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Nitin Gadkari: Difficult for Maharashtra farmers to abandon sugarcane crop

report on water productivity mapping of 10 major crops, published by the Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER) for rural development bank Nabard. Earlier, noted Agriculture economist Ashok Gulati said the sugarcane consumes a lot of water and the groundwater table is rapidly decreasing. The irrigation water productivity (IWP) of sugarcane in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharshtra is lower compared to other states s

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Plastics in Agriculture: entry point for carcinogens to food chain -Arjuna Srinidhi

-Down to Earth Fragments of plastic film have been shown to release potentially carcinogenic substances into soil Plasticulture, or the use of plastics in Agriculture, is evident in the form of lining of farm ponds, greenhouse cultivation, micro-irrigation (drips and sprinklers) and plastic mulching. Plastic mulch, in particular, should be of concern to us as it is a potential source of entry into our food system. Why are farmers turning to

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The Ganna That Prevailed Over Jinnah -Kabir Agarwal With pending dues of Rs 22,000 crore, sugarcane farmers in the country continue to suffer as the Centre’s package to ‘address the current crisis’ proves thoroughly inadequate and misdirected. The Wire takes a deep dive into the sugarcane crisis. Shamli: On a hot May afternoon, a long queue of tractor trolleys loaded beyond capacity with sugarcane, are lined up outside the Upper Doab Sugar Mills in Shamli district – in the heart of western Uttar Prades

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Base crop choices on water use: Study -Sayantan Bera

vity Mapping of Major Indian Crops’ by the Delhi-based Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations (ICRIER). The study, sponsored by the apex rural bank National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), stressed the need to recalibrate crop choices by taking into account yield per unit of water applied, instead of measuring productivity per unit of land. Growing paddy in the Punjab-Haryana belt and sugarcane

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Charge farmers for water, remove sops on water-guzzling crops: report -Sanjeeb Mukherjee

e total cropped area in the country, consume almost 80 per cent of available freshwater. Transport and Water Resources Minister, Nitin Gadkari, who was the chief guest at the launch along with top Agriculture ministry officials, seemed to disagree with some of the findings of the study. He wondered what would happen to India's food security if wheat and rice aren't grown in states like Punjab and Haryana. Also, stopping sugarcane cultivation in

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Water Productivity Mapping of Important Agricultural Crops of India -Bharat R Sharma, Ashok Gulati, Gayathri Mohan, Stuti Manchandra, Indro Ray & Upali Amarasinghe

ce 2011 and may continue to do so unless drastic reforms are undertaken to manage our scarce water resources more efficiently and in a sustainable manner. And the reforms must start from water use in Agriculture as it consumes almost 78 per cent of freshwater resources available in the country. As the economy diversifies away from Agriculture and urbanisation increases, inter-sectoral competition for water

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The Supreme Court Has a Chance to Save Tens of Thousands of Indian Lives -Leah Utyasheva and Michael Eddleston

ing (or attempted suicide) during acute crises. In comparison with developed countries, where agricultural strength pesticides are only available to licensed workers, and where few people now work in Agriculture, HHPs are freely sold in shops and dangerously stored in many homes in rural Indian communities. Unlike relatively low toxicity medicines commonly used for self-poisoning in the West, HHPs commonly kill if ingested. This means that the number

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Data Jugglery: Agri Achievements of Yogi in UP? -Subodh Varma

n full front-page ads in national dailies. On 13 June, Yogi Adityanath’s BJP govt. of Uttar Pradesh issued costly full page advertisements in national dailies with a slew of claims about how Agriculture in the state has achieved unprecedented heights under the one-year old govt. the ads, adorned with smiling faces of Prime Minister Modi and Yogi himself, assert that farmers are “happy and prosperous” in UP. A quick fact check of t

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The Age of Surplus -Harish Damodaran

rpluses” in most crops — a reality our policymakers are unable to grasp, stuck as they are in the era of the Essential Commodities Act. If there is one thing that has changed in Indian Agriculture in recent times, it is supply response — the ability of farmers to increase production when prices go up. Traditionally, the supply curve in most crops was near vertical: No matter the price, the quantity harvested and sold remained virt

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Boom in farm produce not reason enough to celebrate -Kiran Pandey

ply to farm produce and farmers’ state as much as the government thinks. Increasing production can’t be directly translated into better financial situation of farmers. According to the Agriculture ministry latest estimates, in 2017-18, the total horticulture production of the country was 307.2 million tonnes, which is 2.2% higher than the previous year and 8.6% higher than the past 5 years' average production. In 2017-18, 181 mt (metric

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