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Women From Himachal Pradesh Protest, Demand Better Medical Facilities

ambulance service was stalled, due to which the patient suffers.” Services like ‘Dial 102’ or ‘Dial 108’ in the state have time and again witnessed mismanagement and Corruption. Numerous cases were reported this year when patients had to resort to hailing cabs in the middle of the night. According to patients’ accounts, the 108 helpline either did not respond, or the condition of the ambulance was reported to be

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An invitation to Corruption? -Suhrith Parthasarathy

inate the infusion of black money into electoral funding. But not only is this argument palpably false, as a simple reading of the scheme’s terms shows us, the programme also virtually endorses Corruption in political funding, as Milan Vaishnav has argued. Consider, for example, the fact that the scheme allows for complete anonymity of the donor. Neither the purchaser of the bond nor the political party receiving the donation is mandated to disc

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Prakash Singh, former IPS officer, interviewed by The Times of India

had led to largescale arrests and surrenders of naxals in the 90s. Basic causes responsible for the growth and spread of naxalism were not addressed – issues relating to poverty, unemployment, Corruption, tribals’ rights – and therefore the movement resurrected, significantly, with greater vehemence every time. It would therefore be premature to write the obituary of the movement until the socio-economic causes are addressed. * I

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A very material shift -Sajjan Kumar

cupational identities are now competing with caste and religious identities. A sense of solidarity around occupational identity has been forged by a combination of factors such as rampant lower-level Corruption; destruction of the rural and agrarian economy and livelihoods allegedly on account of demonetisation; anger due to lower minimum support prices; anger due to schemes like the Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana, which allegedly benefits the intermediary

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Giving info on graft complaints against ministers will be cumbersome: PMO

query, it said the PMO receives complaints against various Union ministers and high-level functionaries from time to time The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) has refused to share details of alleged Corruption complaints received against Union ministers, saying providing such information "may be a subjective as well as a cumbersome exercise". The PMO's assertion comes at a time when a senior officer in the country's premier probe agency

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Who is Agnes Kharshiing? -Rahul Karmakar

ime crusader against domestic violence, child and sexual abuse and deprivation of beneficiary schemes in rural areas. She formed the Civil Society Women’s Organisation to take her fight against Corruption to the grassroots and educate rural women on RTI. Her organisation took on village chieftains and local councils for ostracising RTI activists. But her activism took an adventurous and risky turn when she began sniffing out illegal coal trade a

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Amid institutional decline -Arun Kumar

itutions have been the big news of late. The ongoing fracas in the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has got out of hand, with the two top officials in the chain of command accusing each other of Corruption. The recent pronouncements in the Supreme Court do not promise an early resolution. The fight against widespread graft in the country has been set back. The Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has highlighted the serious consequen

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Farmers badly hit by demonetisation, admits Agriculture Ministry -Sobhana K Nair

a rally in Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh, said that he used the “bitter medicine” of demonetisation to bring back money into the banking system and to give “proper treatment to deep-rooted Corruption system” in the country. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance, headed by Congress MP Veerappa Moily, was on Tuesday briefed on the impact of demonetisation by the Ministries of Agriculture, Labour and Employment, and Micro, S

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Food security does not equal good nutrition

-The Telegraph Corruption and traditional attitudes are major reasons why 196 million Indians are chronically undernourished One is what one eats. A study by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization confirms that poor-quality diet poses a greater threat to public health across the world than malaria, tuberculosis or measles and that diet-related factors account for six of the top nine ailments on the global burden of disease. This

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2 years of demonetisation: Whopping 60% Indians say black money is back to full scale -Pragya Srivastava

rb black money. He used the word ‘black money’ 18 times in his hour-long speech, while there was no mention of digitisation, cashless economy or income tax. “To break the grip of Corruption and black money, we have decided that the five hundred rupee and thousand rupee currency notes presently in use will no longer be legal tender from midnight tonight, that is 8th November 2016,” Modi said. “The five hundred and thous

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