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Assam districts panic, notices at night for NRC hearings 300 km away -Abhishek Saha

d Abu Bakkar boarded a packed bus with their young children and wives, hoping to make it to a hearing of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Jorhat, over 300 km away, scheduled for Monday. The Daily Wage Labourers were among the hundreds of people in at least two districts of Lower Assam, Kamrup (Rural) and Barpeta, to have received “sudden” notices to appear for NRC hearings in far-off towns within the next few days, starting Monda

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In Bengaluru, Daily Wage Labourers are struggling to get even 10 days of work in a month -Chethan Ranganath GST and demonetisation continue to hurt the livelihoods of workers in India’s IT hub. Kurubarahalli is a congested corner of India’s technology capital, packed with narrow roads, alleys, heavy traffic, shops and darshinis, as small self-service eateries are called here. The area starts humming with activity as early as 7.30 am. Among the first to arrive at the labour hub here are daily wagers seeking employment. On any working day you can see 1,0

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Meet the Dalits who are using online platforms to tell stories of their community -Danish Raza

ue to factors such as poor access to sanitation, inadequate water supply and healthcare, points out the latest data of the National Sample Survey. More than 70 per cent Scheduled Caste farmers are Daily Wage Labourers on land they do not own, according to the data released by the Census of India in February. But a combination of social awareness, affirmative action, reservation in education and migration to urban centres has produced a more asse

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With no jobs, hungry daily wagers turn to langar halls -Damini Nath

ngar hall has been more hectic than usual, and officials of the gurdwara management say extra food is being cooked. Cash crunch That’s because the usual lunch crowd is now being joined by Daily Wage Labourers, who have been left without work due to the ongoing cash crunch. With job offers drying up and their pockets empty, labourers from around Old Delhi are making their way to gurdwaras and other religious places in search of a meal.

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Distract from Ineffectual Governance, Say Civil Society Members -Nehmat Kaur

ting domestic workers, hawkers and fishermen spoke about the economic condition of their communities, painting a vivid picture of the damage caused by the sheer shortage of cash. Domestic workers, Daily Wage Labourers, rickshaw and auto drivers, dhobis, street vendors such as hawkers, fishermen and others in the informal cash economy now have to choose between going to work and earning money or joining serpentine queues to access their own money.

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Motive behind demonetisation is justifiable but there may be collateral damage

s entire process is symptomatic of the transition to a cashless economy, which the Indian elites dream about, says Patnaik. However, the United States is not a cashless economy. The poor people (like Daily Wage Labourers) do not own credit or debit cards in India. They operate in the economy with cash. The transition to a cashless economy would affect the petty producers and small traders too. The transition to a cashless economy cannot be forced on t

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We need more state accountability -Osama Manzar

led to 35kg of subsidized food under the government’s Antyodaya scheme but their ration cards show they have not received it for the past seven months. These forest dwellers eke out a living as Daily Wage Labourers, live in a makeshift house and have never availed their housing entitlement from the Indira Awaas Yojana. There are many such stories that are emerging from the ongoing Accountability Yatra on a daily basis. This yatra (march) aims

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Understanding Issues Involved in Toilet Access for Women -Aarushie Sharma, Asmita Aasaavari, and Srishty Anand

ahadi in Mahipalpur (near Vasant Kunj in South Delhi), is an illegal settlement on forestland. It has hundreds of people from UP, West Bengal, and Bihar, who work as rag pickers, domestic workers and Daily Wage Labourers. Unlike the other three sites, Masoodpur has neither home/personal toilets nor public toilets and its adjoining fields serve the purpose. The particularities of these sites, and their similarities when it comes to toilet use, bring

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Greening the barren land in Jharkhand and West Bengal -Aakriti Shrivastava

constraint to take up crop husbandry in such areas. This coupled with the increasing capital investment in the modern methods of agriculture has forced the tribal farmers of the region to migrate as Daily Wage Labourers. Poor income and food production has also led to malnourishment of the tribal children. Similar situations have prevailed in the plateau regions of the neighbouring West Bengal. It is in this context WeltHungerHilfe initiated a cam

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Centre urged to regulate tea wages

fferent in the gardens of Brahmaputra and Barak valleys. The wage agreement between Assam Chah Mazdoor Sangha and the Consultative Committee of Plantations Associations, Assam Valley Branch, for Daily Wage Labourers of the tea industry dated March 1, 2012 expired on December 31 last year. The ACMS had placed its demand for revision of wages and after discussions the new wage structure for 2015 was fixed at Rs 115, to be increased to Rs 126 next y

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