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How farmers in 3 Marathwada villages created an oasis in the suicide-prone region

complained of water scarcity, even during summers. They are cultivating water-intensive crops and getting better remuneration,” he added. According to Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA) — a National Research Institute under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research — cultivation of grape increased exponentially after the project was completed. Pandit Wasre, Agricu

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Mandsaur, the farmers' story -Shiv Visvanathan

raduated to storytelling or even knowledge to dent the regime’s idea of agricultural policy. Something like what Buddhist monks dub “a touch of wholeness”. Somehow the narratives of Agriculture have never possessed that sense. One misses an Indian Shanin, who can weave theory and practice, storytelling and policy together. The government’s reaction, bordering between illiteracy and indifference, has often made social scienti

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Kharif planting: Farmers reduce area under pulses -Sayantan Bera

g a collapse in wholesale prices of rain-fed pulses like arhar and moong over the past six months, farmers across India have reduced planting of these varieties, data on Kharif sowing released by the Agriculture ministry on Friday shows. Simultaneously, farmers have planted more of cotton and sugarcane, compared with the year-ago period, the data shows. If these early trends persist as planting picks up pace with the progress of monsoon over the ne

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Maharashtra's farm loan waivers to aid Vidarbha, Marathwada farmers more -Abhiram Ghadyalpatil

s monetary cap of Rs20,000 per acre for those farmers holding more than five acres,” said Vidarbha-based farm activist and member of the steering committee Vijay Jawandhiya. He said the average Agriculture land holding in Vidarbha and Marathwada was more than five acres and that the land holding cap in 2008 had deprived many farmers of the total waiver benefit. “But the individual quantum of farm loan (taken out by farmers) in Vidarbha and

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Farmer protests: Over-reliance on a single crop has cost them dear -Mihir Shah

-Hindustan Times India needs a paradigm shift in Agriculture for economic and ecological sustainability Whenever flashpoints are reached, such as the current farmers’ agitation, there is a clamour for immediate palliatives. This is understandable, as those in acute distress need relief. But what we must not overlook are the profound possibilities of reform that such crises open up. Take Madhya Pradesh (MP), the epicentre of the agita

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Middle Earth Moguls -Pragya Singh

he farmer got and what the consumer pays is distributed across six or seven such intervening layers, each of which is an essential element, offering a service that makes up the totality of the Indian Agriculture bazaar. The profits at each layer too would expand or contract depending on the season, but never enough for governments to topple or suicide rates to climb. In a simplified graph, here’s how the supply chain works. To cut costs, most

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Why didn't Madhya Pradesh farmers gain from farm growth? -Abhiram Ghadyalpatil

utside a wholesale market at Unhel, on the road linking Ujjain to Mandsaur. When we met him on the morning of 16 June, Pipawat was still in the queue, along with 200-odd vehicles waiting to enter the Agriculture produce marketing committee (APMC) market. Pipawat and other farmers had been living on the road for three to four days, eating in the shade of their tractors what they could buy from street food stalls. “We are running out of cash,&r

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Why the Farmers in India are Up in Revolt -Subin Dennis

ng them deeper into debt. Farming turning increasingly unviable across vast swathes of India, and the Narendra Modi-led government not delivering on the BJP’s election promise to “make Agriculture rewarding” lie behind the massive protests that have rocked several BJP-ruled states in the recent weeks. In the run-up to the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP vowed to ensure a prosperous future for the country’s peasantry. On

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Rs 34,000cr loan waiver

all farmers (those owning up to 5 acres of farmland). The scheme is expected to cover 2.15 crore of the state's 2.30 crore farmers in the state and cost Rs 30,729 crore. Fadnavis said although the Agriculture loans per household in Maharashtra were almost half of that in other states, the state government decided to announce the biggest loan waiver scheme. "The land extracts of farmers having loan up to Rs 1.5 lakh will be cleared, thereby

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Kharif sowing acreage up 10%

-The Hindu Business Line Area under oilseeds and cotton up; pulses acreage slides New Delhi: Notwithstanding a sluggish monsoon and farmer unrest in different parts of the country, Agriculture is picking up momentum, with all crops other than pulses showing an upswing in the sowing area. According to data released by the Union Agriculture Ministry on Friday, there has been a 10 per cent increase

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