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Manisha Verma, principal secretary, tribal development department, Maharashtra interviewed by Sugandha Indulkar (The Times of India)

ted the Right to Education Act. The Union tribal affairs ministry provides funds to set up Eklavya residential English medium schools and pre- and post-matric scholarships for tribal students. Hence, Access to Education is no longer an issue even in remote areas. But improvement of quality of education requires sustained efforts. * Conservation of flora and fauna is a global concern in the light of adverse climate change. At the same time the right

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A solution in search of a problem: on 10% reservations -Sonalde Desai

ed Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill, 2019, creating a 10% quota for the economically weaker sections (EWS), will serve as anything more than a band-aid. Given the deep inequalities prevalent in Access to Education and jobs based on caste and socio-economic status, affirmative action (or positive discrimination) makes a lot of sense. However, the system that was put in place during the early years of the Republic deserves serious re-evaluation in

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Country's non-income-based poverty level has fallen over the past 10 years, shows new report

For long, economists have argued among themselves whether income should be the only criterion for measuring poverty. After all, in real life a person can face multiple deprivations, say, in terms of Access to Education, health and living standards, among others. The multidimensional poverty index (MPI), which offers a valuable complement to traditional income-based poverty measures, was first introduced in the 2010 Human Development Report (HDR). The

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New Save the Children report reveals insecurity of teenage girls from the outside world, but are our homes safe enough?

d Central African Republic. • In terms of discrimination, which includes job discrimination; an inability to make a livelihood; discriminatory land, property or inheritance rights; a lack of Access to Education and a lack of access to adequate nutrition, Afghanistan tops the list of 10 most dangerous countries for women, followed by Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, South Sudan, Bangladesh

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Call for ordinance on SC, ST Act -P Samuel Jonathan

and violent after Independence. Previously, the Scheduled Castes were subjugated only by means of untouchability. The power of untouchability began to be blunted by a slow rising of awareness due to Access to Education. The national movement also contributed to this awareness. In Andhra, the Communist movement had made its contribution. Unrest The process faced stiff resistance initially. But the Paramakudi, the Ramanathapuram riots and the bru

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Poor social indicators must make Gujarat rethink its growth model

ormance on human development indicators. Shockingly, the state’s infant mortality rate (33 per 1,000) as of 2015 is worse than Jharkhand and much worse than Tamil Nadu (21 per 1,000).   Access to Education Access to Education remains a key hurdle for Gujarat. In primary schools, student teacher ratio is 28: 1, which the fourth lowest in the country. The state has just 28 colleges for every

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Niti Aayog is in denial about hunger in India - but the problem is worse than the statistics show -Sylvia Karpagam & Veena Shatrugna

onal, and urban/rural variation in access? The Global Health Index report states that 60% of the world’s hunger is of women, often the result of deep rooted social structures that deny women Access to Education, healthcare, and resources. It also says that minorities are often victims of discrimination, poverty, and hunger. There is a high possibility that using gender and ethnicity as measures of hunger will show India in an even poorer ligh

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Whose development is it anyway? -TK Rajalakshmi and Akshay Deshmane

nd drawing a salary of less than the State’s minimum wage of Rs.6,960 a month. Education and literacy rates form important constituents of human development as they denote a certain level of Access to Education and literacy facilities. While literacy levels were better than the national average, the gender difference (Atul Sood and Kalaiyarasan) of 20 percentage points was higher than the gap in the literacy rate between men and women at the

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What ails rural Rajasthan -Sudhir Kumar Suthar

(Sri Ganganagar contributes 18 per cent of Rajasthan’s cotton production). A gradual increase in the cost of farm inputs has led to a rise in the cost of agricultural production. Increasing Access to Education and high income levels in the two districts has led to consumerism among the rural youth. This economic change was, however, not accompanied by changes in social and cultural values. The youth became urbanised but have retained their r

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The return of India's super rich -Rishabh Kumar

evidence seems to state that India has high economic disparities. But inequality is to be expected in a developing economy with a largely informal labour force, turbulent capital markets and unequal Access to Education. In order to fully understand the direction of wealth and income concentration, we need to assess long-run trends and contextualize them with social structures and economic growth. The question is not just the magnitude of inequalit

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