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Small Farmers' Suicide in Odisha -BB Mohanty & Papesh K Lenka

n a losing proposition, especially for the small farmers who leased in land. Substantial decline in farm income caused by exploitative land lease arrangements, denial of access to a regulated market, Crop Failures, increased cost of cultivation, and indebtedness pushed these farmers into severe economic hardship and an inhospitable social environment, which ultimately led to their suicides. Please click here to read more.

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More Than a Year After Crop Failure, Maharashtra Farmers Still Wait for Insurance Payout -Poorvi Kulkarni For many farmers, the compensation they received is substantially less than the premium they paid. Parbhani (Maharashtra): “If even one rupee owed to one farmer is not paid, then the government will pay that money and recover it from the (insurance) company,” said Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis while addressing an rally ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. He was referring to the Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme (Pradhan Mantri Fasa

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How water is shaping the hustings in Maharashtra -Radheshyam Jadhav

fluence to persuade district administrations to increase the number of tankers in their localities. Twenty-six of Maharashtra’s 36 districts (72 per cent) are reeling from water scarcity and Crop Failures over 85.76 lakh hectares. The drought has directly impacted over 82 lakh farmers in the State. The situation is worsening in the Marathwada region, where over 30 lakh people are completely dependent on tanker water with just 4 per cent capac

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Smart farming in a warm world -Feroze Varun Gandhi

sed with over 800-900 mm rainfall annually, but over the last seven years, it has seen this halved, with rainy days reported to be down to just 24 on average in the monsoon period. With rains patchy, Crop Failures become common. There is hardly any greenery in many villages, making it difficult for farmers to even maintain cattle. Adaptation is hard, with farmers varying and mixing crops across seasons, along with heavy investments in borewells, tract

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Ganga basin States stare at three-fold rise in Crop Failures by 2040 -Jacob Koshy

-The Hindu As flows decline and pollution worsens, there will be less irrigation and drinking water available in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh New Delhi: The Ganga river basin could see Crop Failures rise three-fold and drinking water shortage go up by as much as 39% in some States between now and 2040, says an assessment commissioned by the World Bank and submitted to the Central Water Commission. If there is no intervention, Uttarakhan

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A drop in an ocean of debt: how farmers have benefited from Rythu Bandhu -Priscilla Jebaraj

ebruary this year, A. Kumaraswamy, 30, set out from his home in Devanoor village in Telangana’s Warangal district and walked towards his cotton field. He was staring at a third straight year of Crop Failure due to rainfall shortages, but he still took out his plastic canister of expensive pesticide — he uses at least ?2,000 worth of the chemicals each week — and began spraying. Once done, he took a costly drink. Two weeks later, K

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Miners in Meghalaya overlooked risks for higher pay -Rahul Karmakar

ine in 2002 had helped him heave a big sigh of relief. It simply read: “You are hired. Come before the season starts in a few days.” Mr. Sheikh, now 48, was desperate for a job after a Crop Failure made him default on a loan from a local moneylender. While he had only borrowed Rs. 10,000, he owed more than twice the amount in interest alone. “I really needed a job,” recalled Mr. Sheikh, a resident of Bogidari, a village a

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Why the farmer suicide debate is counter-productive to understanding India's agrarian crisis? -Roshan Kishore

always been significantly lower than the headline suicide rate since 2001. This trend holds for almost all states. However, it is also true that economic distress (bankruptcy, indebtedness, poverty, Crop Failures, inability to sell their produce etc.) is a bigger cause of suicides among farmers in most states. This became apparent from the 2015 National Crimes Record Bureau (NCRB) statistics, which for the first time gave a reason-wise break-up of su

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Karnataka, Maharashtra among six States reeling under drought -Radheshyam Jadhav

to data from the Union Ministry of Agriculture. Twenty-four out of 30 districts (80 per cent) in Karnataka and 26 out of 36 districts (72 per cent) in Maharashtra are reeling under water scarcity and Crop Failure. Andhra Pradesh, Jharkhand, Gujarat and Rajasthan have also reported drought. In all, over 1.95 crore hectares in these six States have been affected and their governments have sought Rs. 16,773 crore in aid from the Centre to tackle the s

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Neither freebies nor loan waivers will reduce farmer suicides -Neeraj Kaushal

development finds that 80% of Indians with any form of mental disorder in India do not seek any treatment. It is not freebies but psychiatric or psychological treatment that will help them. True, Crop Failures, constant harassment by money lenders, loss of a job, stock market collapse and similar instances of economic distress create despair, and can drive some people to committing suicide. But so do a large number of other non-economic shocks. Th

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