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MS Swaminathan, father of Green Revolution, interviewed by Jitheesh PM & Jipson John (

for example, farmers grow Basmati rice. Even if the yield is a little less, they want to have good rice. Land use policy will be one for sustainable food security and sustainable agricultural trade, Agricultural income. * India has been seeing unprecedented farm suicides after the adoption of economic liberalisation policies. How do free trade agreements and deregulation of import restrictions affect farming? You recommended an Indian trade organi

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Will the PM Kisan Scheme Impress India's Farmers? -Varun Kumar Das

i Kishan Samman Nidhi’ (PM-KISAN). This scheme assures small and marginal farm households a guaranteed annual income support of Rs 6,000. However, this scheme is hardly the first instance of Agricultural income support in the country. States like Odisha and Telangana have individual state-level farm income support schemes. The amount of Rs 6,000 is less than the farm income support provided by states such as those mentioned above. Interpre

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Farmers need irrigation more than poll freebies -Arjun Srinivas

f (48.8%) of India’s farm lands are irrigated. The rest are perennially dependent on the vagaries of the monsoon. The economic survey last year estimated that climate change could reduce annual Agricultural incomes by 15-18% on average, and up to 20-25% for unirrigated areas over the long run . Since 2014, investment in irrigation by state governments as well as the Union government has grown, driven by greater spending on irrigation projects

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Why farms of every type and size have to be climate smart

re susceptible to the impact of climate change. Using data sets created by the University of Delaware and India Meteorological Department, the review projected that climate change could reduce annual Agricultural incomes in the range of 15-18% on average and up to 20-25% in unirrigated areas. About 54% of India’s sown area has no access to irrigation. The report is shocking, but is in line with earlier climate warnings --- the 2018 National Econ

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Farmers exploiting groundwater ignoring long-term consequences

ealthy farmers, the study said. According to the study, only 15% of the 333 farmers owned borewells. Farmers, especially the marginal ones, who could not afford borewells were forced to supplement Agricultural income with non-farm income or quit agriculture altogether. The study also found that adoption of water conservation technologies, such as drip irrigation, was low among these farmers. Despite water scarcity and significant government subs

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MLAs declare average income of Rs. 24.59 lakh a year -Bharti Jain

okar said higher educational level is not necessarily a guarantor of higher income. Prof Chhokar said many high-income MLAs declared agriculture as their profession. “This is largely because Agricultural income is tax-free and they don’t have to explain where their income has come from,” he said. Please click here to read more.

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Monthly income per farm household grew between NSSO & NABARD surveys, but so has the level of outstanding loans

non-agricultural household (viz. Rs. 76,731/-).   Definitions of agricultural household as per SAS-NSSO and NAFIS According to experts, raising the threshold level of annual Agricultural income from Rs. 3,000/- to Rs. 5,000/- is likely to produce an upward bias in the average income of agricultural households as estimated by the NAFIS 2016-17.   According to the NAFIS 2016-17, an agricultural household is defin

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High fuel prices singe farmers -Rutam Vora & TV Jayan

-The Hindu Business Line Middlemen can hike prices but producers lose margins Ahmedabad/ New Delhi: With the sharp increase in fuel prices punching holes in Agricultural incomes, a section of farmers are reviewing the mechanisation options. Diesel prices are up one-fourth over corresponding time last year. "The cost including transportation and pump-sets operation works out to about 25 per cent of the cost of production in various crop

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India needs to trust its farmers and set them free -Shruti Rajagopalan

test in Maharashtra is just another reminder of the hardships the average Indian farmer faces. The basic malady is known—too many people are unproductively engaged in agriculture, depressing Agricultural incomes. The only way to solve the farmers’ problem is to make entry to other sectors attractive by creating employment opportunities, and to make it easy to exit farming. But the entangled myriad state-level regulation has gotten in th

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