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Making dam water reach the Farmer -Mihir Shah

We, therefore,need urgent reforms focused on demand-side management, leaving behind our obsession with ceaselessly increasing supply, which has sadly been fuelled also by the political economy of Corruption. These reforms have already been tried and tested in many part of the globe: advanced nations such as the US, France, Germany, Japan and Australia; East and South Asian countries like China, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ma

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IAS, IFS, IRS officers hail Modi govt crackdown on 'corrupt' colleagues -Sanya Dhingra

y has, surprisingly, gone down well with civil servants, most of who do not see it as a threat to their career. Several IAS, IRS and IFS officers ThePrint spoke to said the government’s anti-Corruption purge is a welcome step in reforming the bureaucracy. In the last week, the Modi government has compulsorily retired 27 senior officers from the prestigious Indian Revenue Service (IRS) under Fundamental Rule 56 (j) of Central Civil Services

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An Estimated Rs 60,000 Crore Spent in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections: CMS Report -Prudhviraj Rupawat

a constituency was spent in these elections. The methodology for estimation was based on a PEE approach (Perceptions, Experiences and Estimation) of enquiry, a method evolved by CMS for estimating Corruption in India over years. Key sources for the estimation included campaign activities by parties and candidates, voters’ observation in select constituencies, secondary data on demographic divides, field study and media coverage among others.

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Jagdeep S Chhokar, one of the founders and trustees of Association for Democratic Reforms, interviewed by Ajaz Ashraf (

Both the Bofors and the Rafale deals seem to be in this category. [Both refer to defence-purchase deals, under the Rajiv Gandhi and Narendra Modi governments, respectively, which faced allegations of Corruption.] AA: Can the electoral-bond scheme improve the quality of our democracy? JSC: The electoral-bond scheme was introduced in the 2017 budget speech of the finance minister [Arun Jaitley]. It was mentioned under the section titled ‘Tra

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Despite hype, demonetization missed all goals -Sneha Alexander & Vishnu Padmanabhan

ulation, would no longer be legal tender. In India’s largely cash-based economy, this was a momentous decision. Modi claimed that demonetization was needed to break the back of terrorism and Corruption by eliminating black money from the system. “The magnitude of cash in circulation is directly linked to the level of Corruption," said Modi in his speech on that fateful evening . Three

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The government's anti-Corruption scorecard -Anjali Bhardwaj and Amrita Johri

-The Hindu The last five years have seen consistent attacks on anti-Corruption laws and institutions The popular sentiment that helped the BJP in the 2014 general election was resentment against Corruption in public life. The party’s clarion call for a Corruption-free India resonated with the electorate, who believed the BJP’s prime ministeria

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Delhi: All graft cases to go to new court complex -Abhinav Garg

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: For the very first time, Delhi will get a single court complex where all Corruption-related cases pending in various city courts will be tried. The move is likely to put anti-graft trials on a fast-track and free up existing courtrooms for other cases. After a long wait, Delhi high court decided to kick-start the capital’s newest court complex on from April 9 by shifting all Prevention of More »

Rahul's minimum income plan is fatally flawed -SA Aiyar

est 20%. India has no income surveys. People will hide their true income to qualify, so the biggest liars will be the biggest gainers. Income certificates from sarpanches or officials will breed huge Corruption. Many poor people live in remote non-electric unbanked areas, almost unreachable by cash transfers. NYAY will make the bottom 20% richer than the lower middle 20-40%, who will, rightly, howl that this is arbitrary and unfair. How will Rahul

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