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How tech is undoing NREGA in Jharkhand

ctioning of government schemes like the rural job guarantee scheme MGNREGS. But experience from Jharkhand's tribal districts shows that besides the chronic lack of connectivity, a brand new system of Corruption has emerged. And, instead of more transparency, villagers with no knowledge of the electronic way of life are running blindly from pillar to post. Too many flip-flops of the way the electronic system is to be run is also causing trouble. Dig

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Citizens' forum to take up whistleblower complaints

-The Hindu Disappointed by the government’s track record in implementing anti-Corruption measures, a group of eminent citizens has decided to take the initiative of setting up a forum to hear complaints of Corruption or malfeasance from whistleblowers. Called the Citizens Whistleblowers Forum (CWF), it would “act as a unique, credible platform to provide much-needed confidence to whistle

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How the Black Economy Grew in Post-Independence India -Arun Kumar

ss agreed to collectively, they undid through their private actions by fouling up policies through illegality. They cornered licenses by bribing authorities and creating monopolies for economic gain. Corruption was introduced into various development activities and projects in order to make extra profits. This would not have been feasible without the connivance of politicians and the bureaucracy. Luxury goods, or those goods that were either banned or

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Nice To See NREGA Trending. But Urgent Fixes Needed. -Reetika Khera

Development wanted to include the construction of Rajiv Gandhi Bharat Nirman Sewa Kendras in the permissible list of works. Some said it was to expand material-intensive works. Around that time, wage Corruption had become difficult (according to a study cited in the Economic Survey, wage Corruption had declined to 20% in 2011-12), so material expenditure (inflated invoices for construction material and so o

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What Do the Numbers Tells? An Analysis of Union Budget 2017-18 -CBGA

een made in the budget speech by the Finance Minister regarding longer term benefits of this move for the Indian Economy. To quote the FM, demonetisation would lead the economy towards “reduced Corruption, greater digitisation of the economy, increased flow of financial savings and greater formalisation of the economy, all of which would eventually lead to higher GDP growth and tax revenues”. Please click here to read the entire report.

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The politics of demonetisation -Zoya Hasan

quences; not enough attention has been paid to the politics of this drastic decision which can possibly explain the lukewarm opposition to it. One of Mr. Modi’s big campaign promises was to end Corruption. But that didn’t happen. The growing criticism of the government’s failure to deliver on the promise of bringing back black money stashed abroad and depositing Rs. 15 lakh into every bank account as promised at the time of the Lok S

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India in red zone on transparency list

-The Hindu The annual index of Transparency International issued on Wednesday for 2016 placed India with Brazil and China in the 40th position. A major international index of Corruption and transparency has placed India on the watch list for its inability to curb mega Corruption scandals and petty bribery. The annual index of Transparency International issued on Wednesday for 2016 placed India with

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Congress got 83% of funds from unknown donors, BJP 65%

he Centre in May 2014 followed close. Its income was Rs 3,273 crore during this period -65% of it from unknown sources. Surprisingly, the Aam Admi Party, formed in 2013 on the plank of eliminating Corruption from elections and ensuring transparency in political funding, together with the CPM and the CPI did not shy away from receiving funds from `unknown' donors. While 57% of AAP's Rs 110 crore collected in the three years (2013-2015) was from unkn

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Don't let studies delay projects: Environment minister to experts -Jay Mazoomdaar

inister spoke of the vision and contribution of his party and the government while charting the course they should follow while appraising project proposals. Key directions included: * Ensure zero-Corruption in the appraisal process. * Clear projects fast. Don’t hold back development. * Don’t compromise on ease of doing business, the key goal of the government. * Work as a team towards that goal or resign right away. * Be wary of NG

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