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NDA trounces agrarian crisis to win rural areas -Jitendra

. With nearly 250 districts affected by drought, farmers have sown less this winter. This means that neither does a farmer have the base capital to invest, nor does s/he want to risk going back to Agriculture. In the run-up to this election, India’s wholesale and retail inflations were at 3.8 and 2.2 per cent respectively. It spoilt the mood in the farm sector, with farmers holding protests to seek a fair price for their produce. From whe

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Apple Goes the Sugarcane Route: Hundreds of Crores Unpaid to Growers in Himachal -Kabir Agarwal Apple growers held demonetisation responsible for the problem, as agents do not pay them at the time of sale by claiming money is not in circulation. Shimla: Sugar mills in Uttar Pradesh are notorious for delaying paying the dues of sugarcane farmers by several months, and often even by years. Now, arthiyas (commission agents) in Himachal Pradesh have decided to compete with the sugar mills. Outstanding dues of apple growers in the hill state are in excess of Rs 100 crore

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With growing debt and farmer suicides, agrarian crisis in India on the rise

etwork catering only to 52 per cent of cultivable land, farmers have seen their income eroding amidst rising input costs. There is, indeed, a tall order for the new government to radically reform Agriculture, source of livelihoods for half the population of the country. The new government could begin by biting the bullet, possibly by bringing Agriculture under the Concurrent List of Constitution. Mal

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The disruptive force of climate change on Agriculture -Omair Ahmad

ing outside its comfort zone The work I do — editing the work of journalists reporting on water issues in the Himalayan region — gives me a close-up of how climate change is disrupting Agriculture. Almost 80 per cent of water usage in India, and most of its neighbouring countries, is for Agriculture. Much of this water comes from the three to four months of the monsoon (except for Afghanistan

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Why an industrial policy is crucial -Santosh Mehrotra

r country managed to reduce poverty or sustain growth without manufacturing driving economic growth. This is because productivity levels in industry (and manufacturing) are much higher than in either Agriculture or services. Manufacturing is an engine of economic growth because it offers economies of scale, embodies technological progress and generates forward and backward linkages that create positive spillover effects in the economy. In the U.S.

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Sunaina Rawat and the dilemma of Bharat -Richard Mahapatra

claim of it being the fastest growing economy. India’s rural economy accounts for half of its gross domestic product as well as private consumption. And 40 per cent of its output comes from Agriculture. If the next monsoon is below normal, it would be the fifth consecutive below-normal monsoon and drought year for close to 250 districts in the country. Most of them are in India’s rainfed areas and host the country’s poorest popul

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National Institute of Nutrition stands by its report on no onion, garlic in its meals

signatories of the letter comprised 10 organisations as well as 94 experts, including faculty from prestigious institutes like IIM Bangalore, Tata Insitute of Social Sciences, Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, Right to Food Campaign-India, and People’s Union for Civil Liberties. “We stand by our response to the Karnataka Government,” NIN’s Director, Dr Hemalatha R, wrote in response to a story in The

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UP holds huge potential in Agriculture -- it needs right leadership to forge forward-looking path -Harish Damodaran

-The Indian Express UP is truly at the crossroads: The state is uniquely poised to leverage opportunities from Agriculture and build on the base laid by entrepreneurs, whether in sugar, potatoes, buffalo meat, leather or mentha oil. But, it is equally in danger of being taken back by decades, courtesy leaders with exclusivist and narrow-minded visions. Efforts to market it as an Uttam Pradesh notwithstanding, UP or Uttar Pradesh, is for many,

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Perils of over-promising -Ashok Gulati

-The Indian Express For all their talk on farm distress, on Agriculture, BJP, Congress show they have not learnt from past failures. We often feel proud of our democratic system. But it also has a shortcoming, which has been magnified in the current election season. The conversation today is not about what the BJP/NDA promised in its manifesto of 2014, and how far they have been able to deliver on their promises. Accusations and counter-accus

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Why has drought hit the Maldharis of Kutch so hard this year? -Ramya Ravi & Abi T Vanak

ujarat). Banni is almost empty.” This was in February 2018. In December, the government declared drought in Kutch, which has still not passed. Banni, an arid grassland system, too saline for Agriculture, but fertile for certain grasses, is home to a centuries-old pastoral community — the Maldharis. Much has changed in Banni: tourists throng the area during the Rann festival, there are better roads, mobile networks and accessible markets

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