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Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act is Hurting Forest Communities, Says Petition -Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

e compensatory afforestation (CA) funds have become a tool to further strengthen the forest departments, undermine the authority of gram sabhas, defeat forest rights claims, and to facilitate rampant Corruption and mismanagement of public money”. “Across the states CA plantations have been set up on community forests, common lands, homesteads, cultivable land, pastures and religious sites which belong to communities, without their free,

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45% Indians paid bribe in past one year: Survey -Rumu Banerjee

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: A survey across 11 states in India by Corruption watchdog Transparency International saw 45% of the respondents claim they paid a bribe at least once in the past year to get work done. The share was 43% in a similar survey last year. Nearly 37% of the 34,696 respondents felt Corruption had increased, while 14% said it had gone down. Around 45% felt the situation was th

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In Odisha's Single Window Clearance System, a Compromise for the Ease of Doing Business -Arpitha Kodiveri

unjab and Kerala which have adopted the single window clearance system – a procedure that is aimed at making things easier on investors by cutting through red tape and even potentially reducing Corruption. Though seen as an innovative step, a closer look at the legal basis for the system reveals many impending issues that are yet to be addressed. The law that has enabled the single window clearance is the Odisha Industries (Facilitation) A

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Banks can wipe out your money -BR Muralidharan

In such a case, the question arises as to why the bank needs the depositor’s money for save a bank. If the bank managements know that they would anyways be saved, would that not lead to further Corruption and slackness in banks? Please click here to read more.  

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Gujarat Model's Failure Explains Why the Economy Is a Significant Factor in the Coming Elections -Jayati Ghosh

that the benefits of the growth did not percolate to the people as propagated by the ‘trickle-down’ hypothesis. Ironically, given Prime Minister Modi’s famous invectives against Corruption, the multiple favours given to large industry as part of the strategy of encouraging industrialisation also meant that Gujarat was one of the states where ‘crony capitalism’ flourished. Certain industrial groups were particular bene

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Maharashtra most corrupt, Delhi tops in crimes: NCRB -Farhan Shaikh and Pratik Salunke

ction of being the “most corrupt state” for the third year in a row. The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, which was released on Thursday, revealed that there were 1,016 cases of Corruption registered in 2016 in the state, while Odisha was second on the list with 569 cases. Of the total Corruption cases in India, 22.9% were from Maharashtra. However, the only positive bit was that th

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Cautionary tales -Rakesh Kalshian

ys penned over the last 17 years, Dreze offers a sombre but insightful window into the failure and promise of social and economic policy in tackling tenacious problems of hunger, poverty, illiteracy, Corruption and violence, concerns that for the “suitcase-wala” economists, if they can be contrasted thus with the “jholawala” economists (a caricature of the economic worldview of activists), pale beside their obsession with GDP a

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Chief Justice's Actions Trigger Debate On Fairness, Transparency -Sunetra Choudhury & Sunil Prabhu

-NDTV The Supreme Court is hearing a case that alleges senior judges were involved in a conspiracy to seek bribes and influence cases. New Delhi: In a sudden hearing on Friday, five judges of the Supreme Court headed by the Chief Justice of India said that he alone has the power to call a constitution bench because he is "master of the roster". In doing so, they cancelled an order passed on Thursday by the second-most senior judge of the top court, Justice J Chelameswar, who ha

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Paradise Papers: Seven Steps Modi Must Take Against Black Money -Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav

reveals the extent of the black money menace and the lack of political will to take it on. By now it is clear that the Narendra Modi government that rode to power on widespread popular anger against Corruption and black money has let the people down and is actively collaborating in covering up rather than uncovering black money. In this context, celebrating ‘Anti-Black Money Day’ on the anniversary of demonetisation is nothing but a cruel

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Jean Dreze, development economist, interviewed by Santwana Bhattacharya (The New Indian Express)

. The latest move to link Aadhaar to food rations seems to have compounded the problem, though ironically it was devised to supply foodgrain to targeted populations without intermediate pilferage and Corruption. The Sunday Standard got in touch with development economist Jean Dreze, whose work on food security in India is well-known and who has been specifically studying the Jharkhand situation, to understand what’s ailing the system. Drez

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