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Delhi: All graft cases to go to new court complex -Abhinav Garg

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: For the very first time, Delhi will get a single court complex where all Corruption-related cases pending in various city courts will be tried. The move is likely to put anti-graft trials on a fast-track and free up existing courtrooms for other cases. After a long wait, Delhi high court decided to kick-start the capital’s newest court complex on from April 9 by shifting all Prevention of More »

Rahul's minimum income plan is fatally flawed -SA Aiyar

est 20%. India has no income surveys. People will hide their true income to qualify, so the biggest liars will be the biggest gainers. Income certificates from sarpanches or officials will breed huge Corruption. Many poor people live in remote non-electric unbanked areas, almost unreachable by cash transfers. NYAY will make the bottom 20% richer than the lower middle 20-40%, who will, rightly, howl that this is arbitrary and unfair. How will Rahul

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Corruption, unemployment and inflation top concerns this election, shows survey -Hina Rohtaki

-The Indian Express The issue of Corruption remained at the top, with 32.19 per cent favouring the agenda, followed by unemployment and inflation respectively. A survey by the Institute for Development and Communication found that Corruption was the most talked about issue during Lok Sabha polls in 2014. People were asked about the issues which they think should be addressed by their elected re

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ADR survey shows that better employment opportunities, better health care & drinking water are the top 3 priorities among Indian voters

; The worst performance of the government, as rated by the voters, was on the issues of Encroachment of Public Lands, Lakes etc., Terrorism, Training for Jobs, Strong Defence/Military, Eradication of Corruption, Lower Food Prices for Consumers and Mining/Quarrying. § The comparative analysis between All India Mid-Term Survey 2017 and All India Survey 2018 reveals that the top two voters’ priorities (Better Employment Opportunities and Be

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RTI trumps Official Secrets Act, says SC -Krishnadas Rajagopal

22 of the RTI Act, which declared the RTI to have an “overriding effect” over OSA. Then Section 24, which mandates even security and intelligence organisations to disclose information on Corruption and human rights violations. Finally, Section 8(2), which compels the government to disclose information “if public interest in disclosure outweighs the harm to protected interests”. Mr. Venugopal defended that defence purchases

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Prof. Guy Standing, economist at the School Of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, interviewed by Sayantan Bera (

nd selection. When you do that, you have high exclusion errors. Basic income involves direct transfer to an individual, which reduces a whole lot of administrative costs, is transparent and minimises Corruption. The debate about welfare (policies) in India is intellectually corrupt due to the pretense that complex schemes can actually work. You can think of basic income as a modest payment or as an alternative to social welfare schemes. My own pref

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The solution is universal -Rajendran Narayanan & Debmalya Nandy

unclear how tenant farmers, those without titles, and women farmers would be within the ambit of the scheme. There is also substantial evidence to demonstrate that universal schemes are less prone to Corruption than targeted schemes. In targeted programmes, it is very common to have errors of exclusion, i.e., genuine beneficiaries get left out. Such errors go unrecorded and people continue to be left out. It is in some of these contexts that strengthe

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Two sides of the coin: Tax incentives and revenue forgone -Suraj Jaiswal and Neeti Biyani

y to ensure that their citizens are able to fulfil unrealized rights, address inequality and meet sustainable development goals for all. Widespread use of tax incentives is also linked to problems of Corruption and poor governance. Tax incentives essentially constitute a set of fiscal policy tools that governments use to achieve desired economic and social policy outcomes. It is an exercise of the state’s taxing power but with negative effect

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