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'Don't give sops, it's public money': SC raps Delhi govt on free rides for women in Metro

-The Indian Express The apex court said that the Delhi government is bound to ensure that the financial health of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is maintained properly and no steps are taken that might result in losses. The Supreme Court Friday came down heavily on the Delhi government for its ambitious proposal to make metro travel free for women, saying it might lead the Delhi Metro Rail Corporatio

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Looking Beyond the Economics of Free Public Transport for Women -Sanika Godse A counter to the 'Metro Man's' opposition to free metro rides for women in Delhi. Delhi Metro’s former chief, E. Sreedharan, popularly known as the ‘Metro Man,’ recently voiced his displeasure over the Aam Aadmi Party’s decision to make public transport – metro and buses – free for women. His concern was about the economic feasibility of the policy for the De

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Waning women at work -Roshan Kishore

ne 3 are worth taking note of in context of the challenges faced by India’s women workers. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi announced that it will make travelling free for women in Delhi Metro and Delhi Transport Corporation and so-called cluster buses in the national capital. The same day, Zomato, a food search and delivery Unicorn, announced a 26-week parenting leave for both men and women employees along with a $1000 endowment pe

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Monsanto's profits, not Diwali, creating smoke in Delhi -Arvind Kumar In December 2017, this newspaper exposed in an article entitled “Law aiding Monsanto is reason for Delhi’s smoke season” how a law to help Monsanto was the reason for the Delhi Metropolitan region being blanketed in smoke every November. That law, the Punjab Preservation of Subsoil Water Act of 2009, imposed a delay on farmers who wanted to plant rice. The delay in planting in turn created a delay in harvesting and clearin

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Delhi Metro is second-most unaffordable in the world, shows study

spends 14% of their household income on metro travel. Of nine metropolitan cities across the world that have operational metro systems that charge less than half-a-US dollar for a 10-km trip, the Delhi Metro is the second most costly,The Times of India quoted a study by the Centre for Science and Environment as saying. The Delhi Metro is second after the one in Hanoi, Vietnam. The study found that a

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Delhi govt to give 10% discount on common mobility card for bus rides -Vatsala Shrangi

us fares through their Metro cards. The scheme is being implemented in all buses run by DTC, DIMTS and DMRC. On an average 30 lakh passengers use public bus services in the national Capital daily. Delhi Metro already offers discount to smart card users. “Once approved by the Cabinet, it is going to benefit a large section of the city population which is primarily dependent on public buses for their daily commute. The discount will be appli

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Falling ridership forces Delhi Metro to find ways to bring back commuters -Sidharatha Roy

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: In the last one year, lakhs of commuters have deserted the Delhi Metro. In order to know the reason why the numbers have fallen and to bring them back up, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation will soon commission a comprehensive study, which would not only provide reasons for the large number of people leaving the metro in the last one year, but also which modes of transport they

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Elattuvalappil Sreedharan, 86, a retired civil engineer and famously known as the 'Metro Man', interviewed by Ramesh Babu (Hindustan Times)

not bullet trains which will cater only to the elites. Edited excerpts: * You have been given a new assignment to standardise the metro service in the country. Recently, you said among the metros, Delhi Metro is very close to your heart. Why? I have been pushing for standardisation and indigenisation of metro service for long. It is a welcome move. With standardisation, efficiency will go up and reduce cost considerably. We can manufacture coach

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Puri defies economists, says Delhi Metro woes not due to fares -Jasmine Shah

-The Indian Express DMRC and Union minister for urban development Hardeep Singh Puri are right that the daily ridership of Delhi Metro hasn’t declined by 3 lakhs due to fare hike. It has declined by 4.8 lakhs. Economists are frequent targets of ridicule by politicians for failing to predict crises or having vastly differing opinions of major economic events (e.g. demonetisation). But all economists agree on one fundamental tenet —

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Delhi Metro ridership falls by 3.2 lakh during fare-hike month

-The Times of India NEW DELHI: Delhi Metro witnessed a massive dip of more than three lakh in daily ridership in October this year as compared with the previous month. This is the steepest month-to-month fall in Metro ridership ever and appears to be linked to the fare hike in October. On October 10, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) implemented the second phase of fare hike after the first ro

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