ancient anarchical societ

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‘Take firm steps to enforce RTI compliance’

uld help the much talked about legislation achieve its stated objectives. The Information Commission could devise a useful programme for training, for which the State Government would provide the neceSSAry budget, he added.

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