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19% of Indians drink water with lethal levels of arsenic -Radheshyam Jadhav

nd pumps. The population figures were then adjusted for 2016 based on the census's own projections for states. The World Health Organisation has warned that longterm intake of such water leads to Arsenic poisoning or arsenicosis, with cancer of skin, bladder, kidney or lung, or diseases of skin (colour changes, and hard patches on palms and soles), or blood vessels of legs and feet. Fresh evidence indicates a possible association between intake of

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Arsenic on platter -Jyotika Sood

a and several others. Besides, studies also confirm that rice bran and husk contain more arsenic than rice grain. Rice bran is used for making edible rice bran oil, while husk is used as fodder. Arsenic poisoning due to water and food has caused over 1 lakh deaths in the country and over 2 to 3 lakh confirmed cases of illness, says parliamentary standing committee report which was submitted by Murli Manohar Joshi and is available with dna. It est

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Arsenic poisoning water in North Karnataka: CAG -Sunitha Rao R

f governments had not taken the task seriously, says the report. Chronic exposure to arsenic can cause deficiency of vitamin A, leading to night-blindness and heart-related ailments. Symptoms of Arsenic poisoning include headache and diarrohea, which can even cause death. Drinking water is a common source of Arsenic poisoning across the world. Arsenic can also lead to malfunctioning of lungs, kidneys a

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Slow Poison-A Srinivas

ge in West Bengal's North 24 Parganas district is counting her last days. But it is not her death that worries her. Blind in both eyes and with painful lesions all over her body - the effects of Arsenic poisoning (or arsenicosis) caused due to drinking contaminated groundwater - Renubala fears that her children and grandchildren are likely to meet the same fate as her, sooner or later. If more than a million people in West Bengal suffer from

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