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Noted Gandhian economist Dr Sudarshan Iyengar interviewed by Rutam Vora (The Hindu Business Line)

n in Relation to Rural India’, political thinker Dr AE Morgan had listed four factors that disturbed rural Indian society: state exploitation in the form of taxes and different types of levies; Corruption in the state administration, which in turn induces the rural population to resort to dishonest means to get their work done; modernity and modernisation, which Gandhi had opposed, but which (Jawaharlal) Nehru had emphasised, which triggered a m

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Remaking the idea of an Indian citizen -Yamini Aiyar

ents in their possession as proof of citizenship on or before 1971, leaving it to the powers of the State to certify their authenticity. But a combination of bureaucratic failure and vulnerability to Corruption, typical of how bureaucracy operates in India, has made this an arbitrary and disempowering process. Please click here to read more.

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Uttar Pradesh journalist, two others booked for filming school kids eating salt-roti -Namita Bajpai

such action against Jaiswal.“I will seeks all the details from the district police chief to find out why such an action was taken against a journalist for highlighting a case of wrongdoing and Corruption at the primary school,” he said adding that if FIR was filed just for bringing the incident to light, it was wrong. “Even we had taken the action in the incident against the officials concerned on prima facie finding the facts true,

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Will foreign companies now 'loot' India's coal? -Abir Dasgupta & Paranjoy Guha Thakurta

e new policies for allocation and auction of mines and pricing of coal. Those skeptical of the government’s decision point towards the “dirt” in this sector that is notorious for Corruption. The influence of mafia gangs on coal mining operations has been extensively documented. They allege that foreign players may end up obtaining a share of the “loot.” According to the press note released by the government, as per

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Jean Dreze contests Amit Shah with Gujarat data -Pheroze L Vincent

r what damage Articles 370 and 35A has done to the state,” Shah had told the Rajya Sabha on Monday. “It’s because of these sections that democracy was never fully implemented and Corruption increased in the state; no development could take place…. The Ayushman Bharat scheme is there but where are the hospitals? Where are the doctors and nurses? Those supporting 35A, please tell me which famous doctor will go and live there

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Changes in Motor Vehicle law could open floodgates to graft: Experts -Dipak K Dash

offences, which includes jail term and suspension of driving licence. “If not corrected by means though administrative or legislative measures, this bill will open floodgates to confusion, Corruption and public harassment. Each driver or rider will become an ATM for enforcement agencies,” traffic safety expert Rohit Baluja has written to transport minister Nitin Gadkari and home minister Amit Shah. Baluja, who heads the Institute for

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India's withering Public Employment -CP Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh

-The Hindu Business Line/ While the neoliberal focus has been on attempts to “shrink the state” on the grounds of Corruption and inefficiency, sensible people have long recognised that high levels of public employment tend to be associated with better quality of life for people in a society. After all, the essential public services, from infrastructure to amenities, to security to social services, mostly have to be de

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Rajya Sabha passes amendments to Motor Vehicles Bill -Shreya Nandi & Shaswati Das

g scrutiny of a select committee. The bill aims to address crucial issues such as road safety, reducing deaths due to road accidents, imposing stiffer penalties on violation of rules, and weed out Corruption in India’s road transport system. The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, was introduced in the lower house in August, 2016. Thereafter the bill got its nod in April 2017. It was then sent to the Rajya Sabha select committee. The bill, ho

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'RTI Bill Shrouded in Secrecy, How Will it Enhance Transparency?' Ask Former CICs -Gaurav Vivek Bhatnagar

ic domain about the amendments.” Bhardwaj said, “People file RTI applications to seek information about all sorts of issues ranging from rations to foreign travels of PMO to big-ticket Corruption.” The amendments, she claimed, “were a clear attempt to undermine the autonomy of the commissions.” She said while the minister stated that the government is not going to downgrade the salaries or tenures, “there is n

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90% funds for 1 party, Manmohan Singh seeks debate on state funding of elections

ccess to 90 per cent of funds, such ideas need to be discussed and debated.” In 2010, then Congress president Sonia Gandhi too had suggested state financing of elections as a measure against Corruption in the electoral process. However, the issue never gained currency till recently. The BJP has been cornering the lion’s share of all money going to political parties. Addressing the gathering, former Bengal governor Gopalkrishna Gan

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