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Economic slump: Busting official myths on consumer preferences -Ranjini Basu

ral consumption—and, therefore, economic conditions in rural India—is the sale of two-wheelers. Unlike in urban India, people in rural areas have no access to Olas and Ubers. According to Census 2011, of all households that own a two-wheeler, 46% reside in rural parts of the country, as opposed to only 33% of car owners. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), an auto industry lobby group, recently said that sales of two

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Migrants in Tamil Nadu: case of much ado about nothing? -Vignesh Radhakrishnan & Pon Vasanth BA

There is now an opportunity to temper the rancour in Tamil Nadu over ‘migrants taking over’ jobs meant for locals, thanks to the data on migration — inward and outward — from Census 2011. Chennai: Controversies witnessed in recent months over the recruitment of non-Tamils in government jobs in Tamil Nadu have triggered a perceptible rise in voices against migrants taking up jobs in the State. The slogans demanding &lsquo

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PM Modi is Worried About Population Explosion, a Problem Set to Go Away in 2021 -Saurabh Rai and M Sivakami

uo;s TFR is 2.2 and that only seven states – Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh – had a TFR above the national average. According to the Census 2011, India’s annual population growth rate in 2001-2011 was 1.64%. World Bank data shows that India’s growth rate decreased from 1.73% in 2001 to 1.04% in 2018. The Economic Survey 2018-19, conducted by the Department of Economic Affai

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What can help in controlling population in India--society or law? -Neetu Chandra Sharma

ections for India are the lowest since the United Nations began these forecasts. The reason is the sharp decline in India’s population growth rates over 10 years from 2001 to 2011. According to Census 2011, the growth rate of population has declined from 21.5% during 1991-2001 to 17.7% during 2001-2011, across all religious groups. To what several public health experts agree with the PM is that India's growing population was once a dividend i

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In a first, census to seek info on your phones, bank a/cs -Bharti Jain

r as part of the houselisting procedure. Importantly, the latest census, as per the existing plan, will not collect caste data. While the socio-economic caste census (SECC) was conducted alongside Census 2011, the outcome of the caste census is yet to be made public. An official said SECC census threw up 40 lakh permutations and combinations of various castes cited by the respondents, and that the social justice ministry was still struggling with t

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Finding the data on missing girls -Sabu M George

ontinues to increase at an alarming rate, as per the Sample Registration System (SRS) data released in July for the period 2015-2017. The sex ratio at birth (SRB) has been dropping continuously since Census 2011, coming down from 909 girls per thousand boys in 2011-2013 to 896 girls in 2015-2017, to quote the yearly SRS Statistical Reports. In the 2014-2016 period, of the 21 large States, only two — Kerala and Chhattisgarh — had an SRB of

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India moving: In the times of NRC, a look at where the migrants fit in -Ravish Tiwari

-The Indian Express Census 2011 counted 14.2 crore migrants in the decade preceding it, intra-district to inter-state. Women moved for marriage, men for work, economic reforms drove the change, and Surat emerged as No. 3 destination while Chennai fell far behind. In a country with a long and often violent history of sons-of-the-soil politics, migration is a politically fraught issue. From the attacks on south Indians in Mumbai in the 1960s an

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Outgoing migration beats incoming: Census report -Shoeb Khan

-The Times of India JAIPUR: The desert state has recorded an inward migration of 26 lakh against an outward migration of 39 lakh, as per the Census 2011 report on population classified by place of birth and sex, disclosed last week. The deficit of 13 lakh puts Rajasthan in the league of states which are less developed or least attractive for migrants. The figures highlighted that two-third of the inward migration is from Uttar Pradesh (6.15 lakh)

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What the 2011 census data on migration tells us? - Abhishek Jha and Vijdan Mohammad Kawoosa

ensus, 20.9 million people migrated outside the state from the two states. This is 37% of the total number of people who were inter-state migrants according to that enumeration. Data on migrants from Census 2011 has just become available. 2. Delhi and Mumbai are widely considered migrant magnets and the 2011 Census bears that out. According to it migrants from other states in Delhi and Mumbai numbered 9.9 million, or almost a third of the combined

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India on the move: What data from Census 2011 show on migrations -Shyamlal Yadav

-The Indian Express Marriage and employment are the major reasons for migration, Census data show. The bulk of the migration takes place within individual states. Census 2011 data on migration released last week show Maharashtra had more migrants from Madhya Pradesh than from Bihar, and Gujarat had almost double the number of migrants from Rajasthan than from Bihar. Data from Delhi show only 2,321 persons declared Bangladesh as their last

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