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India ranks a low 122 among world's happiest countries; Pakistan, Nepal fare better

, down from 118 in the 2013-2015 report, which maps happiness on the parameters of GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity and perceptions of Corruption. Nations such as China (79), Pakistan (80), Nepal (99), Bangladesh (110), Iraq (117) and Sri Lanka (120) fared better than India on the ranking. The report was released here today at an event celebrating International Day of Happiness. It

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Poll pile punctures DeMo pride

imits on cash withdrawals. The rise of the seizures from Rs 50.78 crore in 2012 to Rs 184.85 crore challenges the government's claim that the note recall would cleanse India of the "cancer of Corruption". Liquor, drugs and precious metals too have been seized in huge quantities, making it clear that it was business as usual even after the demonetisation. Its sheer size and political heft ensured that Uttar Pradesh dominated the list

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Aadhaar linked to mid-day meal: Why put the burden on children? -Kiran Bhatty and Dipa Sinha

ent notification making Aadhaar mandatory for children to avail of the mid-day meal in schools hits at the pit of one’s stomach. It seems that the government believes this is the way to address Corruption in the system — stop leakages of food by ensuring a child without a number goes hungry. It finds nothing wrong in asking a child to show a document, a number before she can be given food. It might even think it will score points on contro

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Making a meal

“cook-cum-helpers” at schools as well. The government believes this will ensure “transparency and efficiency”. The Midday Meal Scheme has always been dogged by problems of Corruption and inefficient delivery. But these problems are in no way linked to beneficiary fraud. It’s not clear how regulating access to the Midday Meal Scheme by linking it to the Aadhar cards will improve its efficiency. In fact, such an attempt

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There Is A Place For Aadhaar, But The Mid Day Meal Is Not It -Rukmini S

experience that what the poor want is to be counted, not the opposite. People are willing to line up for documents that will establish their identity and help them avail of schemes, in my experience. Corruption and leakage hurt the poor the most, and any scheme that seeks to count them in, establish identity and reduce Corruption has my support. But not this time. In a February 28 notification, the Human

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Whistleblower says not protected: Delhi HC seeks Centre's reply

ment officer claiming he was not protected despite being a whistleblower. Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva asked the government to place on record whether it carried out any inquiry on his complaint alleging Corruption against the Regional Labour Commissioner at Ranchi and that he was manhandled by some of the staff there. The court issued notice to the Ministry of Labour and the Chief Labour Commissioner and sought their reply by May 9. “He has rais

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Surveys on graft in courts can invite contempt case, says Supreme Court -Dhananjay Mahapatra

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has made it very risky for any organisation to publish a survey on alleged Corruption in lower judiciary. The court said on Tuesday that the law permitted one or many trial courts to make a reference to a high court to launch contempt proceedings against those responsible for the embarrassing findings. This ruling came in an 11-year-old case filed by Transparency International India (TII) and Ce

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How tech is undoing NREGA in Jharkhand

ctioning of government schemes like the rural job guarantee scheme MGNREGS. But experience from Jharkhand's tribal districts shows that besides the chronic lack of connectivity, a brand new system of Corruption has emerged. And, instead of more transparency, villagers with no knowledge of the electronic way of life are running blindly from pillar to post. Too many flip-flops of the way the electronic system is to be run is also causing trouble. Dig

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Citizens' forum to take up whistleblower complaints

-The Hindu Disappointed by the government’s track record in implementing anti-Corruption measures, a group of eminent citizens has decided to take the initiative of setting up a forum to hear complaints of Corruption or malfeasance from whistleblowers. Called the Citizens Whistleblowers Forum (CWF), it would “act as a unique, credible platform to provide much-needed confidence to whistle

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